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We're making our way there, ladies and gentlemen. The previous weekend is as far from us as the next one is to us. Have you started getting together any plans? We've got the gaming day at the library coming up this weekend. Gonna hang out and play some Guild Ball and hopefully Fujian Trader. But we've still got a couple days to get through, first. So let's stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Luxumbra: Infinity Collectors on Kickstarter, New Silvia Model Available From Brother Vinni, New DBA 3.0 East Frankish or Norman Army Pack Now Available From Baueda, Brigade Models Release Netherlands Aeronef, Gioconomicon Posts Photos From Nuremberg Toy Fair, February Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff, PicoArmor's War College is Open, KaYo Miniatures Clown Army Up On Kickstarter, MattimaoPaints Having A Sale On How To Paint Board Game Miniatures Book, Three new SCW 28mm flag sets From Minairons Miniatures, Company B Releases BA-10 Armored Car, Win this Painted Edo Scutter From Bombshell Miniatures, New Age of Sigmar Tokens and Templates Available from Advanced Deployment, Miss Cupidon Available From Predastore, and Oldhammer Goblins Up On Kickstarter.

You've made it to Friday. Congratulations!
You should reward yourself with some gaming. Or perhaps take in a movie. *opes the paper to see if anything good is playing right now* ;)

However you choose to spend your weekend, be it fighting against robot hordes, or just watching them on the big screen, hopefully you have a good time.
Before that, though, we've got our usual grouping of some bite-sized stories for you.

This batch includes: Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now, New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse, New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground, Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter, New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers, Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed, Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste, Predastore Releases Arrow Predette, Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork, Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter, Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview, MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide, and Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced.

The week is coming to an end. What do you have planned for your weekend?
I've got some new review articles I'll be working on. It's been really exciting playing some of these new games.

Anyway, there's been a bunch of bite-sized stories coming across my desk, so it's time for another Snippets.

This time around we have: A new preview for Sector Commander, Cure/Heal Dice on Kickstarter, a new Predette from Predastore, Clan Kitsune preview fluff from Ninja Division, New Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment, Bloom Role-Playing Game Character Sheets Now Available, LaserCutCard Reduces Price on Statis Tomb Terrain, New Bits Packs at Alternative Armies, How To Serve Man coming to Kickstarter, and Skirmisher Publishing releases 100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild.

Predastore posted up the first preview shots of a special Predator model they'll be coming out with this Christmas.
I wasn't really sure if the WIP state the model was in made it work safe or not, but when in doubt, side on being cautious. I don't want any of you readers getting in trouble at work as you're surfing through the site.


From the post:

This year we are going to offer you a special model for CHRISTMAS 2014 in a very limiited edition of 50 pieces, this model will be sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, it be the Stormpredette. Hereby the first pictures

Predastore has released their Lord Snow mini in order to keep a bit more winter going here in the northern hemisphere.


From the release:

Lord-Snow was the 1st from the Planet Khul-Hunter that we show you, now it is time to have a look at the Lord-Snow-Hunter. This model has been sculpted by Gauthier Giroud, we found on this new one, the same idea of the 1st piece that he did for us (Crossbow-Predette), many movement on the model, creating this frozen image of his native planet.

Scale 28mm, cast in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

Predastore has released their new Archer Predette over in their webshop.
Having not watched the show Archer, I don't have a good quote to go here. Add your favorite in the comments.


From the release:

Archer-Predette is hunting on the planet Khul-Hunter, on this windy planet with eternal snow, with her bow and warm clothes. Sculpted by Gael Goumon, scale 28mm, cast in resin, limited edition of 300 pieces world wide.

Predastore is showing off preview photos of the new Snow Hunter Predator they're working on.


Dawn of the Lead takes a look at some more of the kits from Predastore and gives you their thoughts on the subject.


From the review:

Three more miniatures by Predastore have been added to Dawn of the Lead's ongoing 28mm Predator miniatures review: the Austral-Hunter, the 2Blades-Hunter and the Crossbow-Predette.

Predastore has a pair of new Predator models available over in their webshop, the Mermaid Predette and Stalking Hunter.

From the release:

Mermaid-Predette, the idea of this model is base on your wish that many of you gave us end of last year, a Predette hunting in a water world. She is in a very feminin position of swimming. Castin in resin, limited run of 300 pces world wide.

Stalking-Hunter, in a very classical position of Hunter, just waiting the right time to hunt. Casting in resin, limited run of 300 pces world wide.

Predastore has a new mini available over in their webshop: The 2 Blades Hunter.

From the website:

Sculpted by the french Mohand at scale 28mm, 2Blades-Hunter is coming from the Lasha-Hunter planet.

This kit is composed by 5 pieces to glue and paint by yourself.

Castin in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

Predastore is a company that was just brought to my attention by a colleague. We'd had them come through once before when another website did a review of some of their models, but never just a "go check out these guys" sort of post.
We don't make that type of post very often, but sometimes pointing out a company that's out there and hasn't been really talked about is called for.