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Mechanical Warhorse

And we're already into Thursday. The week continues along, speeding at full pace to that weekend that I know I love so much. Plus, it's game day up at the library. So I've got that going for me. How about you? Any gaming planned this weekend Does it involve terrain? If it does, let's make that terrain table look just a little bit better.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Shipping Container Bridge Available From Mechanical Warhorse, New Grimdark Signs from Tabletop Scenics, Volkano Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Heroic Maps Releases Fenherrick Monastery & Salt Marsh Maps, and Deep-Cut Studio teams up with Steamforged Games to releases official game mats for Guild Ball.

Seeing as how Monday I was in a car for about 13-14 hours, I didn't get a chance to do the regular Terrain Corner piece. So, much as I did Friday, with the combined Snippets/Terrain Corner post, I'm giving you another of those today. Gotta catch back up from Gen Con.

Anyway, today we have: Live Q&A For Tablescapes Dungeons Today, Blood Moon expansion is out for Talisman: Digital Edition, Holistic Design Inc. and Canivete Films Announce Portuguese Fading Suns Translation, Heroic Maps release Modular Kit: Forest Glades, Khurasan releases multiple pose crabmen set, New Statuesque Fine and Pulp Scale Female Heads 2 on sale, Armorcast Announces: All Hail the Mesmofrog, RPG Combat Maps: Pwork Wargames grid gaming mats now available, Hitech Miniatures Releases Traveler Priest Dante, Brassed Off - etched brass modelling details On Indiegogo, New Model 30 Billboard From Mechanical Warhorse, Sports Inspired Card Deck Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases The Great Swamp Lizard, and Final Days for Unit RPG Up On Kickstarter.

It's once again time for Monday. But it's ok, it happens every week. We should be used to it by now.
... Right?
Ok, so every week it's not always easy, but what is easy is making your gaming table look great, with the help of our Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter Ends, Deep-Cut Studio releases new Alien Planet gaming mat, New Terrain From Mechanical Warhorse, Battlefield: Pwork Wargames Science Fiction Gaming Mat Now Available, New Cinematic Effects Now Available at Armorcast, and New GBHQ Firehouse Available From Burn In Designs.

We are once more held in the grips of a Thursday. The gearing-up for the weekend has quite possibly begun. My weekend is currently still pretty open. I should look for a good recipe to try out. But in the meantime, we have our Terrain Corner feature to talk about. Gotta make sure your gaming tables look the best!

Today's articles include: Miniature Building Authority Kickstarter “The Town” is Live, Front Arc announce some 15mm historical buildings from their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, New Pipe Works Tower Kit From Mechanical Warhorse, Front Arc presents transport themed building set for their upcoming Kickstarter, and New Modular Terrain for Wargames Coming From Manorhouse Workshop.

You've made it to Friday. Congratulations!
You should reward yourself with some gaming. Or perhaps take in a movie. *opes the paper to see if anything good is playing right now* ;)

However you choose to spend your weekend, be it fighting against robot hordes, or just watching them on the big screen, hopefully you have a good time.
Before that, though, we've got our usual grouping of some bite-sized stories for you.

This batch includes: Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now, New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse, New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground, Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter, New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers, Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed, Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste, Predastore Releases Arrow Predette, Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork, Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter, Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview, MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide, and Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced.

We've got another set of those shorter news stories for you. It's time for another Snippets posts.

In this installment, we've got: A new Sulphur scenario from Terragnosis, New Round-lip Shaleground Bases from Tabletop-Art, New 32mm Bases from Dragon Forge Design, David Lowry from Club Fantasci talks about the "Board Game Messiah Complex", Shieldwolf Releases 2 Busts and Announces Kickstarter, New Dungeon Terrain Previews from MiniWorlds, Alternative Armies Previews Upcoming Von Rotte Crew, Kabuki Models Previews Alien Hunter, New knight marker kit from Mechanical Warhorse, New Previews from Siren Miniatures, Limana announces War of Wonders

Mechanical Warhorse has new shipping crate terrain pieces available over in their shop.

Shipping containers


From them to you:

New shipping containers are now available!

Mechanical Warhorse has their hero holder bases now available in sets. They've got grey, black, and one designed for flying bases, too.


From the release:

A complete set of Hero Holders is now available from Mechanical Warhorse. Each set contains one of each available size in black or gray. These sets also include our new bike and monster oval bases.

Mechanical Warhorse knows the companies in your miniatures games' world need to advertise, too. So they've created new Billboard terrain kits that are available now.


From the release:

The Mk2 billboard is a great addition to your terrain collection. This billboard kit
accomplishes several features we wanted keep from the original Mk1, blocks line
of sight, does not take up a lot of space, and features great artwork. However we
have added some upgrades. The first is easy assembly with minimal parts, the
other was to make the billboard more interactive. We added a catwalk to the top
for a five man squad, adding another function to the billboard.
The best part about our new billboard kit is that it comes with FREE downloadable artwork which you can get on our website.

Mechanical Warhorse gives you a new terrain option with the release of their Solar Panel Array piece.

Solar Panel


From the announcement:

Today we're releasing our new Solar Panel Kit. A percentage of each kit will go to the Wounded Warrior Project!

Mechanical Warhorse has some new anti-tank tetrahedrons available over in their webshop, just in time to keep those Bolt Action Panzers at bay.


From the release:

Easy to assemble kit comes with six tetrahedron styrene tank traps. Once assembled they can be used individually or assemble onto the supplied bases. The bases interlock making a great piece of area terrain. The more bases you put together the larger area of armor deterrence and cover that you can make.

This kit contains six (6) styrene tank traps that require assembly. Once assembled the traps can be assembled to the supplied bases (2) or used individually. This is not a painted kit.
Tetrahedron Aproximate Measurments:
Width: 2" (5 cm)
Height: 1.625" (4.12 cm)

Mechanical Warhorse has some new Border Fence terrain pieces available over in their webshop. Keep the enemy bad little mans out!


From the release:

Not all of the walls in the wargaming universe are made of concrete or sandbags. Our border fence is perfect for Sci-fi, Weird War 2, or modern tabletop miniature games. If you’re building a shanty town, ork junkyard, supply base or keeping aliens (bugs or illegal) out the corrugated wall sections and adjustable gate can accommodate your needs.
Once assembled this kit can expand to 64” in length. Fence sections can be assemble with all of the corrugated fence sections to block line of sight or without the middle and/or top sections to allow vehicles and infantry a firing position. The gate section opens and closes allowing vehicles and walkers to move through without taking fence sections down.

Mechanical Warhorse has new Monstrous Mayhem Tokens to help keep track of wounds and hull points on the big boys. Plus, they've got a shipping special going on until Christmas.


From the release:

Mayhem trackers are great for keeping track of hull and wound damage for you or your opponent’s models. Easy to see from across the paying field but doesn’t dominate the table. Mayhem trackers come in different size gears to accommodate different types of damage amounts your models may have.

Our latest is our Super Heavy Mayhem tracker that can hold up to twelve hull or wounds on a circular gear. Mechanical Warhorse is offering free US shipping and discounted international shipping until Christmas.

Check us out on facebook for more new items and Mechanical Warhorse products in action.

Mechanical Warhorse will be adding in a free cheese token for orders that include their giant rat swarm tokens.


From the announcement:

Through the end of the year every purchace that includes a Giant rat pack will include a free stinky cheese marker! Our giant rat pack comes with individual bases or two 40mm swarm bass to fit your dungeon needs.

Giant Rats 200P4:
This acrylic set contains twelve (12) randomly posed giant rats. Each set comes with twelve (12) one inch diameter clear acrylic slotted bases and two (2) 40mm swarm bases.
Each Giant Rat is between .5” to 1” in height and in brown or black acrylic

Mechanical Warhorse has a pair of new offerings for you gamers out there with their new Comm. Tower and 60mm burning wreckage template.

From the release:

Mechanical Warhorse has two new products this month. Our 60mm wreckage marker is perfect for marking destroyed walkers and robots. The flames on the 60mm base are extra high for any dungeon masters looking to cook some players

We also have our communication tower which makes a great objective for almost any tabletop game. It’s a MDF and Styrene kit that will stand out on your table or make a great sniper position.

Mechanical Warhorse has two new minis packs available. One's a pack of wolves and the other is a pack of giant ants.

From the release:

Mechanical Warhorse is releasing Giant Ants and Wolf pack. These new laser cut critters will keep your role-playing characters on their toes. Our wolf pack comes with twelve wolves in random poses. The Giant Ants require some assembly and come in a pack of six models.
They've also adjusted international shipping rates to make things a bit smoother and affordable for overseas gamers.

Mechanical Warhorse lets you keep an eye on your enemy's little mans with their new Observation Tower terrain piece.

From the release:

The Observation Tower is a 28mm heroic scale kit available from Mechanical Warhorse. This 28mm heroic scale kit is laser cut from MDF and corrugated styrene. This kit is apart of an upcoming “borderlands” series suitable for many war gaming systems such as steam punk, historical and sci-fi.?
You can link to the website and or E-bay store.

Mechanical Warhorse has a couple new markers and tokens sets available, as well as an update about Christmas shipping.

From the update:

This month we are releasing a number of generic deployment and marking aids for your games. These can be great stocking stuffers for your fellow gamers or gift for you!

E-Blast Markers
Minefield Markers
E-Deployment & Objective Markers
Gear Tokens

Mechanical Warhorse will be taking a holiday beginning December 19, 2012 but we’ll be back right after the New Year. To help get your order to you before Santa arrives we’ll be upgrading all marker and token orders in the USA to priority mail.

Graven Games has another review on their website. This one is for the destroyed wreckage markers made by Mechanical Warhorse.

From the review:

Welcome to today’s review in which we will be looking at the Destroyed Wreckage Marker from Mechanical Warhorse, a cinematic way to represent wrecked vehicles and structures in your wargames. Mechanical Warhorse are a US based company who produce a wide range of laser-cut acrylic gaming aids and terrain. The great thing about laser-cut acrylic terrain and markers is that they are quick to assemble and don’t require painting so you can use them right away!

Graven Games has a review up of two spell effects sets from Mechanical Warhorse: the Elemental Fulcrum and Fireballs.

From the review:

Today’s review is full of destructive magic courtesy of Mechanical Warhorse, a company based in the US who produce a range of laser-cut acrylic gaming aids and terrain. The range inlcude items like wreckage markers and wound counters, but today we’ve chose to try out their Fireball set and Elemental Fulcrum (Air) terrain. One of the great things about this acrylic terrain is that it doesn’t need painting, so you can just assemble it and start playing right away.

Mechanical Warhorse released two new wreck markers and a new toxic blast template over in their webstore.

From the release:

We’re adding two new wreckage markers and a toxic blast marker to remind your friends and opponents that’s you’ve squashed their vehicle, jack or monster.
Each marker kit comes with an area effect ring for easy movement.

Destroyed “Colossal” Wreckage Marker 100P4
Destroyed “40mm” Wreckage Markers (2) 100P5
Toxic Blast Marker 140P2

Mechanical Warhorse has some new spell and blast tokens to help you visualize the game as you obliterate your opposition.

From the update:

This month Mechanical Warhorse has some effects for your wizards. Lightning strikes, fireballs and blast markers all help you get your wiz on!! But these markers can be incorporated into almost any other tabletop or role playing games.

Mechanical Warhorse has more of their Industrial Terrain line coming out at the end of the month with 3 new buildings. Have a look-see.

From the update:
Hello, a long awaited addition to our painted terrain line. We're adding three new industrial buildings at the end of the month. Here's some quick pics of the three industrial terrain pieces.
The final addition is our ruined warehouse building. The warehouse has plenty of room and also comes with a set of doors which can be removed for game play.

All of these terrain pieces are laser cut assembled and painted kits from Mechanical Warhorse and will be available on April 30, 2012.

Mechanical Warhorse has new zombies for your tabletop experience. Everyone can always use more zombies.

From the update:

Errr…Arrrr Mechanical Warhorse’s newest markers set contains everyone’s favorite man eating undead creature the Zombie. Each set contains thirteen randomly positioned acrylic zombies. Our zombies are great for any role-playing game or perhaps you need some stand-ins while you’re still painting the hundred plus zombie for the table top. Either way it’s a bag of undead fun!!!

Mechanical Warhorse shows us a new product they've come up with, their "Tracker." Go have a look-see for yourselves.

From them to you:

Mechanical Warhorse presents our new “Tracker” for roll playing and table top gaming. The tracker can help keep track of combat rounds and games turns. It can also be used to monitor damage on monsters and characters. The size of the tracker doesn’t deter from your gaming experience but allows you and your opponents to see what’s happening at a glance.

The tracker comes a skull rack with red and white skull tokens which you can use to divide turns, characters and riders or apply multiples to damage or turns. The use of the tracker is almost unlimited.