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Pandasaurus Games

Though board games have been around for... well... thousands of years, there's always different mechanics and innovations that are being made. Sure, we've got the melding of the tabletlop and the technical with some games integrating tablets and so forth. But sometimes you see a bit of a different mechanic that's all within the game box. Such is the case with Pirates of the 7 Seas, now available from IDW and Pandasaurus.
You know, Pirates and Ninjas seem to get a lot of the attention, but what about vikings? Everyone loves vikings. They kick ass! Not to say that they're entirely underrepresented in gaming, but it's always good to see them getting to the forefront. As such, IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games have come out with a new edition of Fire & Axe that's available now.
Shut Up & Sit Down lets us know their thoughts on Tammany Hall.
The game, not necessarily the political system of New York.
The one's based on the other, so you do still get some of both.


From the post:

This week, Paul looks at the notorious Tammany Hall, a game all about the not-entirely-pleasant, not-completely-wholesome New York political machine that was cranking its way through the second half of the 19th Century.

Is it a cynical game for cynical times? Perhaps, but the reprint was certainly a terrific Kickstarter success. The much more important question is... just how good is Tammany Hall?

Here's your answer!

Pandasaurus Games has a pair of new board games coming out next month: Great Fire of London and New Amsterdam.


From the announcement:

Pandasaurus Games is proud to announce two releases that will be available in stores this November.

New Amsterdam and Great Fire of London are two excellent games that your game collection won't be available without.