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Loot N Shoot

How many of us haven't, at some point in time, shot a rubber band across the room? Maybe you were aiming for something (or someone), or just having fun, but we all know someone who's really good at it. If that's you, then you might have an innate advantage in Loot N Shoot, a dexterity game where you shoot rubber bands at your opponent's goblins. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
Helloooooooo, Saturday. You know you're my favorite. I hope the other days of the week get jealous, but you're just so great. Time to put on some appropriate music and relax... and probably play some games, too. I plan on doing that as well. But, before I go do that, I gotta make sure the people get the gaming reviews I know they so desperately desire.

This week, we have: Go Nuts for Donuts, Loot N Shoot, London, Centipede, Stellium, DropMix, Cursed Court, Einstein, Peptide, Empires: Age of Discovery, Test of Honour Ronin, Photosynthesis, and Fast Forward series (Fear, Fortress, Flee).