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Lone Gunman Games

Friday, glorious Friday. We've once more made it to that glorious day. The weekend stretches ahead of us after a workday like an infinite sea of possibility... Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic. But hopefully your weekend will include some gaming of some sort. Even if not gaming, itself, then putting together some models or painting or some sort of hobby-related activity. I think I'm going to work on a couple more DreamForge kits I've had for a bit that really need to put together.

But that's the future. The present is a set of bite-sized stories we've collected together from the past couple days.

Today's batch includes: Final days for Bomarzo on Kickstarter, Icarus Miniatures Preview Gabriel Cross 3D Print, Troop Element Trays and Bases now at The Ion Age, Frontier Suns have finally arrived at Lone Gunman Games, and Kromlech New Release - Kri'tho'ann - Herald of Pain.

It's Sunday. Here in the States, it's Father's Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father's Day. If you're not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I'm sitting here at the start of the last day of CMON Expo 2015. It's been a great time. Very busy, lots of panels yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the reports of all the new stuff. I'll get you a link to the other photo collections here in a minute from yesterday, and there will be some more today.

But anyway, for the moment, we're getting together the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Dragon Forge Tech-Deck Additions - Expansion Base Set Kickstarter Running Now, Pedion Wall System unlocked, New Dwarves Female Regiment 28mm from Scibor, Fantasy Concept Cards IV: Creatures and Treasures on Kickstarter Now, Dungeon Revolutions is available now from Thomarillion, Amber Portable Weapon and Gun Crew at The Ion Age, 28mm Satyr Group now available from Lone Gunman Games, Khurasan releases planet-killing space monster, Tabletop-Art Ancestral Ruins RL 30mm and 40mm Deals Available Now, Brigade Models - New 15mm Releases, Battle Flag : Cloth Battlemats for Wargames Indiegogo, Q-Workshop to Publish Shadowrun Dice, Secret Weapon Adds Five New Knight Bases, Manorhouse Workshop Launches Underground Terrain Kickstarter, Post Captain Master Index Pt 3 Shore Raids Chapters, and Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses.

Lone Gunman Games is having themselves a sale in honor of their 5th anniversary.


From the announcement:

This month we are celebrating our 5th year in business and as a thank you were having a sale on everything in the store. For the rest of this month everything will be 25% off by using promo code 5YEARS at checkout.

If your not familiar with us come and check out our 15MM/28MM Fantasy ranges and our 28MM Modern Heroes Range.

Lone Gunman Games has posted up the entries for their sculpting contest where contestants had to come up with the upper half of these three-legged models.

From the post:

We had our first ever community sculpting contest. Dan (Cacique Caribe) sculpted an interesting 3 legged bottom half to a 15MM miniatures and instead of finishing it himself wanted to donate it to the community to see how someone else would finish it. After many people held up there hands to volunteer we had them produced so that everyone would have something to work from. From the original eleven that said they wanted to enter we had 5 that sent in something and a lot of those who entered did so twice.

Lone Gunman Games offers a new set of 15mm Iron Golems over in their webshop.

From the release:

This is the final ready for release item this spring. There will be other things released later this year as time permits. This is the last of the planned releases for the 15MM Lords of Fantasy series, so if you were waiting to order all the new releases you can do so now.

This time we have an assortment of Iron Golems which can also be used as robots, aliens, atomatons, statues, ect. Each measurers 14MM tall from the base to the top of the head.

LFM003 Lords of Fantasy Iron Golems assortment of 4 figures. $4.35 plus P/H.

Discuss 2
Lone Gunman Games now has their 15mm Hairy Beasts available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Attempting to maintain a release scheduled this year for the new castings that I have available at this time. I am releasing the Hairy Beasts this time. We are still in the 15MM Lords of Fantasy Series with something that will work for those who need Yeti's, Sasquatches, Skunk apes, or Morlocks and are suitable for a number of different genre's including sci-fi, Post Apocalypse, pulp, horror, and fantasy. Hopefully these are something that you will all find useful.

LFM002 Lord of Fantasy Hairy Beasts set of 4 figures. These Stand between 16MM and 21MM tall.

Packs of four are $5.05 each plus postage and handling.

Also check out the 15MM Monkeymen with Clubs pack we released earlier last month if you missed it.

Lone Gunman Games goes all Planet of the Apes with their latest release of Monkeymen with Clubs.
Or maybe it's a bit more 2001.
Anyway, here they are...

From the release:

I have the first new pack of miniatures ready for release this year. This time we are back into the 15MM ranges with a set of Monkeymen with Clubs which are suitable for a number of different genre's including sci-fi, Post Apocalypse, pulp, horror, and fantasy. Hopefully these are something that you will all find useful.

LFM001 Lord of Fantasy Monkeymen with Clubs set of 4 figures. These Stand between 14MM and 17MM tall.
Packs of four are $3.60 each plus postage and handling.

Lone Gunman Games is calling for modelers for their Simple Amateur Sculpting Contest. You could get your model professionally cast. That's pretty sweet.

We're hosting our first amateur sculpting contest!

I wanted something that was simple, so that anyone with some figure-modifying skills could participate even with the busiest of schedules.

All submissions must be photographed and sent in by August 1st, 2012. The winning submissions will be cast and made available for sale by Lone Gunman Games. Discuss
Lone Gunman Games is taking orders for their first new miniature of the year, a barbarian on a giant war cat.

From them to you:

This is a Barbarian Warrior astride a huge War cat, sculpted by Leandro Ventic?. The cat stands 40MM high at the head from the table top. The base is 30MM wide at the back and cat + base together are 65MM long. The barbarian is 28MM to the eye and adds another 18MM in height to the back of the cat. These are cast in lead free pewter and weight in at a whopping 4 ounces total each.

These will retail for $30.00 each and will be posted soon in the store for initial pre-orders due to the amount of metal that will be required by the caster to have on hand for this project. The production molds are ready, I just need to place the order for castings.

Pre-orders may now be made via the web store on the site. this is the first figure in the Legends of Fantasy line. Figures will ship on June 1st

Rebel Minis will now be selling Mighty Armies Box Sets with figures from Lone Gunman Games. Wolfen army From their website:
Rebel Minis is proud to announce some new additions to the Mighty Armies family. We have teamed up with Lone Gunman Games to produce some new box sets for Mighty Armies. “As long time fans we are proud to bring our 15MM fantasy miniatures into the Mighty Armies Family. It is one of the best points of entry to Fantasy war gaming in the hobby today.” says Jim Hintz of Lone Gunman Games. “We have some additional armies to release and were looking forward to seeing what exciting new armies that Rebel Minis have planned!" The first box sets launching will be the 15mm Wolfen Army and the 15mm Amazon Army. Each set retails for $29.95 and contain enough miniatures to create a complete 40 point army. The Box set also contains the bases, spell cards and spell chits. You can see the stats for the new armies here: