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This game belongs in a museum!
This game is Museum!
... You ever say a word enough that it starts to sound funny? ... Museum...
Anyway, after a successful Kickstarter and sending out games to backers, the rest of us can now get in on the set-collecting action. Museum is now available from Holy Grail Games.

It belongs in a museum!
It was the call of Dr. Jones, and it's going to be your thoughts, too, when you play Museum. In the game, you take on the role of a museum curator, looking to find the greatest items to add to your collection. Fitting the game's from Holy Grail Games, since I know a lot of people want to see that in a museum. Anyway, they'll be launch a Kickstarter for the game next month.
With tens of thousands of gamers converging in the ICC (I can see those lights in my sleep...), it's a great place for companies to show off new games that they're coming out with Holy Grail Games is no different and they've got four new ones that they'll be showing off at the show.