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I know we don't do much in terms of Living Card Games here on TGN. Or not-stand-alone card games, of any form, but still, I wanted to post this one up, as I did when the game was announced. Fantasy Flight Games is closing down their Android: NetRunner game. I'm saddened by this, as NetRunner is my favorite card game that's existed. And it's a bit of a could've/would've/should've for me, as I'd not been keeping up with the game as I'd really wanted to. But there was always kind of that thought that I'd jump into it. Well, that probably won't be the case. Sure, I could pick up cards probably for cheap now, but finding players is always the most difficult thing, and most people aren't excited to play a dead game.
While the news of the last week might be about the next 3-6 months in gaming (what with all the previews and announcements that were revealed during Gen Con), that's not to say you have to wait those 3-6 months before new stuff hits your tabletops. Fantasy Flight Games has released the latest wave of Star Wars: Armada miniatures (as well as a new release for NetRunner).
In case you hadn't noticed... It's Saturday! Woo!
Considering time differences and all, I hope a lot of you had a good time at Salute today.
Did any of you pick up some awesome stuff while there?
I, obviously, couldn't go (much as I wanted to). I did, however, pick up my limited-edition Flint figure for Guild Ball in their online store.

But that'll get here when it gets here. As for now, it's time for some reviews.

Today we have: Above and Below, Odin's Ravens, Glass Road App, High Command Rapid Engagement, Aradia Miniatures' Toad King, Android: Netrunner Card Game, Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, Expedition RPG, Kodama, VS 2PCG: The Defenders, And Then We Held Hands, Timeline Challenge, and Tumult Royale.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Data and Destiny, which is the latest deluxe expansion for the Netrunner card game. This expansion will come with 165 cards (3 each of 55 different cards) and focuses on the NBN corporation and something a bit new. They've not gone with the standard versions of Runners. Instead, there's 3 sub-faction runners in this new set, each bringing something different to the world of data-acquisition-by-alternative-means.