Friday Snippets

Woo! Friday! Woo!
Most of my friends are talking about Star Wars. I’ve not seen it yet. Perhaps sometime soon. But it is cool to see how integrated into the mainstream our “geeky” culture has become. Now we don’t have to be shy and reluctant to talk about the things we love. We can just be who we want to be, which is pretty awesome.

Anyway, before we make that grand leap to the weekend, we need to get you some bite-sized stories that we’ve found over the past couple days.

Today’s stories include: New statues from Klukva Miniatures, Pyrkol releases new Acid Templates, New Meg’s Girls – White Star squad from MaxMini, and New Previews For Wild West Exodus.

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Leviathan stomps in

MaxMini has posted up an early sketch of the Leviathan suit they’ve got as part of their The Green Alliance Kickstarter.

Leviathan Suit


From the update:

While working on exosuit Glen has initially came up with a gargantuan variant, which has been scaled down to create current design. But it is so cool we simply had to keep it as a hero model. Here it is – Leviathan suit.

Full Unlock achieved over at The Green Alliance

MaxMini made it to total unlockage over on their Green Alliance Kickstarter campaign. There’s still 3 days to go if you want to get in on the action.

Gen Smackton


From the campaign:

I’d like to thank all participants – awesome to see all the stretch goals unlocked!

We’re busy working on those models.
Zuzanna is playing with gen. Smackton concept. She wanted to try a different arm variant. I don’t think it would end up as a final option (we think that massive fist / claw will work better) but it is so cool I simply have to share

More Unlocks for The Green Alliance

MaxMini has made it quite a ways in their The Green Alliance Kickstarter campaign. Check out the new unlocks over on their page.

Gubbinz Bot


From the update:

Another unlock – WOW! Goblins certainly looked with envy at large clanking machines their bigger bros operate and after some tinkering with their tanks they have come with a beastie of their own.
This concept has been made by Kerim and certainly his love for all things green (he hast a vast collection of orcs) shows 🙂 .
That’s a pretty fun model to make – and possibilities of arms options are endless. Now we need to shorten a list of ideas to the best ones 😉 .

The Green Alliance is here

MaxMini has launched their Kickstarter campaign for The Green Alliance. They’re already funded, so it’s on to stretch goals for the next 29 days.

Green Alliance


From the campaign:

The Green Alliance – a full blown sci-fi orcs and goblins army geared up with WW2 US Army inspired equipment.

Tabletop miniatures spiced up with high level of craftsmanship and humor, The Green Alliance Army is ready to storm a battlefield near you.

MaxMini posts some info about upcoming Kickstarter

MaxMini wants to make sure you’re in the know about their Kickstarter campaign that launches tomorrow. So they’ve put up this handy info page.



From the website:

You may wonder what can you expect from TheGreenAlliance Kickstarter campaign. In this article I will try to shed some light on the matter.
First of all – expect a whole bunch of fun models :)!
The campaign will be launched through UK site. This means that default currency will be GBP – we have no influence on that. But if you find currency translations a chore fear not – all pledge levels have a clear translation to USD. We’ve did our best to make it very simple and straightforward.

The Green Alliance KS will launch on Sept 10

MaxMini has announced that their Green Alliance Kickstarter campaign will be launching in just under a week.


From the announcement:

Good news – we’ve just got a confirmation from KS staff that our campaign is all fine. So the campaign aiming to bring a full sci-fi Orc&Goblins army inspired by WW2 US equipment will start on September 10. musters The Green Alliance

MaxMini posted a description on the orc & goblin army project that they are currently working on and want to fund with crowdfunding.


From the announcement:

Orcs… lots of them… WW2 US Army gear… YAY!!! At least that were the thoughts that crossed my mind when I thought it is right around time we should work on an army. The thought of lots of models swarming on the table was simply too tempting to resist, especially considering how fun greenskins are to work on. Something of such magnitude comes with challenges though – starting from design phase and ending on funding. The first can be solved with an experience (which luckily we have :D) the 2nd we wish to overcome with your help – by using crowdfunding.

It’s Raining Bullets

MaxMini previewed this a little while back, but now they’ve released their Bulletstorm Turret over in their webshop.


From the website:

This set contains single multipart resin turret. Guns and mounting plate are separate (so mounting on different mdoels and swapping weapons should be easy and it swivels on its axis without problems). Designed to work with 28mm “heroic” vehicles and scenery. – NeoReich head swaps now available

MaxMini has some new heads available to help personalize your minis. Check out the new NeoReich heads.


From the release: released set of NeoReich head swaps for 28mm “heroic” miniatures. They also went with a follow up article describing how they went about making those. The Making-of article.

MaxMini releases their Beast From the Abyss mini

MaxMini has their new Beast From the Abyss mini available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

The funny thing is that workshop overhaul was the thing that brought this one back to life. We’ve been shuffling boxes and came across the one with long forgotten goodies. Some parts still needed tweaks, but with the “webstore only” option we knew we can release it. And here it is, back from the abyss 😉 .

Mining Guild Troll render & Partnership News from Sword & Board Games

Sword & Board Games shows off the 3D render for their upcoming Mining Guild Troll. They’ve also got some news about partnering up with MaxMini.

From the update:

Hi All,

Today we have a lot of news for you.

First we have our new render for the Mining Guild. Our take on a male troll. I think you will agree that he looks pretty nasty. (He’s not actually leaning in the finished model, that’s just the camera angle)

Secondly, we are proud to announce that Sword & Board Games is partnering up with Maxmini. The Maxmini team have been extremely helpful giving us advice regarding 3D printing and will be assisting us in their printing and production. It’s great to know we have a reliable and talented group of people working beside us on our miniatures. You can see some of Maxmini’s work at

Thirdly, for those of you that have been keeping up to date with our news. The poll which asked “What type of material would you like our miniatures to be made out of?”. The results are in. A whopping 73.68% of you voted for our miniatures to be made out of resin.

Also, for those that missed out don’t forget to check out the Mining Guild Female Orc posted earlier.

MaxMini previews Mean and Green Gobbo

MaxMini shows off a new gobber they’ve been working on that will be released soon.

From the preview:

I have to admit that in the late 80’s and in 90’s I’ve got my share of action movies. Titles like “Rambo”, “Predator”, “MiA” have comfortably set in my memory. So when a space for a slightly more funky project apeared I’ve quickly decided to fill it with something that was based on those blasts from the past 🙂 .

When I worked out the guideline Robert made a frame from brass wire with green stuff on top and started building up shapes with FIMO clay. As it is rather small miniature he has been able to do most of the sculpting within a day.

I’ve decided to put “use best tool for teh job” principle into action and asked Kuba to work on the weapons in Rhino.

Robert could have done it with putty / plasticard but it would take way longer and the results would be less crisp. By combining tools we’ve been able to complete the task within a day. WHen the 3d prints were ready they were cast in resin and assembled with the gobbo.

And here it is – mean and green (aka Sylvester 😉 ) :

MaxMini having a sale this weekend and all next week

MaxMini is having themselves a sale this weekend as well as one all of next week.

From the announcement:

To celebrate launch of the new website is having a sale this weekend. 15% discount is being applied to orders that go through full checkout.
It will be followed by a 5% discount next week.

Graven Games posts Sonic Helmets and Chaos Shields Review

Graven Games posted up a review of a pair of conversion blister sprues from MaxMini, the Sonic Helmets and Chaos Shields.

From the review:

Today’s review looks at some conversion parts we think will be of great interest to players with Chaos Space Marine armies for Warhammer 40k. These Sonic Helmets and Chaos Shields are from MaxMini, a company well known for their 28mm conversion parts, resin scenery and gaming accessories. We’ve made use of MaxMini’s excellent Bionic Bits in our Iron Guard army, so we’re eager to see how their chaos bits stack up.