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Laruna: Age of Kingdoms

It's Saturday and I'm painting minis.
... I'm not good at painting minis...
But, y'know, it's just about getting the colored goop on the figure. I'm not going to be winning any Golden Demons or Crystal Brushes, but hey... they'll be painted.

But while the last color dries, I'm gonna post your reviews for you.

Today we have: War of Supremacy, Laruna: Age of Kingdoms, Harvest Dice, Ex Libris, Legacy of Dragonholt, Boom Blast Stix, A Column of Fire, Cytosis, Dream Catchers, Arkon, Fabled Fruit, Queendomino, and Clans of Caledonia.

For those that have played Dreamscape: Laruna, you're in for a treat. Laruna: Age of Kingdom brings that setting to you in an entirely new format with a 4-X miniatures board game. Or, perhaps you've never played the RPG, then this game can be a new entry-point into an entirely new game universe. Either way, you're welcome to jump in on the Kickstarter for the game that's running now.
Odam Publishing has their new Kickstarter campaign up and running. It's for Laruna: Age of Kingdoms. It's a board game with a little bit of everything going on. There's worker placement. There's area control. There's miniatures battles. There's even a mini that's 100mm tall. Kinda looks like an Alien alien, but with more tentacles. There's even already expansions in the add-ons.