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Mutant Chronicles

Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Put the two together and you've got something amazing. Modiphius has create a pair of bundles for their Mutant Chronicles RPG with the proceeds going to the Vision Rescue charity in India. You get something. People get helped. Everyone wins.

Some of you out there have already done your taxes, you go-getters, you. Hopefully, you'll get your refund soon. And when you do, you'll be looking to get the most out of it. Well, if you've been interested in Mutant Chronicles, now'd be a good time to head over to the Modiphius Entertainment webshop, as they've got a sale going on for just about everything.
It's the start of a new year. There's never been a better time to try out a new game system. But which one should you get? You don't want to drop down that hard-earned money on a game you're not going to like. Best to see what you're getting into. Modiphius agrees, and is helping out by letting you check out free quick-start versions of their RPGs. They've put four new quick starts on their website for you to check out.
I get the appeal of digital forms for a game book. I really do. Heck, I'm often looking at them every day here on my computer. However, I will always still love to have a hard copy of a book to look through. Just something about actually turning the pages and the feel of it. If you're a fan of hard copies of books, you'll be happy to hear that the Dark Eden Sourcebook for Mutant Chronicles is now available in hardcover form.
All good things must come to an end, so they say. In this case, it's the scheduled releases for the Mutant Chronicles RPG range from Modiphius. But they, if you're going out, go out with style. That's just what they've got with the Dark Eden Campaign. It's available now in pdf with print versions coming in April.
So, January can be a bit of a bummer. The holidays are over. It's cold (or, should be, anyway *looks outside* ...). You don't generally want to go out too much. Well, Modiphius is looking to cure some of those New Year's woes. They're running a Mutant Chronicles sale over on their website this weekend.
We're doing things to the Earth that aren't so great for our continued existence on this planet. However, we're not quite near where things have gone in Mutant Chronicles. There, the Earth has been pretty much abandoned. Note that "pretty much" doesn't mean "entirely." While most of the people that could make it off-world have done so, including the bases of the various Megacorporations (many of whom caused much of the issues). But Dark Eden, as the Earth is now known, still has lots of life on it. Now, you can incorporate them into your games with the Dark Eden Sourcebook, now available.
The Year of New Editions counts another victory as Modiphius has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Siege of the Citadel 2nd edition. The original game, released back in the 90s (*wistful sigh for that time*), was full of new innovations. The new edition looks to refurbish the game, rebalancing many of the elements within it, as well as adding to the rich legacy of a much-beloved title.
Modiphius has a whole bunch of stories going on at once today. They've got a couple details up about what they'll be doing at Essen. There's a couple job openings. And there's the print version of a Mutant Chronicles sourcebook now available.
Societies always have at least one "the other." You know, those that are set apart from the rest of the populace for some reason or another. In the case of Mutant Chronicles those would be the mutants and the heretics. Now, I know, you'd think a game called, "Mutant Chronicles" would have mutants just running around all over the place. But that's not always the case. They're still rather misunderstood. And then there's the heretics. What's going on with them? Well, you can find out about both in the Mutants & Heretics supplement for the game.
The Year of New Editions just just hold for games, but also the material that goes with them. Modiphius has released the Venusian Apocalypse campaign for Mutant Chronicles, with an updated and expanded version of the original adventure. Howso expanded? Well, you get the original three chapters (updated for 3rd edition), as well as a fourth, concluding chapter to the adventure.
The Year of New Editions comes up with another. This time it's the 3rd Edition of Mutant Chronicles by Modiphius, formatted to be used with the Savage Worlds game system. So if you like the setting for the game, but not the way the rules work in their original format, perhaps give this version a spin and see how you like it. All of the conversions have already been done for you.
Modiphius continues to expand the game world of Mutant Chronicles by bringing you another new guide book. This time around it's Luna & Freelancers. As you can expect, you'll be heading to the moon in this book ("bang, zoom" optional).
Modiphius has released a new sourcebook for Mutant Chronicles, their sci-fi RPG. It's called Cartel & Orbitals and it further delves into the various corporations and groups that vie for control of the various planets. In this case, the focus is The Cartel that does its best to be a unifying faction. Not so easy to do, though.
The Dark Symmetry Campaign is getting a new expansion. That expansion is the Dark Legion Campaign and it's available now in both print and .pdf formats.
While every other megacorporation was busy getting the heck out of Dodge (and every other city on Earth... and just generally leaving the Earth, in fact), the Whitestar Federation stayed and thrived. When those same companies that fled came back in order to see what was left, they didn't find an empty planet like they were hoping. Instead, they found tunnels full of the Whitestar Federation, manned by people ready to defend it against any incursion, just like the Russians of old (considering the history of the Whitestar, it makes a lot of sense, that).
Games do well when they have support behind them from the companies that make them. Well, Modiphius is showing that they have their RPG line fully supported with a new living campaign series they're calling Modiphius Frontiers.
It's been a very busy morning here at CMON Expo 2016. But the phone needs a bit of time to charge, so I'm coming here to recharge as well. Time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

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Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Thankfully, that's just the sort of thing we have for you right now.

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And we've made it to Friday.
In some ways it's been a short week, since I worked from home on Tuesday and thus have only been in the office 3 days. However, being still tired from Adepticon has mitigated that somewhat. So I'm very ready for the weekend. I need to sort through my Adepticon loot. Mostly, I need to put together my last two Fishermen models and my new Masons team for Guild Ball. How about you guys?

To help me get through, I think I'll snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing I've got a batch right here.

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Call the curtain!
Raise the roof!
Spirit's on toniiiiiiiiiiiight!
Wait, wrong Bauhaus.
This one's referring to a corporation in the Mutant Chronicles RPG from Modiphius. They've got a new sourcebook out that you can get now, both in print and in .pdf.
Modiphius continues along, with another sourcebook now available for Mutant Chronicles. The spiritual nature of the last release continues along, as we get a book look at Mishima, the most secretive of all the giant corporations that run... well... everything in the world. Based out of Mercury, there's plenty of intrigue to be found within the halls of the planet's underground cities.
In most of the RPGs I've been in, unless you're the party's cleric, there's little consolation made to a characters' religion. Sure, we'll put down what god or goddess we follow on our character sheet. But for the most part, it's not really that important a thing. Well, Modiphius is looking to change that for Mutant Chronicles players. Their new sourcebook, The Brotherhood brings religion to the forefront.
Modiphius Entertainment now has their Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition RPG book available in .pdf format over on their website. So those of you with your fancy tablet computers and smart cell-phone-telephones can take it with you on the go. Well... not that you couldn't take a book with you, but your computer and phone are probably smaller and lighter.
Modiphius Entertainment is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their 3rd Edition Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter campaign. They've made it a long way from their original goal, so there's plenty of add-ons and goodies for your pledge.


From the campaign:

Another one bites the dust...! A Queen guitar solo might be apt as we nail the Luna & Freelancer's Guide which is now added to PDF Masters (you're now getting 1700 pages in PDF!) and of course is available as a £15 / $24 Print Add On. Now it's time to unlock the Cartel & Orbitals Guide!