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Krosmaster Arena

It's the last day of the month. We're 1/4 of the way through the year. The summer heat isn't far away. Time to get your board game collection bulked up and get set for some hot months ahead (or cold ones, if you're down south). CMON's got a whole bunch of new releases available today that you can pick up at your LGS.
The Year of New Editions continues to roll along, updating much-loved games and bringing them to new levels with updated mechanics, cleaned-up rules, rebalanced features, and more. Another new edition of a game will be available tomorrow. Ankama and CMON will be bringing you Krosmaster Arena 2.0.
Well, yesterday was quite a whirlwind of activity. Nothing but nonstop activity and excitement here at the 2nd day of the CMON Expo. There's lots to do and see, so let's show some of it off.
There's some big news in video games today. No, not the release of Fallout 4! I'm instead talking about the release of Krosmaster Arena for PC, Mac, and Linux systems. The tabletop game of teams battling one-another in search of the Krosmoz is now available for you to play on your computer. And hey, it's free.
Seems everyone's getting into the Halloween spirit as we get ever-closer to the date. Japanime Games is the latest to get themselves a sale up and running. So if you want some Krosmaster sets, along with some free special goodies with your order, you'll want to check out what they have available.
Japanime Games wants to get everyone in the family involved in Krosmaster. To help out, they're coming out with Krosmaster Junior. This, simplified, version of the game is great for bringing younger gamers into the mix. All of the characters in this form have the same abilities, and the first several scenarios teach you the basics of the game while playing.

But even if you're a Grand Zen Master of Krosmaster, you still get new maps and characters if you choose to pick up the set. So there's something for everyone.


From them to you:
Japanime Games has posted up the details of their holiday sale over on their website.


From the announcement:

Now- Dec 5th
Pre-Order Kerub's Bazaar and Duel Pack #2 and get a Kwismas Present! AND we have some crazy Holiday season mark downs! All Season 1 Window Boxes are now $20, Frigost is now $30 and Multiman is now $30!!!

AND Japanime Games is committed to spreading the Holiday cheer this year so for every $100 generated with the sale (between now and December 5th) Japanime Game will donate a game to Toys for Tots!

Japanime Games gives us a look at some of the first production run previews for their new Krosmaster Arena releases.


From the preview:

Hi Krosmasters Friends As promised, the third part in Direct live from the Krosmaster figures factory, the surprise of the day : Windows Box Dark Heroes... See you tomorrow with another news surprise...

Japanime Games has started taking down names of those of you gamers out there that would like their Krosmaster Quest game as soon as it's available.

Krosmaster Quest


From the website:

Thank you for joining our Quest-Starter! If you already have a PledgeManager account, just put in your PledgeManager email address below and you will be taken to the ordering system! If you are new to PledgeManager, just enter your email below to receive an invite for a new account. You will get an email from '' to activate your account and you will be on your way!

A few notes before you enter this fantastic Quest-Starter Realm. We expect Quest and the 3D board to ship around the same time, December 2014. If there are delays, we will let everyone know right away. If you order Quest before September 4th, you will get the first 3 **NEW** Flunch promos shipped directly to you immediately, at no additional charge! After that deadline, your promos will ship with Quest in December.

Japanime Games gives us another look inside the next krosmaster Arena releases with a look at Traitor Qilby.


From the post:

More Flunch Teasers!!! Pre-Order Quest next week when the links are posted to get Bad Qilby and all of his Flunch Promo friends!!

*Reminder: Pre-Orders will be taken August 14th for Kickstarter backers and August 18th for the public, both pre-orders will be taken online and at Gen Con. Links will be posted on those dates.

Japanime Games only has a few days left on Kicktarter for their Frigost Expansion for Krosmaster Arena.


From the campaign:

Today we have something cool for you... a look at the alternate terrain punchboard set that all backers at pledge level $75 or higher will be getting!

Presents instead of ice cubes! Trees with lights! And Snowmen to replace trees! These are going to be super fun to play games with in the frozen world of Frigost!

Japanime Games has a Kickstarter campaign running for their first big expansion to Krosmaster Arena. This one's called Frigost.


From the campaign:

Winter is coming! Krosmaster: Arena is coming back with an all new expansion! Help Japanime Games get the English edition of Krosmaster: Arena Frigost out early in 2014, along with a great new set of tokens and promotional figures!

Welcome to Frigost. Home of the cold-hearted Count Harebourg and the site of the first Extension for Krosmaster: Arena. The Demons of the Hours and Minutes have selected this desolate region as your next battleground and they are particularly excited for the new dangers awaiting you. Give them a good show, but be sure to keep your head!