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Hey there, TGN readers. It's time again for another Review Roundup.

So without further ado, today we have reviews of: Dark Tales, Litko Age of Sigmar Tokens review, Deadzone Contagion Expansion, LUGU, Cacao, The Burning Wheel RPG, Rhino Hero, Bad Beets, Spyfall, and Systema Gaming Base-0 Level 1 and 2 Walkways.

Modiphius has teamed up with Ben Miles to bring you Miles' card game, LUGU, to your tabletop. LUGU is a storytelling card game that uses 6 decks of 22 cards that have various abstract artwork on them. Players take turns taking 4 cards at random from their deck and, based on the artwork, coming up with a story. The other players must then set out cards from their own deck that they think the author used in telling their story. The story continues on with each new player, and as such, over the course of the game, an epic tale is woven.