Mothership Reprint/Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Mothership, the space-exploration game, is back up on Kickstarter. This time around, they're looking at doing another print run of the popular game. But it's not just the same thing all over again, they're also adding in the Into the Vortex expansion which adds nebulae, wormholes, and classes to the game.

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Mothership Sci-Fi Tactical Board Game Now Available

Once more, I'm happy to be posting about a successful Kickstarter campaign that's now available for general release. Mothership puts you in charge of an alien race that's at war with several others (there's only so much space out there, and you want it). Capture planets using your fleet of ships, build upgrades, and conquer your enemies.

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Mothership Sci-Fi Combat Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Space... It's so peaceful and quiet... until some big-hokin' ship comes flying in and starts blasting away at a planet in order to gain control of the resources of that planet with which it will fuel its ever-growing war machine against the other races.
At least, that's what happens in Mothership, a new sci-fi combat board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

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