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Plaid Hat Games

The banner we've seen for Super Punch Fighter includes someone slapping someone else with a pig. It gives you a good feeling about what the game's about. In this preview, we get a look at those two fighters. They're Mad Hogger and Tchotchke. Let's take a look.

A new pair of fighters are entering the arena and Plaid Hat Games is giving you a look at what they're capable of. Super Punch Fighter is the new retro-style fighting game that doesn't take itself to seariously (see a dude hitting another dude with a pig in the main picture there). That's why one of the new fighters we've got is a lady dressed as a giant mouse.

When you have a game named Super Punch Fighter coming out, you'd expect it to have, y'know, fighters inside. Of course, the game does. However, the two that Plaid Hat Games is showing off for the first set of previews isn't exactly what you'd expect. Have yourselves a look.

What's in the boooooox!?!?
It's what everyone wants to know when they get a new game (or a mystery package out in the middle of a field). For those wanting to get Super Punch Fighter, Plaid Hat Games has a new video up showing exactly what's in said bod.

The latest two decks are available for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. You can pick up The Grave King and The Protector of Argaia now. They will also be the last two decks released for the game.

Humanity is gone. But in its wake, it left a whole ton of stuff. The creatures that remain are trying to get their hands on the best gear, but there's only so much to go around. Who will end up with it? That's the story behind Battlelands: Aftermath Edition, a new adventure book game coming from Plaid Hat.

Not the way most people want to start out their day, with bad news, I know, but still. For those that play Guardians from Plaid Hat Games, they're sad to say that the Retribution Hero Pack is being delayed until 2020 sometime.

Ok, seriously, I've tried to type something here for a little bit, and it's all just Young Frankenstein references in my head. And the problem with that is that there's so many good lines, it's impossible to decide on one to use. So, comment below with your favorite and we can all enjoy them.

Anyway, Plaid Hat Games has announced Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, a new board game where you're looking to recreate the work of Victor for yourself.

Usually in Crystal Clans, your deck is what it is. You buy it, you play it. But just recently, they came out with rules for building your own deck. Want to mix clans? Create new power couples? Try different combos. The sky's the limit.

Robots. They're your plastic pal that's fun to be with. In Quirky Circuits, coming soon from Plaid Hat Games, you'll be trying to get your friendly robot buddy to finish a task, playing cards in order to program it to do just that. However, your opponents will be doing the same, and you're never quite sure what card programs they've put into the mix. In the end, it's all about getting the robot to finish the task before their battery runs out.

If you're out there looking for crystals of power, having a good working knowledge of rocks and gems can bring you a distinct advantage. That's why the Gem Clan in Crystal Clans feels they are the ones that will come out ahead in their contest. In this preview, we get a look at some of the cards that will be available to them when their set is released. So, get out your little jeweler's eyepieces. Let's have a look.

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!

The Moon Clan is the focus again for a Crystal Clans preview (as opposed to the Moon Moon clan, which just involved strange doggos). We get a look at some more of the pirates and sea monsters that you will be getting in this set. Best not be going overboard.

When it comes to acquiring and knowing about crystals, you'd think that someone that's in the Gem Clan would have a bit of an advantage. They know about shiny rocks and they're going to make sure that they are the ones that get the power crystals before anyone else. In this preview for Crystal Clans, we get a look at just who the Gem Clan can field, and how they'll go about becoming the greatest clan of them all.

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!

The Moon Clan is on preview for Crystal Clans today. They're a bunch of salty dogs, they are. Pirates of the highest order. Let's be takin' a look at what they have in store for ye scallywags.

Load up your favorite fighter, hit the arena, and come out a-swingin'. That's what you'll be doing in Plaid Hat Games' newest arena fighting board game, Super Punch Fighter. Get a little preview of this action-packed slobberknocker now.

Have you ever just entirely lost your train of thought, had no real clue of what was going on, and seemed like you simply couldn't get your thoughts together at all? It could be because someone was hitting you with some Confusion Spores and there was a Mind Fog Owl around. ... Ok, probably not, but those will all soon be making their way to Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Have yourself a look.

A pair of new Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn decks will be coming out soon. And, as usual, Plaid Hat Games want you to know what you're getting. In this preview, we get a look at some undead minions you can add to your armies.

The various clans are looking to collect powerful crystals, each with their own unique style of going about battling for them. Plaid Hat Games has announced another two that are stepping into the arena of Crystal Clans. They're the Gem Clan and the Moon Clan, and we get a look at their reference cards in this preview.

Another couple decks are coming out soon for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and the folks over at Plaid Hat Games want to make sure you know what you're getting and how these new cards will affect your play style. As such, they've got another one of their previews, showing off some of the new cards. Have yourself a look.

Ever since Stuffed Fables came out, players have wanted more of the game-book-style game that it had. The next one like that is coming out soon. Comanauts will be hitting shelves on January 31st. Plaid Hat Games has also created a video preview for you to check out.

In Comanauts, players must enter the psyche of a coma patient and try and unlock him from that state. That includes going through various stages of the patient's life, including dealing with his inner child. That's just what we get a look at in this preview from Plaid Hat Games.

If you're still looking for that holiday gift for the gamer on your list, Z-Man games has a pair of new releases you can pick up now over in their webshop. They're Gen7: Breaking Point, and the new expansion for Guardians, Uprising.

Comanauts is the upcoming storybood adventure game from Plaid Hat Games where players go into the consciousness of a coma patient, looking to free him from his affliction. In this preview, we get a look at the different Avatars players will take on, essentially your player characters in the game and in the patient's psyche.

The Uprising Hero Pack for Guardians will bring new Guardians to your games. But who are these new Guardians? What do they do? What are they like? How do they play? Those are the sorts of questions that Plaid Hat wants to answer. In this preview, we get a look at Atrivoxx and Nightshade.

Guardians is out there on store shelves. You can pick up your copies now. But, as with many games, it's getting expansions. In this case, it's the Uprising Hero Pack, which, as the name implies, gives you more hero options for your games. In this preview, we get a look at two of them.