Review Roundup

I’m sure a lot of you are probably traveling today, or perhaps hanging out with some non-gaming family. So, to take your mind off of things, here’s your regular list of reviews I know you so desperately desire.

Today we’ve got: Guild Ball Blacksmith’s Guild, Rail Raiders, Naruto Shippuden The Board Game, Zendo, Cottage Garden iOS, Meeple Circus, Gut Check, Mountains of Madness, Import/Export, Ticket to Ride Map Collection 6: France/Old West, Welcome to Centerville, Hunt for the Ring, and Master of Wills.

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Japanime Games To Publish English Version Of Naruto Shippuden The Board Game

Time to once again talk about a “super-group” team-up bringing an old game to a new audience via a new language. This time it’s Japanime Games and Yoka Games (a division of Tsume Art) bringing you an English edition of the Naruto Shippuden Board Game.
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