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The air is cold outside once more. Winter is reminding everyone here in Atlanta that yes, it is still officially that season, despite the fact that it'd been up near 70 for quite some time previous. Best to stay inside and curl up with a good gaming magazine, and Dragon+ Issue 24 is available now for your downloading and reading pleasure.

Games Workshop has a new batch of releases up in their webshop for you to check out. You can order yourself new starter kits for the Idoneth Deepkin and Nurgle forces for Age of Sigmar. You can also get your name on the list for the new White Dwarf issue. Nothing quite like curling up with a good gaming magazine.

Many of you will be out on dates tonight. I won't be. I'll be at home, curled up with a gaming magazine. And thankfully, Game Nite Magazine Issue 33 is now available. And, as always, it's Free.

As a GM, you might occasionally struggle to find a new type of monster or a bit of an adventure hook to dangle in front of your party. "It's all been done before," you might exasperatedly say. Well, the Creature Feature Quarterly looks to help solve that, giving you regular infusions of new monsters, adventure hooks, and more. The zine is up on Kickstarter now.

When you've got some time to kill, little does better than a gaming magazine. There's a new one that's up on Kickstarter now, looking to fund its first issue. It's the Gamma Zine, and it's a tie-in with Gamma World, but is also good for using with any post-apocalyptic RPG you might enjoy.

Shades of Vengeance has quite a few games in their Era system. Seven, to be exact. And they're looking to add new content to all of them on a regular basis. To do this, they've decided to create Zine Quest, a new magazine that will give them the space necessary to make regular contributions of adventures, location guides, NPCs, and more. They're running a Kickstarter campaign to fund this new endeavor now.

The latest issue of Wargames Illustrated is up now on their website. If you want to get all the great gaming info therein, you'll head over and order yourself a copy.

For many of us here in the US, we're coming up to a 3-day weekend. What're you going to do to fill that extra time? Gaming, hopefully. And in-between games, you can read through an awesome gaming magazine. In this instance, you can pick up your copy of Game Nite Magazine Issue 32 now.

As the work week gets back underway, you may find yourself with some downtime that you want to fill up with gaming content. One of the best ways to do that is with a gaming magazine, and lucky for you, the latest issue of Casual Game Insider is now available.

It's quite a momentous occasion when someone reaches their 100 of anything. And the folks over at Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy are celebrating the big 100 with their 100th issue of their magazine. You can head over and get your name on the list to get this auspicious issue now.

As many people head back to work, there's going to be times where you're at the office and just want to escape to the world of gaming. Thankfully, there's gaming magazines that will help. Or, heading to and from work (not when driving, obviously), you might want to check one out. Or just whenever. Anyway, you can head on over and get Spirit Magazine Issue 3, which is now available.

Many people are heading to see family around this time of year. Of course, that usually means wanting to get away from your family as well. What better to sink your time into than reading a gaming magazine? And Game Nite Issue 31 is now available, just in time.

Whether it's waiting for friends to show up for game, or on your lunch break at work, or at a doctor's office, or wherever, you can fill up your day with gaming by grabbing a great gaming magazine. And Issue 26 of The Campaigner is now available for your reading pleasure.

This week, a lot of people will be spending a lot of time with family.... and that means you'll probably want to run and escape to the world of gaming. Thankfully, the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated is now available so you don't have to talk to your creepy uncle.

It's always good to have yourself a gaming magazine on hand. You never know when you'll find a couple spare minutes to hang out and do some reading. For those looking to get a handle on one as soon as it's hot off the presses, you can get your name on the list and pre-order issue 12 of Yaah! Magazine now. You'll save a bit of money, too.

It's getting pretty cold out. It's a good time to head indoors and grab yourself a blanket and a gaming magazine. In this case, you can get the autumn issue of Irregular Magazine now. Just because Halloween's over doesn't mean all the rest of the spooky stuff has to.

Who doesn't love getting something for free? Nobody, that's who. That's especially true when it's a game. The Campaigner magazine is giving away a copy of Castles of Caleira. Go put your name in the hat and you could take it home for yourself.

Filling your day with gaming is easy when you have a gaming magazine.
Learning karate is easy when you walk into a spider web without expecting it.

Put these two together and you've got the latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles. Issue 37 is available now for your downloading and reading pleasure.

When you want to fill up your day with gaming, a gaming magazine is a great way to do it. And Game Nite has been around for years, giving you excellent content at a price that can't be beat (it's free, y'know). Issue 29 is available now for your downloading and reading enjoyment.

It's the start of the work week. Longest time until the next weekend and hopefully a chance of gaming (barring mid-week sessions). How do you make it through the doldrums of everyday life to get back there? A gaming magazine will certainly help out. And you can pick up issue 25 of Casual Game Insider now.

The lines at San Diego Comic Con can be really, really, really long. So, what do you do while you're standing in line (or, you know, if you're not one of the people there and just have some time on your hands)? You read a gaming magazine! And Irregular Magazine has their latest issue now available. Timing!
I'm gonna be doing a lot of gaming this weekend. But that also means the chance to have some downtime. Maybe we're taking a break during a session. Or we're waiting for someone to show up. Whatever the reason, it's good to have something like a gaming magazine ready. Good thing the latest issue of Game Nite is now available.
Summertime. Summertime. Sum-sum-summertime.
In case you didn't know, it's summer. So that means sand, surf, and sun... or if you're a gamer like me, it means staying inside as much as possible, because it's hot out there! Best to curl up with a good gaming magazine, and we're in luck, since the summer issue of Casual Game Insider is now available.
When you want to fill your whole day with gaming, you can reach for a gaming magazine. One of the leaders out there that's been around for quite a while is Casual Game Insider. They're looking to add a 7th year to their publishing record, and they've taken to Kickstarter in order to fund it.
Creating a magazine isn't easy. Trust me, I know. It takes funds, and those funds can come from a variety of places. In the case of Casual Game Insider, they're heading back to Kickstarter in order to fund the 7th year of their magazine. The campaign will launch on July 10th.