TGN Sunday Snippets

Hey there again, everyone. Welcome to Sunday. A quick note: It is Mother’s Day. Just sayin’. If possible, I’d suggest giving your mom a call. It probably couldn’t hurt. I’m gonna give mine a call here after I finish typing this up.

But that’s as may be. At the moment, we’ve got our usual spot of gathering some of the bite-sized stories together and presenting them to you here.

In this installment we have: New Robot added to Ramshackle Robots Kickstarter, Brigade Models 15mm SF New Releases, The Painting Frog visits Warhammer World, Close Encounters: Icarus Miniatures Preview the Praesidian Warrior, and a batch of The Fiver interviews from The Meeple Mechanic.

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Multi-Bit Games running Button Bashers Kickstarter campaign

Multi-Bit Games has a Kickstarter campaign running for Button Bashers, their new arcade-style fighting card game.

Button Bashers


From the campaign:

With easy to learn combos, stylized strategic gameplay, and a little luck of the cards you will send your friends running to the change machine.
Are you looking to bring a new and exciting game to a friend’s game night?
In a fighting game, do you remember the first time you were able to perform an uppercut or fireball?
Do you cherish the moment when you make the perfect play that seals your opponent’s demise?
Not to be cheesy but this is the game for you!
You’ll love bashing these buttons!