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Lesser Gnome

Lesser Gnome is running a Kickstarter campaign for Death & Taxes, their box set RPG adventure.
They're already pretty close to their goal with still 30 days to go.

Death and Taxes


From the campaign:

Death & Taxes is an adventure for 4-7 players using characters level 4-6. Although designed for classic rules, the ultimate goal is to create total conversions of the game for popular modern systems. Once the goals for project funding and the backer surpass the initial stretch goal targets all options are on the table, As backers, you will have a seat at that table to decide which one will happen first! Look for the results to be revealed in our Stretch Goals section as the campaign progresses. The Gnomes are ready start to translating Death & Taxes into Pathfinder/OGL and (we hope) fifth edition compatible versions.

Lesser Gnome has stepped in to lend a hand to the Torn Armor Kickstarter campaign with a special deal.


From the update:

Hi backers,

So as Centerstage came forward with their very incredible offer to donate all proceeds of the Torn World miniature sales to our Kickstarter we have received another similar offer from Lesser Gnome Games:

So here's the deal about Lesser Gnome; specifically Zach Glazar: I drew that map he is holding in his hands there and it was immensely popular with his backers and fans of Whisper & Venom.

Well Zach is offering it to you and the world as a full-on print ... but at a special, special rate ... PLUS all proceeds are being donated to our Kickstarter!

And in Lesser Gnome's Words:
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Torn Armor posted up another update on how things are going with the project in the wake of the situation with Defiance.
As of this posting, there has not been any sort of response from Defiance.


From the update:

All -

I was going to post an update tonight showing you all of the maps that will be available in the game and a breakdown of all the printed components, but some news came in today that may well dominate what I have to say. So let's start with the news and see if the maps will get posted tomorrow ;)

While "the industry" has a few bad apples, from time to time a company rises up out of the gloom as "one of the good ones." The following companies are examples of this:
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Lesser Gnome is in their final days for their Whisper & Venom RPG over on Kickstarter. They've made it well above their funding goal, but there's always more stretches they can reach.

From the campaign:

Every threat has a source...get this one in Resin....

The Ancient Broodsource Attoral is ready for down payment to Michael Branch to bring a dark monster the new fashionable pose he so desperately needs :)

$19,750, not too far but not much longer left either...

I want to have everything included in Whisper & Venom. So much that when you lift it up your first thought will be ....

"Wow, that is less than a gram under 4.5 lbs, amazing!."

I will get back to shipping...don't think I will forget; I have nightmares about supply chain in general and shipping in particular. That level of self-imposed anxiety is just one more guarantee that Lesser Gnome has got you covered :)