TGN Sunday Snippets

I hope everyone had a great International TableTop Day yesterday. Though, of course, the spirit of International TableTop Day is with us always, and we should celebrate as often and with as many people as we possibly can.

As for us here at TGN, it’s another Sunday. So as my arm heals from getting my werebear tattoo colored in and my roux for the gumbo I’m making starts to brown, here’s another set of bite-sized stories we collected over the last few days.

In this batch we have: 1p40k Beginner’s Guide & One Page Rules Anniversary, some more editions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Armada accessories from CorSec Engineering, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm March Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Stoelezel’s Structures launches the Underlooked Inn, New Angry EON Mini from Hitech Miniatures, and Final Day for Olleys Armies Scrunt Empire on Kickstarter.

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Final Days for Olleys Armies Scrunt Kickstarter Campaign

Olleys Armies has just a week to go in their Scrunt Empire Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through their basic funding goal and are looking to make it through the stretch goals where many extra styles of minis will be made available. The first set to be unlocked will be the Argonauts. After that will be the Cenobite Brotherhood.

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Olleys Armies Running Armies of the Scrunt Empire Kickstarter

Olleys Armies has launched their 3rd Kickstarter campaign. This time they’re looking to expand their Scrunt line even more with the Armies of the Scrunt Empire. With the help of stretch goals, they’re hoping to bring you several new Scrunt styles. From underwater, to cenobite, to Prussian, to argonaut. They’re already about 2/3 of the way to their funding goal, so they can start unlocking those extra armies over the next 19 days.

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Final day for Olleys Armies up on Kickstarter

Olleys Armies has just about a day left in their Prussian Scrunt Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made over 2x their funding goal, so check out the extras and stretch goals.

Kaiser Wilhelm


From the campaign:

We are reaching the final days and hours of our 2nd Olleys Armies Kickstarter “Dwarven Prussian scrunt Miniatures”

Many of the stretchgoals have been reached, with only “The Generals” remaining to be unlocked.

Amongst the new miniatures is The Kaiser Wilhelm Scrunt, which is only available through the Kickstarter.

So please take a look at our Kickstarter before it ends on the 8th September

New Stretchgoals For Olleys Armies Kickstarter

Olleys Armies has been making it through stretch goals over on their Prussian Scrunt Kickstarter campaign. There’s still a week left, so check it out.

Set 4


From the campaign:

Hello, We have one week to go before our “Olleys Armies Prussian Army Scrunt Miniatures” Kickstarter ends and we have had added a number of miniatures as Stretchgoals. Which include, Five Close Combat Prussian Steampunk Scrunts, Prussian Scrunt HMG. Further stretchgoals include Kaiser Wilhelm, The Generals, A Medic, Mechanics, and sniper. The scrunts (dwarves) are in 28mm heroic scale and full details of scale and pricing for the rewards, can all be found on the Kickstarter Project page

Olleys Armies unlocks Prussian Scrunt HMG

Olleys Armies has made it past the funding level to unlock their Prussian Scrunt HMG over on their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve posted up several greens of various models as well. Go take a look.

Prussian Scrunt HMG


From the update:

Hello Everyone, It took me a while but I just worked out the amount needed to cover all the costs of the HMG and so it unlocks at £3,500. I am just checking my workings out for the Scrunt & Hatch and the 5 Prussian Scrunts, but I think they will all unlock at £4,464, will double check my maths first, plus I have to be really careful with the estimated casting costs and postage. Thanks for your patience Jackie 🙂

Olleys Armies Dwarven Prussian Army Scrunt Miniatures Kickstarter underway

Olleys Armies has their new Kickstarter campaign underway. Go check out the new Dwarven Prussian Army minis.

Prussian Scrunts


From the campaign:

Hello and welcome to our 2nd kickstarter, where we hope with your support and backing to be able to fund the expenses involved in producing our dwarven army of Prussian Scrunts. Bob has already spent a great many hours over the past few weeks constructing and sculpting the miniatures to make these sets. As you can see from the pictures below the miniatures are based on previously cast bodies with lots of new sculpting green added. The rewards for backing this project will be high quality metal castings of the miniatures featured in this Kickstarter, they are available at a lower price than the eventual retail price, plus for early birds there are some extra treats, such as a handsculpted metal/green miniature by Bob or concept drawing artwork.

Olleys Armies releases new Victorian Scrunts & Steampunk Vehicles

Olleys Armies has released their Victorian Scrunts minis along with some new steampunk vehicles over in their webshop.


From the release:

At Last The Victorian Scrunts (Dwarves) and Steampunk Vehicles have been added to Olleys Armies Miniatures website shop. These 28mm scale miniatures are top quality metal castings, with minimal assembly required on the scrunts, a little more assembly required on the vehicles.
Available sets include “At The Cockfight”, “At The Ratfight” and “Street Thugs”. We also have chickens and rats available to buy seperately.

Queen Victoria Steampunk Empress Scrunt previewed as part of Olleys Armies Kickstarter

Olleys Armies is showing off a green for their upcoming Steampunk Queen Victoria Scrunt mini that’s part of their Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

Hello Everyone, we have only hours to go before olleys Armies Kickstarter Ends on Friday 6th. So in the last few hours we have added a new miniature “Queen Victoria Steampunk Empress” Scrunt to the Kickstarter, you can make a pledge of £6 UK + £1 for overseas p&p for HRH or you can add her to a larger pledge.
We have also added, shields and steampunk backpacks to the add-ons. Once again if you want just the add-ons there is a pledge level just for them of £16 UK + £3 p&p overseas for a choice of 5 tags, or you can add them to another pledge.
Finally, we will have pictures of the Rat Fight Club Miniatures and the Fighting Rats very soon, they will be the final miniatures we will be adding to the Olleys Armies Steampunk & Victorian Scrunts aka Dwarfs Kickstarter

Olley’s Armies launches Victorian Steampunk Scrunts Kickstarter campaign

Olley’s Armies has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a Victorian Steampunk line of Scrunt miniatures.


From the campaign:

Hello and welcome to our first ever kickstarter, where we hope with your support and backing to be able to fund the expenses involved in bringing about the 5 sets of 28mm scale Victorian Steampunk and Victorian civilians that Bob has already started sculpting.

So please take a look at the pictures below showing the sets Bob has already made and the drawings of the sculpts that Bob still has to make. We hope that you like them and that you decide to back our project.

Olleys Armies announces new Scrunt Kickstarter coming soon

Olleys Armies has announced that they’re working on a new Kickstarter campaign to expand their Scrunt line.
Also they posted an update on some of their model stocks.


From the update:

KICKSTARTER: Bob is currently working on a set of Victorian Steam Punk style scrunts. At the moment we have 4 bodies, all with separate heads, arms and weapons. Pictures are being added to our workbench page and have already been posted on the Olleys Armies facebook page. Please have a look and give us your feedback. So far, one person has suggested rivets on the shoulder pads, another has suggested that they be available as Victorian scrunts and not just as steam punk versions. Let us know what you think.

Also on the workbench page are Bob’s latest scrunt scratchbuild vehicles

Your last chance to buy Scrunt Mutant Dog Handlers, Scrunt Dog Cart and additional items, Scrunt Iron Guard, before the ranges are sold and will no longer be available from our website

Two new Scrunt units available from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies has two new Scrunt units available. One’s a gun crew and another is a driver and passenger.

From the release:

Hello! We are pleased to announce the release of new Scrunt Crew miniatures to our miniatures ranges.
We have 4 crew suitable to man a machine gun, one of the crew holds a handset, one a missile, one has a separate arm so you can position it to suit the gun and one a spyglass. They cost £12.00 GBP for the set of 4, quality castings in white metal and are 28mm scale.

We also have a new Scrunt Driver and Seated Scrunt/Passenger, cost £5 GBP for the set of 2 castings.

New Olleys Armies Scrunt Light Infantry

Olleys Armies has added new Light Infantry to their Scrunt line of figures.

From the release:

Hello, we’ve just added 5 New scrunt Light Infantry to our website, they all have different seperate interchangeable heads, a seperate weapon arm, and seperate gun. They are sold as a set of 5 for £15. They are 28mm scale, measuring 22mm foot to eye. Hope you like them, cheers Bob

Olleys Armies selling scratch-built Scrunt vehicles in their webshop

Olleys Armies put together some scratch-built Scrunt vehicles and has them available in limited numbers over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Hello I have been busy working on scratchbuilding some unique scrunt vehicles and robots. Vist our website page to see the various models available. Numbers are limited and some models can’t be repeated, so if you see something you like, get it before its gone. Thanks for reading Bob

Last chance to buy certain models from Olleys Armies, new releases coming soon

Olleys Armies has some of their models rotating out of their line while some new ones are making their way in.

From the announcement:

Your last chance to buy Scrunt Mutant Dog Handlers, Scrunt Dog Cart and additional items, Scrunt Iron Guard, before the ranges are sold and will no longer be available from our website

New Releases coming Soon: We are just sending Scrunt crew for use with a field gun and amphibious vehicle off to be moulded, these will be available to buy in the coming months, see pictures of the greens on our website workbench

New Scrunt Rangers available from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies have released their new Scrunt Rangers over on their website and have an army deal going for a whole scout squad.

From the release:

We are pleased to annouce that we have just added the following New Miniature Releases to our website:

ARMY DEAL: 13 Scrunt Rangers- Pack Contains, 3 Commander Miniatures with with seperate guns and seperate head choice of A or B, and 10 troops (5 single piece castings and 5 with seperate guns) includes a Spotter with monocular, 2 snipers, 2 assault rifles, 1 with SMG, 1 with radio handset
AVG Height 23mm foot to eye level
order code “SCR-RANGERS” Price:£35

Olleys Armies are officially licensed by Hirst Arts

Olleys Armies are now an official licensee of Hirst Arts.

Chemical Plant/Refinery

From their announcement:

Hello, we are pleased to announce that we now are officially licensed by Hirst Arts to sell castings from their moulds.

Our Industrial Scenery webpage shop is now open, finished scenery pieces start from as little as £3.50

New Industrial and Chemical Plant/Refinery scenery at Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies is now offering new Industrial and Chemical Plant/Refinery terrain.

Chemical Plant/Refinery

From their announcement:

Hello All, we have just added a wide selection of handmade Industrial and Chemical Plant/Refinery Scenery suitable for use with 28mm scale miniatures to Olleys Armies website sales page.

Prices start from just £3.50

We also have new additions to the Olleys Armies Gallery, of the Scrunt Iron Guard painted by Bob.

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New special offer at Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies is offering a discount on their Psychic Mutant Flying Saucer.

Psychic Mutant Flying Saucer

From their announcement:

For a limited time only Save 30% on Olleys Armies Psychic Mutant Flying Saucer, Now only £7.00. This offer ends on the 7th of June.

Plus Save 10% When you buy all 8 of the New Mutant Scrunts only £ 22.50.

We have also reduced the individual retail price of Mutant Scrunts codes:003 to 008 from £3.50 each to £3.00 each.

New releases from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies have added several packs of 28mm figures to their online store.

Mutant Scrunt

From their announcement:

We are very pleased to announce that the latest new miniature releases are now available to buy from Olleys Armies online store.

The new releases are :

  • 14 Scrunt Mutant Hunter Troopers, sold in packs of 4 for £12 GBP and 3 for £9.00
  • 3 Scrunt Mutant Hunters with Dachshund Dogs £3.50 GBP each
  • 1 Dachshund £1.50 GBP
  • Scrunt Dog Cart kit for £7.50 GBP, also available are choices of various contents
  • The Scrunt Iron Guard, £4.00 GBP each, this is a heavy armoured version of a scrunt, with a choice of six different weapon arm options.
  • 8 Mutant Scrunts at £3.50 GBP each

The new releases all compliment existing Scrunt ranges, are all in 28mm scale and are cast in high quality metal .

We base the prices for our miniatures on the spin cost, current metal cost and the weight of the miniature. Unfortunately as a result of increased high metal costs, the price per miniature is higher than previous releases, but we hope when you look at the good size and quality of an Olleys Armies casting you will still feel like you are getting a good deal.
Thank you for reading

Olleys Armies Scrunt Flyer special

Scrunt FlyerOlleys Armies are offering a discount on their Scrunt Flyer model.

From their announcement:

Hello, Olleys Armies current special offer is 25% off The Scrunty Flyer, offer ends on 17th April when it goes back to its usual price.

While you’re visiting our website, why not take a look at the workbench page as I’ve just uploaded a lot of new greens that will be available soon.

Olleys Armies Workbench page updated

Olleys Armies have posted new photos of their Workbench page.

Titan Scrunt

From their announcement:

Hello All.

I have just added some exciting new greens of Bob’s to Olleys Armies workbench page. They include a new type of 28mm scale Scrunt, he’s in heavy armour, with breast plate, shoulder armour, hanging plate armour and helmet. At the moment there’s one body type, but there will be a choice of 6 different right and left weapon/arms.

I’ve also added a Cart pulled by 3 dogs, we imagine it to be used to take ammo, weapons and supplies to the frontline.
These miniatures along with some greens of Scrunt Mutant Hunters (still to be added to the workbench page) have just been sent off to be moulded and cast, so hopefully they will be available for sale on the Olleys Armies Website very soon.

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