Mad Robot Miniatures Spring Sale Happening Now

Mad Robot Miniatures hates snow. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that fact, but that’s beside the point. The point is that they hate snow so much that they’re letting you buy their products at a lower cost. For this weekend only, you can get 15% off your order in their webshop on everything they make. There’s no stipulation that you have to hate snow too. So even if you love snow, you can still get the discount on your order.

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Friday Snippets

Friday! Friday! Friday!
It’s Friday… and while I wouldn’t say “I’m in love,” I’m at least happy that it’s Friday.

Hopefully you’ve got some gaming planned for the weekend. Some of you will be gaming at Adepticon. Those are the lucky ones. Some of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your gaming. Those are the luckiest ones of all.

We’ve brought together another set of bite-sized stories for you to nosh on while you prepare for whatever you might be doing this weekend.

In this installment we’ve got: Bilbo Nesta Marley and The Macaroons – An Adventure from a time before Blackpowder, New scenery pieces preview from Multiverse Gaming, New Walking Egyptian Girl from Brother Vinni, Warsaw Rising Up 1945-1980 Up on (it’s a Polish crowd-funding site), Khurasan previews 15mm Peshmerga fighters, New Debris Field and Asteroid Tokens from CorSec Engineering, Last call for Amazons and Automatons from Crocodile Games, New Releases available from WarGamma, The Fiver with Swarm of Dice LLC on Designing Loot & Recruit, New Tank Preview from Mad Robot Miniatures, and Tabletop Adapters Kickstarter running now.

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TGN Sunday Snippets

Happy Ides of March!
If your name is Caesar, maybe want to not go out amongst friends today, just in case.

Anyway, we’ve got another set of bite-sized stories we wanted to share with you.

In this grouping, we’ve got: Now available Undead Ground and Shaleground 40x40mm diorama from Tabletop-Art, 25mm to 32mm adapter rings available for order from Eccentric Miniatures, New Mats and Bases and Accessories from Micro Art Studio, New Goblin Ammo Dealers from Kromlech, Update #17 Modular Underground Project from Manorhouse Workshop, New WIP photos of Bonny Anne bust by Kabuki Models, Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads now with Berets, American Republic Armour in 15mm New from Brigade Models, and Mad Robot Releases Heavy Weapons.

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TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

It’s a cold, rainy Sunday here in Atlanta. Perfect weather to stay inside and do some gaming.

In today’s News Snippets we’ve got a look at some greens from AntiMatter Games, an update from Rocket Games about Last Saga’s model-making process, new survivors added to RN Estudio’s Survivor Indiegogo, new Valksburg Grenadiers from Mad Robot Miniatures, and more!

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News Snippets

Time for some more News Snippets.
These are more stories we want you to know about, but they’re just a bit shorter in nature.

-New Shoulder Pads from Mad Robot Miniatures
-Team Covenant release Cherry and Mahogany, Templates for Gentlemen
-Kabuki Models unveils the revised Nerah model
-Khurasan releases Manchu Chinese cannon and crew
-Siren Miniatures – new renders publised
-New Tapestry and Bedroom Accessories from Thomarillion
-Blood Rage previews Bear Clan Warrior art/sculpt
-Dracci Breath – An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario
-2 Hour Heroquest – An Orcs in the Webbe Original Rules Supplement
-Time to go On the Road with Moebius Adventures
-Escenografia Epsilon posts Rare Imperial Buildings WIP

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New Sawtooth minis from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures expands their Sawtooth line with a trio of new releases over in their webshop.


From the release:

Mad Robot has released their latest regiment…the Lykan Sawtooths.

Available in both Close Combat and Rifle squads, these 28mm heroic figures are available, along with all the separate components, in their WEBSTORE

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Mad Robot Announces New Roll Call

Mad Robot Miniatures has started up a new Roll Call (their pre-order system that’s much like a Kickstarter, with stretch goals and so forth). This time for Sawtooth parts.


From the announcement:

Mad Robot has announced a new Roll Call, taking preorders on their latest regiment, the Lykan Sawtooths.
All the details can be found at their Webstore.

Mad Robot Miniatures Releases Jovian Hammers

Mad Robot Miniatures has their new Jovian Hammers miniatures now available over in their webshop.

Jovians Sm Promo


From the release:

Mad Robot had released their latest set of figures…The Jovian Hammers.

These larger than life brutes are the perfect thing to add that extra punch to your army. They stand 44mm tall and are packed full of all kinds of bad-assery!

Each modular kit comes with the following:
3 detailed bodies
5 different heads
5 sets of arms in different poses

New Releases from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures has their new Colonial Defense Squad and Bulldog Rifle bit available over in their webshop.


From the post:

Mad Robot has released a new line…Colonial Defense Forces.

They have added many new parts to the existing CDF line and thus completed the full CDF regiment as well.
The full squads and individual parts are available now at the WEBSTORE

Also released is a new rifle…the Bulldog

Do you have a jungle that needs fighting?

Mad Robot Miniatures released their new Damanian Jungle Fighters squad over in their webshop.

Damanian Jungle Fighters


From the release:

Happy to announce the release of the DaNamian Jungle Fighters. Big thank you to Lt. Walke for the inspiration and concept.

The resin, fully modular kit is available for sale in their WEBSTORE

All the parts will be up for sale individually this weekend and they will also be integrated into their custom squad builder as well.

Mad Robot New Roll Call Has Started

Mad Robot Miniatures is taking pre-orders for their new Jungle Fighters bits. As before, the more people that join in, the more parts are unlocked.


From the announcement:

Each squad of DaNamian Jungle Fighters contains the following:

-10 Heads
-10 Torsos
-10 Pairs of Arms
-10 Pairs of Legs
-10 Rifles
-1 Special Weapon
-1 set of Sgt Arms
-10 Back Packs (Roll Call Exclusive!)
-2 sets of Accessories

Paulson Games Bits Find New Home

Paulson Games announced the closing of their website a couple weeks ago in order to focus on Mecha Front. Well, people were sad they were going to miss out on the bits they used to order. So Paulson has teamed up with Mad Robot Miniatures to still bring you those bits.
Gamers are still responsible for finding their own kibbles, however.


From the announcement:

Over the last two weeks I’ve gotten quite a few emails about how my bits line will be missed and asking if there is any way to keep them in production. I’ve always appreciated the fact that so many people get enjoyment from my products and the support you have shown over the years has been great. I haven’t wanted that to end, unfortunately I don’t have the time available to keep the bits line going. However I did explore several options and after much discussion I’ve decided to allow Steve from Mad Robot Miniatures to take over my range of products under a license agreement.
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Kurgan Winter Guard now available from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures now has their Kurgan Winter Guard squad available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Happy to announce the release of our first infantry squad…the Kurgan Winter Guard

This is a fully modular, resin kit that let’s you build a 10-man squad of greatcoat goodness!

The full kit, plus various separate components, is available now in our WEBSTORE.

Mad Robot Miniatures announcing Roll Call Pre-Order System

Mad Robot Miniatures is starting a new pre-order system for their miniatures. The more people that pre-order, the better the final product will be. It’s like crowdfunding… but not.


From the announcement:

Roll Call is Mad Robot Miniatures new pre-order system. It’s kinda like those popular crowd funding websites in that the more pre-orders we get, the more extras are available. Our first Roll Call is for the Kurgan Winter Guard, think sci fi meets WW2 Soviets.

All the details can be found at their WEBSTORE.

Two new head sprues available from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures gives you some more options for your models with the release of two new head sprues in their webshop.


From the release:

Mad Robot has released two new heroically scaled head sets for 28mm gamers and hobbyists.
Both are available now in their WEBSTORE.

New Sci-Fi weapons available from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures knows your little mans need guns… lots of guns… and has thus provided you with some options.

From the release:

Mad Robot Miniatures has opened the doors on the armory! We’re pleased to offer 6 new weapons, compatible with our arms sets and other popular 28mm models.

All are available now in their webstore.

Mad Robot conversion parts added to Colonial Marine review on Dawn of the Lead

Dawn of the Lead continues their Colonial Marine review, adding in parts from Mad Robot Miniatures.

From the review:

Aliens 40K? The ongoing review of 28mm Colonial Marine miniatures on the Dawn of the Lead blog has been updated with resin conversion parts by Mad Robot Miniatures.

Mad Robot Miniatures posts up February releases

Mad Robot Miniatures gives you some more modeling options with their new releases for February.

From the release:

Mad Robot Miniatures has released a new set of heads, heroic scaled for 28mm table top miniatures.

They have also released their first set of 28mm weapons…the Pulse Rifles, suitable for bug hunting, ork hunting, etc.

Both are available for purchase at our webstore.

4 new head sprues from Mad Robot Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures has four new head sets on sprues for your modeling pleasure.

From the release:

Mad Robot Miniatures have released four new sets of heads for 28mm gaming; Boonie Hats, Classic Tankers, Heads with Aviator Sunglasses, and Colonial Defense Forces.

Heroically scaled, they are perfect for converting your favorite tabletop soldiers!

Mad Robot Miniatures previews new Tanker Heads

Mad Robot Miniatures gives us a look at some new heads they’re working on over in their workshop.

From the preview:

New rifles and heads set should hopefully be up for sale next weekend.

In the meantime here’s a new preview of our classic tanker head set. These will be part of the next wave of releases, due out in January:

Mad Robot Miniatures releases Greatcoat Infantry

Mad Robot Miniatures has some new greatcoat-wearing infantry over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

Very happy to announce the release of our first Sci-Fi offering in 28mm…the Sadoukadi Greatcoats!

Born of hard conflict and drawn out wars of attrition, the Greatcoats of Sadoukad-16 are the embodiment
of the foot-slogger. From frozen, arctic wastelands, to burnt out cities, to sulfuric, trench-laden fields of
mud, the legions of these great-coated warriors are able to adapt to a variety of battlefield environments.
Drawing upon what some would call “antiquated” equipment, their strength lies in their vast numbers.

The Sadoukadi Greatcoats serve as a harsh reminder that mankind is alive and well…and unafraid.

This set contains 10 multi-part, multi-pose figures. Included are options for a squad leader as well as a grenade launcher, flamethrower, and 10 bases.

Mad Robot Miniatures Release New 15mm Harook Figures

Mad Robot Miniatures has released some new Harook models over on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the release:

We are happy to announce the release of the second wave of releases for our 15mm aliens…The Harook.

3 new sets are being offered: 2 Plasma Gunners, 2 SAW Gunners and a pair of Snipers with a Targeting Drone. Each will be sold separately so Harook players and collectors can customize their forces as they wish.

Mad Robot Miniatures previews new German Greatcoat Miniatures

Mad Robot Miniatures keeps up with this “German Hour” theme we’ve got with a preview of some new Greatcoat Germans they’re working on.

From the preview:

While I wait for the painter to complete his work, I thought I would post an assembled figure to show what they look like. All I’ve done to it is give it a light coat of primer.
Sorry it’s only one mini but it’s all I had left to assemble after sending out the painter’s squad. I expect to be “in-stock” on these within the next 2 weeks.