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Space. Here, right now, entrepreneurs are just beginning to stretch out into the area and see what can be had. Rocketmen takes that idea and makes it a regular occurrence. Players take on the role of these entrepreneurs who are looking to make money in space. It's a new deck-building board game that's up on Kickstarter now. Burn out your fuze up there with other players.

WWII. Germany and Russia have a non-aggression pact going on. However, the Germans are wary of the Russians and feel that, despite their semi-friendship, that will soon come to an end. In order to get a jump on their opponent, they attack, diving into the heart of Russian territory. Now, real history shows this as being a huge military blunder. But what about you? Could you make Operation Barbarossa work? That's up to you to find out in 1941: Race to Moscow, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Sometimes, classic games get themselves a new publisher and there's a new edition put out. In this case, the classic game is Successors, where players take on the role of Alexander the Great's generals as they fight over his empire, and the publisher is Phalanx. The new edition is up on Kickstarter now.

You've maybe played Successors before. Or maybe you've never heard of it. Either way, if you're interested in ancient Europe and the different empires that thrived there, and think you can do that as well, then it's the game for you. Phalanx will be bringing a new version of it to Kickstarter on the 26th. They've posted up the Kickstarter preview page so you can see just what you're getting, as well as set a reminder for when it goes live.

The skies over the Pacific during WWII were filled with all manner of aircraft in a desperate struggle for survival and superiority. Soon, you'll be able to bring that excitement to your tabletop with Fire in the Sky, a new board game from Phalanx. They are taking pre-orders over on their site now.

It seemed that, with the end of the Cold War, everything in Europe would settle down. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. The new democracies are looking to consolidate power and expand. Russia, looking to reassert itself, has started a war with Georgia (the country, not the state I live in). And that's where you find yourself in Europe Divided, a new board game from Phalanx that's up on Kickstarter now.

The Greek city of Messolonghi has outright rebelled against the Ottomans. They want a free Greek state, while the Ottomans want to maintain control. A siege has resulted. But which side will be victorious? That's for you to decide in Freedom!, a new board game from Phalanx that's up on Kickstarter now.

Under the sea.
Under the sea.
There's lots of dangers for a submarine crew when you're deep under the sea.
I know, not the lyrics you were thinking when you first started reading this post. But being deep underwater in the cramped confines of a submarine is where you find yourself in Phalanx's UBOOT board game, which has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign.
Life on a submarine is rough. It's claustrophobic and you're fighting enemies that you really can't see (and hopefully can't see/detect you). And it's not like you can just jump overboard if there's a hole in the ship. This cramped, tense feeling is just what Phalanx is looking to bring to your tabletops with their UBOOT board game. They're going to be running a Kickstarter to fund it, and they're letting people get an early look at how the page will be.
Welcome back to Saturday, dear friends. Hopefully you're enjoying the day. I've been running around like crazy this morning, getting stuff done before I head to my friend's place this evening for gaming fun. Once I'm done making this post, I need to bake cookies. But that's as may be. I know you're here for the reviews. So let's get to them.

In this batch of reviews/previews, we've got: Warchimera Hammer Armoured Personnel Carrier, Lords & Ladies, Darkest Night, Hordes: High Command, Dogs of War, Race to the Rhine, Fishing Party, Machi Koro, Imperial Settlers, Cards Against Humanity, Witness, Tinku, Dragon Punch, and Mining Maniac.