TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

“What’s a news snippet?” I hear you ask. Well, they’re just those shorter stories that we come across here at TGN that don’t have much to go with it. Maybe it’s a piece of concept art that we don’t know what specific game it’s for. Or it’s an unlabeled green. Or it’s something else along those lines that aren’t a full story, but we want to make sure you know about it anyway. We’ve collected them together and have them here for you now.

-Black Wasp Games Concept Art
-Wild West Exodus previews March releases
-New Preview Greens for Mega Man Board Game
-Campaign Coins releases Fate Coins
-Hitechminiatures new relase: Gerhard Blitz
-RN Estudio: Odin is comming
-New Preview Renders from Hawk Wargames
-New Cellar Shelf from Thomarillion

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Brutal Gamer talks with Jasco about Megaman board game

Brutal Gamer had themselves a chat with Jason Hawronsky from Jasco Games about the upcoming Megaman board game release.


From the website:

Jason said that the Mega Man board game was a dream come true, and shared how he came up with the idea. “I came up with the idea while sleeping on a vacation in New York. I was at a Best Western, woke up in the middle of the night, wrote down the rules and concepts for a Mega Man board game, and then went back to sleep.”

Jason also added in that there are pictures of his original concepts from the dream floating around on the internet, and expressed how long he has been a fan of the Mega Man series. “I have been a fan of Mega Man since I was young and my best friend is probably the most fanatical Mega Man fan I know. That also had some influence on my knowledge for the Blue Bomber.”

Jasco Games unlocks Time Man in Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter

Jasco Games unlocked the Time Man card pack over in their Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter.
They’ve got a little less than a week to go. How much more will be added?


From the update:

The 7th card pack has been unlocked! It has been added to the Boss Card Pack and one Time Man card pack will be added for free as a bonus stretch goal to Deluxe Bundles once we reach 3,000 backers. Next up is Sniper Joe at 310K so stay tuned!

Jasco Games posts Mega Man board game game play video

Jasco Games has posted their Game Play video for their Mega Man Board Game over in their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We have been having issues uploading the video directly to the Kickstarter page so we are going to go ahead and give you all the link to the game play video

Jasco Games unlocks Cut Man for the Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games has unlocked Cut Man for their Mega Man Board Game over on Kickstarter.


From the post:

Cut Man’s stage is unlocked! With that we get a new board, deck of 40 cards, Mega Man game piece, Mega Man character card, 12 Robot Master tokens, and Minions!

The total Miniature count is now at 13 for the core game (not including Proto Man), and 22 Miniatures for the Deluxe Bundle (also not including Proto Man). These are 40mm scale (big!) and there are more to come! Lets get these Deluxe Bundles up to 30+ miniatures! Mets and Rush coming up next!

New stretch goal adjustments in the Mega Man Kickstarter

Jasco Games has updated their stretch goal levels for their Mega Man Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

That having been said, we are happy to announce we have adjusted our Stretch Goal previews! We have been listening to what our backers and fans are saying and decided to update the stretch goals previews with more bonuses and upgrades and make Cut Man available as soon as possible. His addition to the game is one of the larger expenses in manufacturing due to the sheer number of components, but because our backers and CapCom have been behind us so much (see international territories), we believe the risk now is minimal to include his stage into the game at a lower level.

We can’t wait to see what we unlock in the next few weeks and we’re looking forward to getting all of these items produced and finalized!

Jasco Games launches international pledges for Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games will be bringing international backers to their Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter. To help with any confusion about how the integration of those will go, they’ve posted up a FAQ on their website.


From the announcement:

Starting December 30th, people living in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East will be able to back Mega Man The Board Game officially on Kickstarter. The new International pledge levels will open at 14:00 GMT on December 30 and will offer another round of early bird pledges specifically for International audiences.

We wanted to anticipate some of your questions (and answer some of the questions we have already received) so we thought we would put together this blog post to help sort everything out.

Jasco Games updates how add-ons are purchased in Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter

Jasco Games has decided to bundle together add-ons for their Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter campaign to help save money with their new shipping company.


From the update:

Greetings backers and Mega Man fans! Because of the unexpected but very exciting addition of international backers, we have taken the last few days to figure out our best method of providing our products at an affordable cost. We have done some frantic searching and have found a fulfillment company that will allow us to bring our game to our customers around the world at a reasonable rate. We have been working hard to make sure our backers will not have to pay an arm and a leg in shipping and we think we have managed to make this a reality.

Jasco Games previews Dr. Light for Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games posted another preview for the Mega Man Board Game with a look at Dr. Light.


From the update:

Here is our gift to you for showing us such great support through our campaign!

Two Kickstarter Exclusives! Don’t forget, Dr. Light is also an Add-on, so if you want to grab more exclusives, or if you didn’t qualify for the Free mini, now’s your chance to stock up.

Jasco Games updates about upcoming rules for Mega Man board game

Jasco Games has been working hard on their Mega Man Board Game over on Kickstarter. They’ve posted an update about how things are going along.


From the update:

Greetings Mega Man Fans,

Matt Whitaker (co-designer) and Jason Hawronsky (lead designer) have been spending the last 5 days doing some intensive testing and game upgrades to Mega Man The Board Game. We have been listening very closely to our fan’s comments and suggestions which lead Jason to stay up until 4:00am on Tuesday to update the game rules to include real dice in the game instead of dice numbers printed on the game cards.
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Jasco launches Mega Man board game Kickstarter

Jasco Games just launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Mega Man board game they’ve been posting all those previews for.


From the campaign:

Created by fans of Mega Man and the publisher of the Universal Fighting System CCG, the board game is Jasco Games’ love letter to one of the best video game characters of all time. We have launched this Kickstarter for two reasons. First, and most importantly, we’re seeking funding to make this the board game we always wanted to make. Kickstarter funding will allow us to use better materials, offer more extras like miniatures, cards, extra boards, and polish the finalized product, giving fans an even better experience and something that will be worthy of any Mega Man enthusiast’s collection. Second, we wanted fans to have a chance to show their support for Mega Man and be involved in this exciting process.

Jasco Games previews Guts Man for Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games has another preview up for the upcoming Mega Man Board Game with a look at Guts Man.


From the preview:

Allow us to make your Monday a bit more bearable with the reveal of our latest mini figure! You know him, you love him, you can’t escape him… it’s Guts Man!

Jasco Games previews Fire Man for Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games has another preview render posted up for the upcoming Mega Man board game with a look at Fire Man.


From the preview:

We didn’t want to keep you out in the cold for too long, so here’s the answer to yesterday’s teaser: the latest mini fig for the board game is Fire Man! What do you guys think?

Jasco Games previews Dr. Wiley render for Mega Man board game

Jasco Games is showing off another 3D render for a piece that’ll be in the Mega Man board game. This time it’s Dr. Wiley.


From the preview:

We’re happy to announce another mini for the Mega Man Board game–none other than Dr. Wily himself! What do you guys think?

Jasco Games previews Protoman mini for Mega Man Board Game

Jasco Games has the preview mini up for Protoman for their upcoming Mega Man Board Game.


From the preview:

Our fans really are amazing. As an apology for our delayed Kickstarter (which is still coming!), we thought we’d show you another preview of what you can expect from the finished product.

So without further ado, here you go! Another minifig you can expect from the Mega Man Board Game!