Friday Snippets

Oh, hello there, Friday. Didn’t see you come in. No, no, it’s fine. Have a seat and stay for a while. You know everyone’s pretty happy to see you around. Here, why don’t you have a snack? I’ve prepared a platter of bite-sized gaming stories for you to nosh on.

What’ve we got? Well, let’s see.

It appears that we have: Virus Board Game Coming To Giochistarter, Dark Sword Miniatures acquires all rights to both Hot Lead Miniature Painting DVD Sets, Play testers needed for Nine Dragons “The Wedding Banquet” introductory adventure for Honour RPG, Kaptin Orc Available From Kromlech, New American Revolution Figures from All the King’s Men, New Xin Trade Fleet Troops Available From the Ion Age, Topside Minis Releases Battle Off Samar Set, Legendary Metal Coins is Live on Kickstarter for Season 2, Brigade Models Releases New 6mm SF Infantry, and New Releases Available From Hitech Miniatures.

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Honour RPG Now Available in print

And we go from a game that’s available in pdf to one that’s available in print. And not extremely dissimilar styles, either. Nine Dragons RPG Ltd. has announce that Honour, the first of their primary RPG books, is now available. The game is a wide mix of sci-fi, interdimensional travel, Asian-inspired lore, and other various elements combined into one.
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