Friday Terrain Snippets

Hard to believe it’s Friday already. A week ago, we were into the 2nd day of Gen Con. This week has been one of recuperation from the show along with trying to catch up on almost 2 weeks’ worth of e-mails. O,o
So, while I sit here, listening to Austrian Death Machine (thank you, Raoul, for the suggestion), I am sorting through the last of the things I had to put off for the show, and get totally caught back up. That includes another combined Snippets/Terrain Corner post (since I had another one of those just the other day, I figured combining another today would be good, with going back to the standard rotation next week).

Anyway, today we have: Prime Knight Battlewalker Available From Puppets War, New Releases Available From Killbox Games, Kentucky Sawdust Labor Day Sale Coming, Darkburg: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargames, Acheson Creations Releases 13 New 28mm Plastic Accessories, Devil Dungeon Scenery & Battle Mat Released by Dark Art Studios, New Art Decks from Post World Games Up On Kickstarter, New Infinity Terrain Available From Micro Art Studios, Tabletop Fantasy Football Accessory Figures Up On Kickstarter, New Stretch Goals in the Tubular Buildings Kickstarter, Brigade Models – New French Aeronef, and Suburban Gaming Mat Available From Warzone Studio.

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King of Storms RPG Up On Kickstarter

A thousand years ago, the gods and the titans fought for domination. One by one, they fell to each-others attacks. Their blood spilled out all over the ground. In the end, none were left. However, where their blood soaked into the ground, new beings were spawned. Those created from the gods’ blood were creatures of perfection. Those created from the blood were strange and evil. Then there were is the third group, created from a mixing of the two types. They are the bloodless gorgons, half-titan and half-god. Now, the King of Storms’ throne is ready for a new occupant. Only one can take that place. Who will it be?
That’s the story behind King of Storms, a new gm-less RPG up on Kickstarter now.
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The Carcass: Exodus RPG Up On Kickstarter

Well, it’s happened again. Society has collapses and we’re once again in a post-apocalyptic world. Damnit, Carl! I thought we talked about this the last time it happened! Well, we’d better get our resources pooled together and once more try and rebuild. Let’s form into a tribe and… dangit, our leader’s dead. Well, let’s just make do. It’s like we’re characters in The Carcass: Exodus from Post World Games and we’re up on Kickstarter now.
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The $1 Play What You Want Mystery Campaign RPG Project

Some people lament that Kickstarter is just a “pre-sale.” I disagree with them on that, but that’s not what we’re here to debate today. Today we’re here to talk to you about the $1 Play What You Want Mystery Campaign RPG Project that Postworldgames Jim Pinto is running on Kickstarter. As the title says, you can get a copy of the game for as little as $1. And the title is pretty important.
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The Protocol Primer: A Complete Guide to GMless Games Up On Kickstarter

At Gen Con a year ago, I played my first session of a game without a GM. I actually got to sit down with Postworldgames Jim Pinto and play a session of Protocol. It was pretty cool. One of my fondest memories from that year’s show. I’d never played a GM-less game before. And while I was originally mildly concerned for how it’d all go, it ran very smoothly. Well, if you are hesitant about such things like I was, Jim’s made a whole guide for how to run GMless games and put it up on Kickstarter.
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Protocol headed through Stretch Goals

Post World Games is already more than 2.5x funded for their Protocol Series 2 Kickstarter campaign. Go check ’em out.


From the campaign:

Two stretch goals on opening day. 200% funded within 7 hours.

I’m sorry I made a project you like so much. I promise to not be so aggressive next time.

In the mean time, here’s a sketch for a figure that will appear in the Colonial Lies game.

Post World Games launches Protocol Series 2 Kickstarter

Post World Games got their Kickstarter campaign for Protocol Series 2, their line of storytelling games.


From the campaign:

All of the Protocol Games use the same basic mechanic, but with very different results. Players only need paper, pencil, and a deck of cards. No dice are necessary. Some kind of token for drama points can help, but aren’t necessary.

Make sure you read to the end of the campaign about cards, tokens, and custom games. That’s right. I’ll design a custom game for you.

15 New Games Planned for the Protocol Series from Post World Games

Post World Games has announced they’ll be coming out with 15 more games for their Protocol series, with the Kickstarter to launch next week.


From Postworldgames Jim Pinto, himself:

Post World Games has announced 15 new games in the Protocol Game series, all with a new a cleaner new look, streamlined rules, more examples of play, and advice to help even the most novice player. This new series is paired with a new Kickstarter, launching in November. The kickstarter includes stretch goals for more games in the series, exclusive rewards, a special edition deck of cards, and guest writers.
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Post World Games previews upcoming Protocol Series 2 Kickstarter

Post World Games is taking comments about their upcoming Protocol Series 2 Kickstarter campaign they’ll be running a little later this month.


From the campaign:

This new series of games cleans up the rules, adds 15 new games, and presents the information in a clearer way — with advice, examples, and nice new graphics. There’s even individualized walk-throughs to get you started playing quicker, if you’ve never played before.
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Bastille Day, a new RPG from Post World Games, coming next year

Post World Games has announced a new RPG they’ve been working on that will be ready for Kickstarter year.
Get ready for Bastille Day.


From the press release:

Post World Games has announced the release of Bastille Day, a new roleplaying game using the Dramatic Game Engine. This engine will appear in several future Post World Games products. Bastille Day features a unique spin on survival horror by placing characters on the dingy streets of Paris during the French Revolution, only to find the undead rising from the city’s depths. Players take on the roles of peasants, caught in the crossfire between the dreaded le morte and class oppression. With suspicion and violence lurking behind every corner, Bastille Day is rife with conflict and meaning.

Post World Games running Kickstarter to fund 6 GM-less games

Post World Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for 6 GM-Less RPG games they’ve been working on.

From the campaign:

Six Games in Six Months. Right?

So here’s my plan. I am writing or have written all these great games. And I want to get them out to you as fast as I can, so I can make some great stuff in 2014. So. While you’re waiting for my cool new fantasy gaming world or my science fiction action extravaganza, you can be playing these short, GMless roleplaying games.

I won’t lie. These games are not your standard hack and slash adventuring fare. I’ve designed six games that all deal with different kinds of protagonist drama and pathos.

I like playing them all. The playtesters love playing them. And I want you to experience them as well.