LnL Publishing Release a Promo Video for All Things Zombie Reloaded

LnL Publishing is working on a new version of All Things Zombie that they’ve called “All Things Zombie Reloaded.” They’re revamping the award-winning game with more missions, maps, and of course, zombies. They’ve posted up a quick teaser video and we figure we’d show it to you as well.


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David Lowry Interviews Larry Bogucki About Warparty for Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci’s David Lowry sits down with Larry Bogucki and has a chat about Warparty.
There’s a party… in my war… would you like to go to the party in my war?


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David Lowry interviews Larry Bogucki about his game Warparty and his experience in the board game industry for Club Fantasci.

Club Fantasci spends A Weekend At LnL Publishing

Club Fantasci spent the weekend with the fellas from LnL Publishing and they wanted to let you know how it was.



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Last weekend I was visiting LnL Publishing (formerly Locked n’ Loaded Publishing) out in Pueblo, Co for a three-day game tour and conference. LnL Publishing is primarily known for the history in war gaming but they are so much more than that and from what I saw, much more to come. The facility was extremely nice as you walk through the front doors with covers of their “Line of Fire” magazine lining one wall and their logo on the other. After a brief tour of offices that are all labeled with popular sci-fi/fantasy themes and art, I was taken straight into a business meeting in a conference room with a gaming table to die for where Chief Operations Officers David Heath fed us breakfast and then led us through a 4 hour presentation on where LnL Publishing was heading and how they were getting there.

Enter To Win Warparty from LnL Publishing and Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci and LnL Publishing are teaming up to give you the chance to win Warparty.



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Enter to win a copy of the fantasy game Warparty from LnL Publishing and Club Fantasci! Two winners will be announced, worldwide entry.