A chat with Bryan Wade from Outrider Hobbies

One thing everyone needs eventually is a way to carry around their minis that’s more than just that old shoebox. Bryan Wade of Outrider Hobbies is there to get you quality bags for transporting minis and was kind enough to talk with me here at GenCon. Continue reading

Outrider Hobbies taking pre-orders for Battletech cases

Outrider Hobbies is now taking pre-orders for some brand new Battletech carrying cases. That shoebox just isn’t cutting it anymore. Go buy something better!

From the update (with much more on their website) :

Hey everyone! If you hadn’t seen this already, the pre-orders for the new BattleTech cases and faction patches are available now. The bags and patches will be released in June of this year, and we are taking pre-orders for our first production run. Pre-order time is the best time to get in on ordering your bags as you don’t have to worry about what colors are in stock, we just order what is requested, and stock from there.