Arcknight Running Patreon Campaign

Patreon’s a crowdfunding source that more gaming companies are looking into. For a monthly pledge (basically, you could think of it as a subscription fee), you get access to special material and extras that may or may not be available to the general public down the line. In this instance, it’s Arcknight that’s got a Patreon campaign up and running.
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Green Fairy Studios Launches Patreon Campaign

While Kickstarter might get the lion’s share of crowdfunding dollars, there’s more than one way to help out your favorite gaming companies through such means. Patreon lets you basically subscribe to a company or project, giving regular payments in order for cool rewards. Green Fairy Studios has recently launched their own Patreon page. They will be using the funding from it in order to create more games.
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Shades of Vengeance Posts Encounters on the Edge of Space #1

Patreon is a crowdfunding campaign a lot of you still maybe haven’t tried. If you’re interested in it, and what it can do for a game, check out the one being run by Shades of Vengeance. They’ve recently posted up their Encounters on the Edge of Space #1. It is the first in what will be a regular series of bestiary entries they will make so that GMs can add these creatures to their games.
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Midweek Snippets

If there’s one thing I can use this week, it’s a pick-me-up. As you saw from this morning’s Podcast Roundup post, it’s been quite a couple of days since Expo over the weekend. I need to energize with some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Hunter’s Guild Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment, Spillforeningen the Fellowship Running Patreon Campaign, Vampire Covenant Army Up On Kickstarter, Warbands of the Cold North IV Red Box Games 28mm miniatures On Kickstarter, The Essentials Case Up On Kickstarter, New Legionary Small Banners From Kromlech, and New Firebug Flamethrower Trooper Available From Brother Vinni.

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Angelblood RPG Up On Patreon

Got another Patreon campaign to tell you all about. I know some of you are still new to the platform, but you can think of it like a subscription service to help a company or person make a product. In this case, it’s a fantasy RPG called Angelblood. The unique think with them is that they’ll take your stories from your games and turn them into graphic novels.
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UbiquiCity Sci-Fi Game Setting Up On Patreon

Well, it would seem as though the gaming industry has started to take real note of another crowdfunding medium. Patreon has been seen more and more often here on the site. It’s a way for you to back a creator without the “you have to do it RIGHT NOW!” that Kickstarter and Indiegogo can feel like. This time around, it’s UbiquiCity, a sci-fi RPG game setting and short story collection.
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One Page Rules Launches Patreon Campaign

All of us gamers by know fairly well know about crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. One we’ve seen a couple times before is also Patreon. For those that might not have looked into it before, it’s basically a subscription service for a project someone’s working on. For a fee (that you decide what level you want to back at), you’ll get access to different parts of the project as it goes along. A bit different than Kickstarter and Indiegogo in that there’s no, “we need to hit this amount or we get nothing!” type of goals. Instead, when certain funding goals are met, that might allow more rewards as part of the campaign. Anyway, if you’re interested, OnePageRules has started up a Patreon campaign.
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Miniature Monthly Painting Tutorials Up On Patreon

Those of you who visit this site regularly are no stranger to crowdfunding. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are just a part of the gaming landscape now. But there’s other crowdfunding websites you might not know of as well. One is Patreon. There, you aren’t necessarily paying for a game you’ll get in the mail, but you’re funding an ongoing project. Well, a new one just started literally today that will help everyone become better painters. Miniature Monthly is up and running.
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Gamers on Games Reaches 3rd Patreon Goal

Gamers on Games made it to their 3rd goal over on Patreon. Go check it out to help support their vidcast.

Gamers on Games


From the update:

Fred Savadge has become our 8th patron of Gamers On Games and has pushed us to our 3rd goal in just 2 months! This would be the HEAVY GEAR narrative campaign! The miniatures for the campaign are currently being painted by master painter Blake Johnson and the story is being written by Cameron Johnson (no relation), as soon as the miniatures come back to us we will begin filming! Thank you guys so much for supporting Gamers on Games! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support!