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Those lazy, hazy, crazy Sundays of summer. We don't have many of them left. It's already noticeably cooler here in Atlanta. You don't go outside and instantly curse.

Anyway, we've got a selection of bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch of Snippets we have: Purgatory Miniatures Previews First Model, Some Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Back in Business Warmodelling now is Battlemodels, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm July Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, and Lords of the World Fantasy Miniatures Previewed.

Most card games you come across have backs that are identical. That way, nobody knows what cards you have. Perspective, from Minion Games, isn't like most card games. Perspective's cards are two-sided, though you only ever get to see one side of your own cards at a time. Others, however, get to see what's on the other side. Your job is to figure out what's on the back of your cards and match up your hand to a pre-set pattern. Get it right and win. Get it wrong and you're out.