Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues on. For me, that’s meant some early days here. I mean, today I clocked in at 4:05am. I’m not just a “morning person.” I’m an “extreme morning person.” I didn’t have my alarm clock set, I just woke up at 3am. And no, I don’t even drink coffee. But when you’ve got work to do, you need to get it done. And there’s proofing projects to finish before the weekend. But before I move over to that, I’ve gotta make sure all your gaming tables look as good as they possibly can. That means a Terrain Corner feature.

Today we have: Final Hours For Modular Underground Project Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Update #3 – The innovative modular floors of Forgotten Halls, New Pirate Islands Maps Available From Heroic Maps, Manorhouse Workshop Update #4 – Hard Plastic – Forgotten Halls & Dwarven Forge (yes, they’ve been busy), New From Skull Forge Scenics: Meteorite Objectives, and Manorhouse Workshop Update #5 – Hard Plastic – Dynamic Walls, an original MHW concept (really busy).

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Thursday Terrain Corner

Well, it’s Thursday and that means a couple things. 1) I’m in my Thursday shirt. 2) The weekend’s just over a day away. 3) We’ve gotta make sure that your gaming tables look as good as they possibly can. As the first one is already in play and the second we can’t really do much about (unless you happen to have a time machine handy), let’s take care of that third one.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Mobilescape Adventures Tabletop RPG Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Modular Underground Project Now Offering Pre-Painted Terrain, Crossover Miniatures Running Massive Zeppelin Terrain Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases specialised game mats for Malifaux, Castle II Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority Running Now, and Outlander: Pwork Wargames Gaming Mat Now Available.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

The week continues to just move right along. Apparently it’s not going fast for everyone, as our video guy has said he thought it was Thursday about 2 days ago. But hopefully your week isn’t dragging along like that. And hopefully you have a weekend full of gaming to look forward to. And, of course, when gaming, you want your table to look as good as possible. And that’s what we’re here to help with now.

In today’s Terrain Corner we have: Heroic Maps – The Silver Sword Pit-Fighting Club Now Available, Infinity-Engine Releases Dungeon Scenery Range, Arid Plain: Pwork Wargames Gaming Mat Now Available, and Maki Games Adds 3D Files To Modular Underground Project Kickstarter.

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Monday Terrain Corner

The weekend is over. It’s back to the office. But, hopefully, you got some gaming in over the past couple days. Me? I played some Guild Ball (Masons beat the Morticians) and then some Dogs of War (my favorite game that CMON makes). I also got to watch a game of On Her Majesty’s Service. They already had 4 for the game, so I was just a spectator, but that game looks pretty cool.

But that’s as may be. Currently, we’re here to make your gaming tables look as good as possible. So, with that in mind…

Today we have: Maki Games Launches Modular Underground Project Kickstarter, Badlands Terrain returning soon to Gale Force Nine, Heroic Maps – Sowthistle Farm, Badlands: Pwork Wargames Gaming Mat Now Available, New From Skull Forge Scenics: Resin Graveyard Entrance, New Terrain and Miniatures at Armorcast, and Terra-City One Dual Carriagway Sections Available From Sally 4th.

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Monday Terrain Corner

And we’ve circled back to Monday. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine… didn’t quite go as planned. But sometimes that just happens on weekend, right? Ah well, there’s always next weekend to hopefully make up for it.

In the meantime, let’s try and make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in our Corner we have: Tabletop-Art Previews Coffins Set, Maki Games – Modular Underground Project funded in less than 12hrs and growing, and War Sands: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

As fast as the week’s gone, it’s hard to believe it’s already Thursday. With the weekend just ahead, I’m watching all my friends checking in to various events that are happening. Mostly, it’s people headed downtown here in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. I do hope everyone has a great time at whatever shows, events, or just regular weekend activities they have planned. But before we actually get to the weekend, we’ve still got today’s Terrain Corner and tomorrow’s Snippets to post. So let’s get to the one for today.

In our Terrain Corner we have: New Construction Site Buildings From Burn In Designs, Maki Games To Launch Modular Underground Project Kickstarter on the 6th, Heroic Maps release The Knight’s House & The Ranger’s House, Deep Space: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Mat Now Available, and New Prairie design game mat from Deep-Cut Studio.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

It’s still really hot here in Atlanta. Personally, with Gen Con being over, it’s “autumn” in my mind. I realize that the official season doesn’t start for a month still, but my grocery store already has Halloween decorations for sale (so, to you that think the Christmas stuff comes out too early, but want Halloween to last a couple months, your wish is being granted). I know I’m ready for falling leaves and cooler temperatures. As it is, though, I’m still hiding out inside, playing games. And as such, I want my gaming tables to look good. Y’know, mimicking the outside world that I refuse to participate in. 😛

Anyway, in today’s Terrain Corner we have: 6mm Scale “Genatorium” Sci Fi Power Plant available from HoneyBee Works, Heroic Maps release – Abandoned Dwarven Hold & Mines, Maki Games – MUP Modular Underground Plastic Dungeon is coming to KS, The Valley: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available, Tabletop Cartographer: Large Scale Fantasy Maps Up On Kickstarter, and New Plastic Modular Jersey Barriers 28mm – 1/48th Scale at Armorcast.

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Friday Snippets


I hope everyone’s got some gaming scheduled for the weekend. I’ve got some minis to put together from DreamForge-Games, myself. Should be a good time.

Anyway, we’ve got our collection of bite-sized stories we want to share to you before the weekend.

This installment we have: Mk1881 Cabiri Wood Elf Team on Indiegogo, 15mm Fantasy Human Buildings released at, New Fantasy Football Accessories from Sally 4th, Steve Barber Models Taking Pre-Orders for Salute, Deep-Cut Studio releases swamp themed gaming mats, Kev’s Creatures Coblynau released at Alternative Armies, New Glue and Cutting Mats from Kromlech, and New Releases from Scotia Grendel Posted,

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Maki Games Webshop now Open

Maki Games now has a webshop of their very own that they’ve opened up on their website. Most of the products are still coming soon, but you can put in your pre-orders for their plastic terrain or fantasy football miniatures now and get them as soon as they’re released.


From the announcement: Continue reading

TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

As usual, here’s the reviews we found during the week.
There’s quite a few of them. We’ve got a pair of reviews for Blurble, a look at Dice Crawl from SoulJar Games, an Imperial Assault unboxing, a look at Rivet Wars, a review of the Malifaux terrain by PlastCraft, and more! Check it out.

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Maki Games site and pre-orders are now up with a 25% discount

Maki Games has themselves a brand new website and they’re celebrating with a 25% discount on orders made through their webshop. It’s also Christmastime, so that’s just good timing as well. They are almost done sending out all the packages for their Kickstarter campaign and so they’re letting everyone else start to make orders. The sets will be sent out early-to-mid January.


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Maki Games updates about fulfillment

Maki Games gives us an update about fulfillment about their sci-fi terrain kits from their Kickstarter campaign.


From the announcement:

I know there is a rising concern regarding this project and I can only be deeply sorry and personally very sad about it. Losing your trust and encouragement is the last thing we need now. I cannot blame any of you for this but I want to reassure you that you will receive all the rewards. I will address the main issues separately.

About the delay:
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MK1881 is ready for some football

MK1881 launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Dark Elf Fantasy Football team.
Note: Not all minis are safe for work.


From the campaign:

MK1881 Miniatures is the new miniature line from Maki Games, featuring high quality miniatures mainly suitable for fantasy football games and more. We offer innovative design and very high quality casts. MK1881 team is composed of many experienced artists all with several years of experience in their fields that range from design, to classic and 3D sculpting and painting. We work only with high quality casting facilities and use only top quality materials for our creations. All miniatures are made with lead free metal.
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Final hours for Maki Games on Kickstarter

Maki Games has only a few hours left in their modular terrain Kickstarter. If you were waiting until the last minute, your time has come.

From the announcement:

Well here we are, only a few hrs left to the end. And last chance to get: FREE shipping to the US, AU and EU with no import taxes. This can be converted in a total savings of up to 60% off retail price.

We have reached the 60K mark and unlocked several new items, rewards and modules. The landing pad is my favorite, it can also be used for great looking buildings, and to create the “TOWER” massive center piece.

Maki Games previews more 3D renders for their Kickstarter campaign

Maki Games is showing off more 3D renders for their modular terrain Kickstarter project. They’ve also added more add-ons to reach more stretch goals here in their final couple of days.

From the announcement:

Ever wanted to play your favorite game in a real lookalike city? Now you can, with booths, buildings, prisons, cathedrals and containers of course. More additional modules are being studied and revealed soon to dress up the city. Antennas, Air vents, Lights and much more.

Final week for Maki Games on Kickstarter, updated stretch goals posted

Maki Games is in their final week over on Kickstarter. They’ve made it through a lot of stretch goals, but can always make it through more. To help you know what’s unlocked and what’s next, they’ve posted up a new chart.

From the update:

Last week to take advanatge of FREE shipping to EU, USA and AU. Also no import taxes, and FREE extras that can result in a discount that is more then 60%… last week to take advantage of this offer only available through the KS.

Also the TOWER THEME is now UNLOCKED… and several extra accessories are coming..

Maki Games previews Tower Terrain Elements for Modular Terrain Kickstarter

Maki Games is showing off renders for their tower terrain elements over on Kickstarter. They’ve also got renders up of their Gothic cathedral sets.

From the update:

This is just on example of what you can achieve with our modular terrain elements.

With 4 extra floors, a few pillars and some handrails you will be able to build a structure around the tower. Something that actually allows your miniatures to move all the way up.

Finally taking control of a tower will have a totally new meaning.

NOTE: in red we have marked a part that will be unlocked soon. It is a shorter handrail useful to close the sides of balconies!

New add-ons available in Maki Games Kickstarter

Maki Games has added some new add-ons to their Modular Terrain Kickstarter.

From the update:

Here is list of the first Add-Ons available. More Add-Ons will be revealed as we unlock new themes.

Upgrade your pledge and help us reach the next stretch goal!

To get additional accessories just increase your pledge according to the price list shown in the Add-Ons list. At the end of the Kickstarter you will be able to select among all the unlocked upgrades up to the additional amount pledged.

Pins of War interviews Emiliano M. from Maki Games

Pins of War recently sat down with Emiliano M. from Maki Games and talked about terrain and Kickstarters and all that fun kind of stuff.

From the interview:

Emiliano Mancini, one of the creatives behind Maki Games, talks about Hard Plastic Modular Wargames Scenery, his company Maki Games and about the perks of living in a multi-cultural city like Amsterdam!

There is also a little preview of concept sketches for Maki Games second Hi-Tech Theme.

Exclusive Kickstarter terrain piece in Maki Games campaign

Maki Games has made it past their first stretch goal on Kickstarter and is showing off their exclusive Kickstarter terrain bit add-on, the cap for skulls.

From the update:

We have reached the first target to unlock a new theme. The new Sci-Fi walls and floors are coming. Also we have created a new exclusive cap to cover the skulls as many didn’t like them. So you have an option now.

Maki Games revamps stretch goals, posts free stuff guide on Kickstarter

Maki Games has revamped their stretch goals for their Modular Terrain Kickstarter project as well as posted a guide to the current free stuff available at each pledge level.

From the update:

Here is the first rewards ticket.

Next to the logo of each reward there is the number of accessories that are added for free to the corresponding pledge.

So, for example, if you pledged for the General Level you get 5 floors, 10 stairs and 10 pylons for free!

Maki Games previews more 3D renders of upcoming terrain pieces

Maki Games has crossed their funding goal over on Kickstarter. Woot!
They’ve also posted some more 3D renders of terrain they’re working on for the campaign.

From the update:

Hi guys,

here’s a sneak preview of an unlocked theme to help us reach the basic goal and show you some stretch goals.

Since we got a lot of questions about how much space we can cover with our terrain elements, here is a picture showing what you can do with a Scout Pledge: 35$, 2 terrain elements!

With only 2 elements you can easily create a 2’x2′ battleground for your miniatures.

Stay tuned for an example of a 4’x2′ battleground covered by a smart arrangement of only 5 terrain elements and for something that will give a new meaning to the words: “3 dimensional wargaming” 😉

More previews from Maki Games for their sci-fi terrain Kickstarter

Maki Games is showing off more previews for their sci-fi terrain Kickstarter.

From the update:

As promised a sneak peek of the Sci-Fi themed modules. These are just a few of the ones we have, but should give you an idea. There will be a double floor like in the first module with 2 different designs.

The door in this case is fixed, it has been made to be easily cut out. But, we have two more concepts we are working on to make a door that can be removed/opened and put back in place that we are studying.

Maki Games launches their modular terrain Kickstarter project

Maki Games has launched their modular terrain Kickstarter project. They’re already 60% funded, so this should be one to watch.

From the campaign:

We have a clear vision and want to share it with all of you: to create highly detailed, high quality plastic terrain for all your favourite miniature games.

We believe the wargaming experience can be greatly enhanced by playing with high quality, detailed scenery. We also believe a table cannot look the same each time you play but needs to change to offer every time a different challenge to your playing strategy.

For this reasons we designed in collaboration with an architect and an aerospace engineer, a modular terrain system that will not require glue to be assembled. We want to be able to assemble our modular scenery differently every time we play.

Maki Games posts more previews of upcoming terrain

Maki Games has some more previews of the terrain they’ll be coming out with soon.

From the preview:

As some of you have predicted the walls can be removed at your will, creating tunnels and different structures. This will be implemented by the accessories that we will show very soon with more tile designs and different elements to support the system.

Maki Games, a new terrain company, previews first piece 3D render

Maki Games is a new terrain-building company and they’re showing off a 3D render of their first terrain piece.

From the announcement:

A new modular war gaming terrain system is coming. We are aiming to create new affordable plastic terrain system based on modules. The whole concept is based on a basic structure that can be assembled in various ways, this is called Makitainer. And many accessories are coming to complete this project. Stay tuned to see the progress and our soon to come Kickstarter.