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Hey there, TGN readers. It’s time again for another Review Roundup.

So without further ado, today we have reviews of: Dark Tales, Litko Age of Sigmar Tokens review, Deadzone Contagion Expansion, LUGU, Cacao, The Burning Wheel RPG, Rhino Hero, Bad Beets, Spyfall, and Systema Gaming Base-0 Level 1 and 2 Walkways.

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LITKO 20% Off Everything Black Friday Weekend Sale

Litko has launched their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Welcome to our 2013 Black Friday sale! Now is the time to get that special item you have been craving. You get 20% off everything in our store, including custom items!

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday

New Personalized, Dragon Wing Maneuver Gauge Set from Litko

Litko has their new, personalized, dragon wing maneuver gauge set available now over in their webshop.


From the website:

Set of 13 personalized gauges.

Personalize your own D&D: Attack Wing gauges!

Now you can choose from a variety of colors, and personalize your gauge set with your name, event or club title!

Litko Heads to the Dropzone

Litko will be helping out Dropzone Commander players with a new set of tokens and templates specifically designed for use with the popular minis game.



About the set:

Litko will be helping Dropozone Commander players upgrade their game soon with a new line of gaming accessories compatible with the popular miniature wargame. The line will include Tactical flight bases which have the firing arcs laser etched into them, Blast/LZ Templates, Goal Oriented scenario tokens, Building Damage markers, and Faction specific activation tokens.

Working directly from gamer feedback, Litko has made each blast template to incorporate all firing arcs and center cuts to fit around the flight stand pole for perfect centering on flying models. The Goal oriented tokens will include the proportionate number of double-sided Possible and Revealed Objective tokens for both Objective scenario types. Over-sized and reverse etched for high visibility, the Building Markers won’t ever be overlooked across war-torn skylines. Each faction specific token set strikingly features a unique icon and color for activation tokens along with Forward Air Controller tokens for your forces.

Litko has released a production photo of the entire line. Pricing to follow.

New tracking dials available from Litko

Litko helps you keep track of items in your X-Wing games with the release of some new tracking dials for things like energy, ion tokens, and hull and shield points.

Litko dials


From the release:

Track Energy, Hull Damage, Shields, and Ion Damage with our new tracking dials

Modifier Sequences Now Available with Litko’s Custom Number Sequence Tokens

Litko gives you more options for your tokens with their new modifier sequences tokens.



From the website:

We have added modifier number sequences to the numbering options of our custom number sequence tokens.

The new number sequences are:
-1 through +1
-5 through +5
+1 through +10
-1 through -10

These are available effective immediately!

New Lantern Bearer Markers from Litko

Litko keeps you in the light with the release of their new Lantern Bearer markers.
Never wonder “who’s got a light?” again.

lantern bearer marker


From the website:

Set of 3 markers.

Lanterns for your adventurers! Deisgned to fit snugly with the standard medium 1 inch round base, the lantern markers allow you to track which characters have them.

New Fantasy Battle Marker Set from Litko

Litko has some new Fantasy Battle markers and tokens available over in their webshop.

Fantasy Battle Accessories


From the release:

This set includes 5- markers for declaring charges, numbered 1-5 so you can plan your charging order. 4- Fleeing markers. 2- Captured standard markers. 2- May not fire markers. 2- Stupid markers. 2- Dispell scroll markers. 4- Rallied markers. 2- Frenzied markers, and 4- Panic test markers. This is a great comprehensive collection of useful markers for your games, and will help you remember those critical moves, modifiers and tests during the game.Unlike our standard tokens, these stand up 3D markers make placing and removing them much easier. The stand up markers are also easier to see from across the table, instantly letting you know the status of your armies units.

Litko Black Friday 20% Off Everything

Litko adds their tokens to the ring of those having sales this weekend.


From the announcement:

Welcome to our 2013 Black Friday sale! Now is the time to get that special item you have been craving. You get 20% off everything in our store, including custom items!

The last time we did this was last Black Friday. Act now before it’s over!

New Bases for paper miniatures available from Litko

Litko knows that paper models need a firm foundation to, and so have created new bases specifically made for them.


From the release:

We now have curved-slot bases for paper miniatures available in a variety of sizes and colors.

These bases are designed for use with tabbed paper miniatures, typically miniatures that are trimmed out with no backing. Simply adjust the height of the miniatures tab to 3mm or less and slip into the curved slot. The curved slot binds the paper figure into the base, while still allowing you to remove the figure after the game.

New Barrage Markers available from Litko

Litko has new Barrage Markers incoming!
See what I did there?


From the website:

Barrage markers can be used with any game and are great for representing artillery strikes, suppressed units, bombardment, support weapon targeting or any number of other strike situations. The markers also mix with our current range of Flaming Wreckage markers for showing strikes in progress, and the burning wreckage left afterwards.

New Inferno Markers available from Litko

Litko has some new Inferno markers available over in their webshop.
I tried to come up with a fire-related pun, but they were all too cringe-inducing, even for me.


From the release:

Choose from four different sets!
Large, set of 3
Medium, set of 5
Small, set of 7
Variety, set of 5 ( 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small )

Inferno markers can be used with any game and are great for representing a blazing fire, burned out wrecks, or any column of flame that you need to indicate. The markers also mix with our current range of Flaming Wreckage markers for showing strikes in progress, and the burning wreckage left afterwards.

These markers require assembly, see assembly diagram. We recommend our Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all our plastic products.

Personalized Space Fighter Gauge Sets now available from Litko

Litko is now able to personalize your Space Fighter Gauge sets. Get your group name or personal tag line put onto your sets.

From the update:

The Hotness… Personalized Space Fighter Gauge Sets compatible with the X-Wing System! Available in 10 different colors with your choice of text on them! Just $5 more than our Deluxe Upgrade set. Never lose your set on the table again.

Litko Token Upgrade Packs Compatible with Dust System

Litko wants you to know that if you play either of the Dust systems from Fantasy Flight Games, they’ve got the tokens you need with their new token packs.

From the announcement:

LITKO now has two token upgrade packs compatible with the Dust system, published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Designed for use with the Dust Warfare miniature game rules by Dust Studios and published by Fantasy Flight Games. LITKO Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Dust Studios or Fantasy Flight Games, and they do not endorse this product.

New Roofing Shingle Strips from Litko

Litko gives you terrain builders a little help with shingling with their new Rooftop Shingles strips.

From the release:

Shingle strips for your scratch building projects. Now you can quickly and easily add decorative shingles to any building roof.

Designed for use with 25-28mm sized miniature game buildings. Each shingle is 6mm wide by 12mm tall allowing you a range of layout options for different patterns. Mix and match the shingles for a unique look on each of your buildings.

Litko offers 3 thicknesses of wargaming bases

Litko has 3 different base sizes, for whatever your basing needs.

From the announcement:

LITKO offers THREE thicknesses of wargaming bases to our customers… all are plywood (not MDF) and all are laser-cut.

3mm: Most affordable, most common, and lets you pick up the figure by the base and not the figure’s head. Save that awesome paintjob!

1.5mm: More expensive, but the thinner profile looks great for 15mm-scale figures and below. More difficult to pickup by the base.

0.8mm: Similar in expense to the 1.5mm. Impossible to pickup by the base edge, but offers a slim look that hides the base very well. The focus is on the figure, not what it is mounted on.

Litko Releases New Horde Trays

Litko has released some new movement trays to help your models get around the board more efficiently.

From the release:

We now have Horde trays with a extra thin bottom on them so that the tray is only about 4mm tall… unobtrusive compared to some of our own previous releases that have thicker, 6mm height.

Perfect for display stands and for moving units around on the battlefield!

Available for 25mm(1 inch)- and 20mm(3/4 inch)-based figures.

LITKO Releasing Line of Clear Miniature Bases

Litko now has clear minis bases available in a variety of sizes.

From the announcement:

We are now offering a stock lineup of clear miniature bases in both 1.5mm and 3mm thick. Previously, these were only available using BaseMaker (custom bases).

We now have 7 sizes of stock clear bases:

20mm Square
20mm Circular
25mm Square
25mm Circular
30mm Circular
40mm Circular
50mm Circular

Litko Hacker Tokens now sold individually

Litko has made their Hacker tokens (perfect for NetRunner) available in individual styles, so you don’t have to just buy the variety pack.
… man, I need to get around to getting some of these.

From the update:

LITKO has made it’s ‘Hacker’ tokens available as individual packs so you can expand your set as necessary. 1-Credit. 5-Credit, Advance, Tag, Tracking… are all available separately now.

Litko has new Net Hacker token set available

Litko released a new set of tokens with the NetRunner fans out there in mind (such as myself). Though, obviously, you could use them for a lot of different things.

From the announcement:

Now available! Upgrade your hacking games with LITKO’s Net Hacker Upgrade Set. This set features all the main tokens you’ll need for two players. Each token has been designed to enhance the game with easy to identify shapes and colors representing all the conditions during play.

New Toxic Flame Markers from Litko

Litko now has new toxic flame markers. That is to say, markers to use when marking toxic flames. They’re not flame markers that are, themselves, toxic.

From the release:

New Toxic Flame Markers are usable in Sci-Fi and fantasy gaming, or anywhere you need unusual colored flames.

Small set: 7 small markers
Medium set: 5 medium markers
Large set: 3 large markers
Variety set: 1 lg, 2 med, 2 sm mkrs

New “Right Slip” Aerial Game Tokens from Litko

Litko releases their new “right slip” tokens.
Right slip, and let loose the tokens of marking!

From the update:

Another addition to the current new series of aerial command tokens… “Right Slip” replaces thin – hard to grasp -card board chits with thick (3mm) easy to see and pick-up acrylic tokens. A simple, yet practical solution for game play woes.

Litko Releases Multi-Color Dial Set

Litko has a new set of multi-colored dials to help you keep track of, well, potentially all sorts of things during your games.

From the release:

The circle combat dials are available in packs of 4 unique colors. Now each of four different players can have their own color dial. There are ten different color uppers available. Each token dial is 1 inch, or 25mm, in diameter with a lower dial numbered 0-10.

With these handy dials you can keep track of wounds, victory points, casualty and damage status.

This multi-color set includes:
1- Blue dial
1- Gold dial
1- Green dial
1- Red dial

Litko releases new Orbital Markers

Litko is always coming out with more accessories to help your gaming experience. Their latest are Orbital Markers.

From the release:

Designed for use with the Eclipse board game by Lautapelit, these Orbital Markers help show when a player controls a planet without having forces on the surface of the planet.

LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Lautapelit, and these products are not endorsed by them.

New Plane Wreckage Markers from LITKO

Litko knows your opponents are going to knock out your planes eventually, as much as we don’t like to admit it to ourselves. Well, now you can be prepared with some wreck markers.

From the release:

Now it easy to show your crashed planes with LITKO Plane Wreckage Markers. Designed to look like a crumpled plane fuselage with flame and smoke. Available in Jim’s Lab.

New Brain Tokens from LITKO

Litko has some tokens that I know all you zombies out there are gonna love. They’ve got new brains!

From the release:

Upgrade your game with Brain Tokens from LITKO. These brain shaped tokens are perfect for any zombie, or horror game. Use them as victory points, status tokens, sanity tokens, or even mark zombie victims. Available in blue, or red, and in different sizes. Visit to buy, or learn more.

Litko releases new Victory Point tokens

LITKO continues with every token need by having Victory Point tokens, now available on their website.

From them to you:

New Victory Point Tokens allow players to track their victory points whether they’re playing board games, or miniatures. Three different models to choose from.

These products were suggested by Robin Levins, who’s suggestion in Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower Podcast was selected as a winner! Thank you Robin!

Litko Releases New Virus Token Set

LITKO keeps the tokens sets rolling with their new Virus sets.

From them to you:

Recently The Dice Tower Podcast w/Tom Vasel held a contest whereby listeners submitted new product suggestions for Litko to make upgrade components for board games. By far the most requested item was virus tokens for the game Pandemic. That suggestion is now reality with this new release.

Special thanks to all of the participants, The Dice Tower Network, and to Mike Sokalski who had the winning suggestion.