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A lot of you out there have kids that are getting to the age where you're looking to introduce them to gaming. And there's plenty of board games out there designed for just that sort of thing. But what about if you want to introduce them to the world of miniatures games? There's a lot less opportunity for that. However, Privateer Press is looking to change that with their First Shot event, specifically designed for parents to teach their kids the intricacies of minis games.
I remember one of my first Gen Cons was the one where Monsterpocalypse was released. Man, that thing sold like gangbusters. People were buying multiple cases at a time, wanting to build up their armies. Then, well... it died away. But like any good monster, you can't keep it down forever. Privateer Press has announced that the game will be coming back this fall.
It's always nice when you can just make a single purchase and get a whole force in one go. Privateer Press is doing that with their theme force boxes. The next one to come out, which will be available on the 9th, is the Slaughter Fleet Raiders box. If you're a fan of the blighted troll pirates that are part of Cryx, this is the box that will be for you.
Privateer has been updating the front page of their website with their latest batches of releases to be coming out. There's some more Blindwater goodness (I've got the CCR playing as I type this), along with some Cryx figures, including a new version of the Deathjack.
Seems they've got a whole "dead things" vibe going on.
Well, with the Hooch Hauler on its way to people, it's time for Privateer Press to start taking pre-orders for their next Black Anchor release. This time, it's taking the "Tactical Rock" to a whole new level. You get Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet and her Tactical Half-A-Pirate-Ship. Who needs water for your part-ship when you can just sail the seas of cheese... I mean, souls? Pre-orders will come with a free Black Anchor Industries bandanna.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Mayday? We'll have a parade!
May not quite be here yet, but that's not stopping Privateer Press from showing off what they'll be releasing for Hordes that month. It looks like Legion will be the focus, as we've got a pair of new figures they're showing off.
Privateer Press will be having their Lock & Load Gamefest soon. There, people will be able to get previews of all the cool things they've been working on. But some stuff they're showing off in order to get you excited about L&L. Makes sense. In this case, we're getting a look at the artwork for the Crucible Guard Storm Troopers, as well as the process that went into making them.
Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.
Tuesday doesn't get a lot of attention, I feel. We talk about Monday, because it's the start of the week. Wednesday and we're halfway there to the weekend. Thursday, I could never get a handle on Thursdays. And Friday's Friday. But Tuesday... Well, we're here, we might as well make the most of it. And that includes listening to gaming podcasts.

This week, we have: Primecast Episode 50; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 74: Crusaders Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2; SAGA THORSDAY Episode 75: Mutatawwi’a Battleboard and Tactics Pt 1; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 143: Countdown with Lindsey Rode; Drive Thru FM Episode 11: Translating Hygge; 40K Radio Episode 26: The Vincent Rospond Interview; The Cardboard Herald Episode 65: Casey Hill of Arkon; The D6 Generation Episode 230: Age of Rivals & Painting Large Armies Quickly; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 137: Castell, Pulsar 2849, and Being Swaggled; Dungeon Master’s Ludus 01: The First Steps in Creating a Great RPG Campaign; and Glass Cannon Podcast Episode 141: Climbs and Misdemeanors.

The Blindwater Congregation is easily my favorite faction for Warmachine/Hordes. Sure, I might own more Cygnar, but I mean... c'mon! Gatormen! And with the release of the new box set, more people than ever are getting into that faction. And they want more! And PP's here to deliver. They've posted up a bunch of expanded info for using the Blindwater in your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG.
Privateer Press has a whole mess of releases available for you. The Trolls are continuing their releases, with some more frigid northern trolls. But Privateer's also trying to heat things up some with heading down to the bayou, as there's several Blindwater releases, including a new Blindwater starter army box.
Do you work well with metal? Do you want to be part of one of the largest miniatures companies out there? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? If you answered "Yes" to at least 2 of those questions, Privateer Press just might be wanting you. They're looking for a new metal caster and are taking applications now.
No foolin', Privateer Press is showing off some of their upcoming releases for April. Apparently, April is Dragon Month, as Cryx is getting all the love. If you're wanting to expand your Satyxis-themed army, you'll want to check out what's in store.
Privateer Press is showing off some new Warmachine and Hordes releases. When checking them out, I suggest putting on some Creedence Clearwater Revival. Particularly Born on the Bayou, as most of the new figures are for the Blindwater Congregation. But there's also a look at a new sculpt for a classic Skorne warlock, plus a fairly iconic and much-used Cryx warjack that's getting a new mini.
You know, even with how big (in scale) this enormous keg is, I have friends that I know would give it a shot to try and drink it all. I could also see them looking at the figure and wishing with all their heart that it was a real thing that existed in the world. Well, even if you're a teetotaler like me, you can still now put your name down on the list to get the upcoming Hooch Hauler for the Trollbloods of Hordes from Privateer Press. Pre-orders get a free Hooch Hugger (you know, those foam holders that keep your can cold).
Do you like Warmachine? Do you like Hordes? Do you want to play games with a lot of other people playing Warmachine and Hordes? Do you want to play Warmachine and/or Hordes with George Wendt? Will you be in the Seattle area in June? If you answered "yes" to most of those questions, you'll want to pick up your tickets for Lock & Load Gamefest, as they're available now.
Born on the bayou!
Born on the baaaaaaaaaaaaaayou!
Born on the bayou!
My favorite song from CCR, and arguably one of my favorite songs, it's what pops into mind whenever I hear about the Blindwater army for Hordes. That also happens when I hear Amos Moses, but that's not quite as rockin' a tune. I've always loved the Gatormen for Hordes, and if I was thinking of getting back into them, or if you're out there, looking to maybe give them a try, Privateer Press is coming out with their army box next month.
Winter isn't coming... Winter's here! ... Y'know, solstice and all. And with winter comes winter trolls. Privateer Press has posted up a preview of new kits of some Northkin troll warbeasts. There's also a look at the upcoming issue of No Quarter Prime for you to check out.
The work week is well underway. I know a lot of people want this week to go by as fast as possible, since it's the last one before Christmas. If nothing else, it might mean a long weekend for you. And, of course, the possibility of presents. Who doesn't love getting presents? Ok, I don't really like it, but that's just me.
In our effort to also help the work week go by, here's a collection of podcasts to listen to.

This week we have: Primecast Episode 49; Playin’ and Slayin’ Episode 10: Wish Lists; Saga Thorsday Episode 66: What is Raw Saga; Saga Thorsday Episode 67: Strathclyde Welsh Battleboard and Tactics Pt 1; Saga Thorsday Episode 68: Strathclyde Welsh Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2; 40K Radio Episode 25: Chapter Approved; Epic Gaming Night Episode 136: Epic Games With Sam Healey; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 113: Stuffed Fables with Rodney Smith; Singled Out Episode 56: Talking Season 3.5 Fishermen With Mr. James Long; The Cardboard Herald Episode 58: Joshua Lobkowicz of Grey Fox Games; Lords of the Dungeon Episode 10: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Fate Core’s Fate and Making Combat Fun For Everyone; and The Rolistes Episode 25: Summer ‘Encore’ at Rock Werchter (with Neetsel).

Nobody likes to be left out when it comes to getting gifts at the holidays. It's not fun to see someone else open up something cool and all you've got is a monogram pencil set. Well, Privateer Press is making sure there's something for everyone this December with their 12 Factions of Christmas. All their factions have a new release available for them now at your LGS and the Privateer webshop.
Privateer Press has more of their March releases on preview. This time around, it's the Black Ogrun Iron Mongers. They're like fish mongers, but for iron... Ok, so that doesn't really help. What they are, are the maintenance crews for Cryx. If you're looking to keep your bonejacks and helljacks running around on the field a bit longer, you'll probably want to check them out.
Not that I dislike winter, per-se (I am a polar bear, after all), but really, it's Fall and then Spring that are my favorite seasons. So I know I'm looking forward to March. Privateer Press is also looking forward to March. They've got some previews of their March releases that I think you might want to check out.
Holy alliteration, Batman! We've got a double-dose of it for you in that headline. Black Anchor Industries, Privateer Press' big-model shop, has previewed its next release. This time around, it's a welcome sight for all you beer aficionados out there. It's the Hooch Hauler for the Trollkin.
Privateer Press has updated their homepage with quite an assortment of new previews. There's some Retribution, there's some Trollbloods, there's some Cygnar, there's some Circle... like I said, it's a bit of everything. If you want to know what'll be coming out soon, there's apparently a lot, and chances are good your faction will be getting something.
The second wave of November releases is now available from Privateer Press. They've got still some more Cygnar releases. The Trolls are getting some more new figures. And to keep everyone warm, Menoth's got a colossal release. So whether you're more for the Warmachine or the Hordes side of things, there's possibly something new for you.
This is the season of buying things for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend. Pretty much every company out there's got a sale going, and Privateer Press is no different. Their sale is actually already going. You've only got until Sunday to get these special deal pricings, though.