So I had a great time at OrcCon over the weekend

Hey guys,

So this past Presidents Day Weekend, I went to OrcCon right by LAX, which is the LA Airport. This convention is one of three,(OrcCon,Gamex,Gateway) ran by Strategicon throughout the year and OrcCon this year was alot of fun.

This year at the convention, Aaron Lovejoy and I ran the “Road to the Crystal Brush Qualifier” painting competition, where we had over 65 entries. The competition was very tough too, when it came down to the final overall entries it was very close. Eric Roof, won the Overall award and won a plane trip to Adepticon to participate in the Crystal Brush Painting Competition. Pictures from the entries will be up later this week.

The convention itself is always big and covers all kinds of games, and I never seem to have time to check all of it out. One of the things that stood out the most to me this year was the Rusted Heroes booth. They had quite the set up with their huge dungeon, which was running demos and had display pieces. Click the link to their site for more of their models.
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