Z-Man Games Taking Pre-Orders for Pandemic Legacy

Z-Man Games has started taking pre-orders for Pandemic Legacy. They've got two versions available, Red and Blue (but I think that's where the resemblance to Pokemon ends). In this cooperative game, players must try and keep 4 deadly diseases at bay for a whole year. You must balance between trying to simply treat areas while researching a cure. Event cards mean that things are always getting more complicated as you go along. No two games are ever the same. Each time you play, you create changes that stick with the game. If you've not played a "Legacy" style game before, it can be a bit odd to mark up or somehow change game components, but it really does create a unique gaming experience.

The game will be released October 8th.

From the announcement:
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Z-Man Games announces Pandemic: State of Emergency

Z-Man Games has announced that they're coming out with a new Pandemic expansion next year. This one's State of Emergency.


From the announcement:

2015 - New to the Z-Man collection - Pandemic: State of Emergency

Saving the world just got a little bit harder!

Three new challenges await you in this new expansion for Pandemic:

The Hinterlands Challenge
Where the diseases are spreading from animals to humans…

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