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Maximum Apocalypse

I mean, you could just get a little apocalypse. Or you could get some regular apocalypse. But, for me, I don't like to do anything half-measures. I want Maximum Apocalypse. And if you're like me, you want the most Maximum Apocalypse you can get. And that's why there's a Legendary Edition of the game up on Kickstarter now.

It's Saturday, the day that's full of possibilities (Ok, so every day is full of possibilities, but it just feels moreso on Saturday to me). With any luck, your day is full of gaming.

But at the moment, I know you're all interested in what sort of reviews we've got for you. Well, I won't make you wait any longer (Saturday won't go on forever, after all).

Today we have: Dice of Crowns, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy’s Mask, The Undercity: Black River Irregulars Expansion, Legendary: Deadpool Expansion, Firefly: Crime and Punishment Expansion, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Tokaido App, Gloomhaven, Potion Explosion App, Planetarium, V-Commandos, Maximum Apocalypse, Jump Drive, The Colonists, and Stinker.

I just want to say that before you ask, yes, this was the most apocalypse that we could legally bring you in one place.
Anyway, it would seem as though the world has once more come to an end. Damnit, Carl! I said you shouldn't go poking around that old atomic control panel. Now, we're stuck in this wasteland and have to find the tools and consumables for survival, all while fighting off various monsters. That's the story behind Maximum Apocalypse a new cooperative board game up on Kickstarter now.