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One Page Rules

It's Friday again. Now that I think about it... the week kinda went by fast... At least for me. I'm sitting here thinking, "wasn't it Tuesday just a day or so ago?" Apparently not. Oh well. I'm ok with this. Hopefully your week has been alright and you've been able to stay safe out there. These are strange times, indeed. As for me, I'm here to bring you your regularly-scheduled party platter of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New 2D Print Models Available From One Page Rules, Bushi Prime Strikers Available From Puppets War, Norse Foundry Running Dice of Crits Kickstarter, and Mystic Mariner and Mystic Noble Dice Available From Kraken Dice.

Sure, you're at home. But that doesn't mean you can't get some new stuff. One Page Rules is here to help alleviate your qurantine woes with new rules sets for both Age of Fantasy and Grimdark Future. As always, you can just head over to their website and download them now.

One Page Rules has been bringing you rules sets for some time now. More recently, they've gotten into actually making figures for said games. Now, they're expanding their minis range with the new Battle Sisters Champion figure. If you join up with their Patreon campaign, you can get it. Also, they've updated their campaigns with a new set of rules for both Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy.

The folks over at One Page Rules have been busy behind the scenes and they're ready to show off all that time and effort. They have posted up a very large update that gives you not only a new faction and units for their current games, they've also created an entirely new game called Covering Fire. If you're a fan of more freeform games, then Covering Fire is for you as there's no measuring, no solid turn structure, and relies on a series of reactionary actions.

The folks over at One Page Rules have been busy, little bees. They're giving you a special holiday gift with six, yes, six new sets of miniatures game rules. There's a little bit of everything. There's sci-fi fleets. There's fantasy sports. There's modern-era. There's fantasy. If you like playing with miniatures, chances are good there's a rules set you'll be interested in.

We've all been there. All dressed up for a game and nobody to play against. The figures are out. The terrain's set up. But... crickets. It's annoying. You wanted to get your game on! Well, if you're playing one of One Page Rules' games, you're in luck. They've now posted up solo play rules for their games. Yeah. Who needs opponents anyway!?!

A single battle alone does not win a war. It's a whole series that is what will make or break a conflict. So, for those looking to play out a longer campaign using the One Page Rules systems, you're in luck, as they've released a new set of Campaign rules over on their website. You can also sign up for their newsletter and read about other things they've got going on.

Up until now, the folks over at One Page Rules have only been releasing rules sets and letting you just grab whatever figures you want to use them with. But now, you can actually get a figure specifically designed for Grimdark Future. The first official miniature from One Page Rules is now available. Head over and get yours now (or wait a little bit and they'll be offering different upgrades to it. Whichever you want).

The folks over at One Page Rules recently came out with new rulebooks for pretty much all their games. Well, they've got another big update over on their page that's quite full of information of all sorts. It covers a lot of ground. Let's see what all there is.

It's been a little while since we've heard from our friends over at One Page Rules, but that doesn't mean that they've not been busy. They've been working away at new rulebooks for both Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy. That work has paid off and they're ready to release both books for you now over on their website.

The Year of New Editions puts another couple tally marks on the wall as two new 2nd edition games are hitting the internet today. One Page Rules has released the new versions of both Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy. Both can be downloaded and played now.

The Year of New Editions is getting a big addition to it. The folks over at One Page Rules will be celebrating Halloween a little early with a treat for all of us. They're rolling out 2nd editions of all their games on October 25th.

I've seen, personally, what can happen when a side-project takes on a full life of its own and feel like it's grown beyond what you can handle. That's kinda what happened for One Page Rules. Well, they took a bit of a break, but now they're back. And not only that, they're going to be coming out with new editions of all their games.
It's one thing to play a game where you're worried about just winning or losing. It's another when that win or loss really means something as it's part of an overall narrative or campaign. That's just what's coming to Grimdark Future: Firefight and Age of Fantasy: Skirmish. Or, I should say, has come. One Page Rules has released Campaign Rules for both games.
The folks over at One Page Rules continue to add more armies to their games. This time around, it's the Sky Dwarves and the Custodian Brothers. Having once been a custodian, I can agree that we do form a pretty strong brotherhood. When you've had to clean up the things we've cleaned up, you do form bonds that will last a lifetime... *wipes away tear*
It's not just an alternative Wild West that's getting an update. One Page Rules has also rolled out an update for Grimdark future, where they've added in Mercenaries. They've also updated Age of Fantasy by updating the Forces of Havoc with a new name (Havoc Warriors) and a bunch of new units for them.
It seems almost weekly that the folks over at One Page Rules come out with one or more new army sets for their games. This time around, there's two. They're the Titan Lords and the Rift Demons. Along with that, as is also fairly usual, they've got some smaller updates they've implemented.
One Page Rules is constantly looking to add more armies to their games. This update, there's a pair of new ones for you fantasy players out there. They've got Wormhole Demons, which are broken up into four distinct groups that you can mix-and-match as you please. They've also got Wood Elves, a pretty traditional type of force you'd come to expect in a fantasy miniatures game.
There's also a bunch of minor tweaks to their various rules sets to check out.
The folks over at One Page Rules keep chugging along, coming out with more rules for various armies that you can use in their various miniatures games. This time, they're adding Eternal Wardens and Havoc Brother Disciples. So if you like those miniatures from "that one company in Nottingham," but aren't really fans of the rules, maybe give these a try.
I know some of you out there love the One Page Rules rules sets. They're constantly being worked on and updated to make sure they're as good as they can be. They're also being expanded, bringing in more armies. This latest update gives you Battle Brother Detachments as well as Ogres. Plus, with the update, Double Tap is getting an update.
One Page Rules has a couple new armies that they've added to their site. That site, by the way, is now completely ad-free, thanks to those that are backing the group on Patreon. See? Already some tangible results. Anyway, if you're looking to play Dark Elf Raiders or Mummified Undead, you'll want to check out the update.
Well, it's finally Friday. Seems like it's taken forever. Also, who wants to take bets on me clocking out this evening and then suddenly feeling like I'm clocking in on Monday morning? You know weekends never work like the work week. It's going to just go by in a flash, I'm sure. Well, so I have enough energy to get through the rest of the day and then to zip through the weekend, I should load up on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Paymaster Games launches Aztec Kickstarter, KaYo Miniatures Running Clown Army 28mm Miniatures Kickstarter, Dhovaine RPG on the horizon for Higher Grounds, Wu Wei hits Kickstarter on March 20th, New Quad Lascannon From Kromlech, Final Days for Dragon Empire Army Up On Kickstarter, One Page Rules Releases Battle Sisters and Dark Elves Lists, Sword Art Online the Boardgame: Sword of Fellows Coming To Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release New 6mm PacFed, Imperial Agents Weekend Promo From Kromlech, and Rebel Minis Releases New Sci-Fi Horror Packs.

One Page Rules has been hard at work since they launched their Patreon campaign. They've got some new factions posted, as well as major fixes to some of their rules sets.
The Year of New Editions adds another name to the rolls. One Page Rules has been going over pretty much everything they make, coming out with new editions. This now includes WarStuff. WarStuff is their rules set for, well... anything. Pick a mini, any mini, and you'll be able to come up with rules for it using their system.
Love it or hate it, Age of Sigmar seems to be sticking around for a while. As such, the fellows over at One Page Rules have decided to make their own version of the game. Though, since historically the Age of Sigmar rules fit on just four pages, there's not really much they could cut down to get it to one page. But still, they've posted their version, as well as posting some updates for their other One Page rules sets.