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It's not just Saturday. It's a 3-day weekend Saturday! The best kind of Saturday! (well, except for 4-day weekend Saturdays, or week-off Saturdays, but let's not get pedantic here) I'm just kinda chillin' today. Why go and run yourself ragged? Instead, I'll just hang out and pass along some reviews for you to check out. Though I did almost relax my way through posting time. Whoops. ;)

Today we have: Escape Room: The Game, Schotten Totten, The Climbers, Techno Bowl, Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents, ROBiTs, Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, Cosmic Encounters: Cosmic Eons, Table Tantrums, Hipster Teenage Wasteland, Burn the Heretic, Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught, Wild Fun West, London, and NMBR9.

I'm a huge fan of puzzle games. Blokus, Set, and Apotheca are three my absolute most-favorite games out there, for example. So I'm looking forward to getting a chance to try NMBR 9, the new tile-stacking game from Z-Man Games. Players are looking to place their number-shaped tiles on the stack, but there's very specific rules about how they can go. Get the high tile to score the most points. You can pick up your copy now.
I love a good puzzle game. Blokus is one of my top 3 favorite games. But it's looking like Z-Man games is looking to add another to my list. In NMBR9, you are given a set of numbered tiles. Each round, a card is flipped from the deck and you must place the matching tile onto your pile following a specific set of rules. The higher up on the stack a tile is placed, the more points it's worth.