Kromlech releases new weathering powder sets

Kromlech has some new powders to help your minis get that “weathered” look on them.

From the release:

Something entirely different and new, I’ve got for you today. We have decided to broaden our range of products and release a set of weathering powders. Even though, this is our first non miniature product, they are by no means an experiment. We have checked a lot of various formulations and raw materials to come up with a set of pigments that will both be of great quality and also available at an affordable price. While the latter, I’d like to leave to your judgement, I can personally vouch for the very high standard of these powders. As a modeller, I have been playing with them for the past couple of months and honestly was very happy with the coverage they provide, as well as the ‘grip’ they maintain on the model’s surface.

Orc Commissar Released from Kromlech

Kromlech previewed the green of this guy a little bit ago. Now they’ve got him for sale over on their website.

From the release:

For all of you, old school Orcs fans, the Commissar previewed a few days ago is released today and ready to make sure your green guys are doing their job. Though he obviously has more interesting things to do. Like picking his nose. Or farting.

Model sculpted by Igor Karpow.
Painted by Artur
Regards sent by Pawel

Kromlech releases new Afrika Corps Orc heads

Kromlech gives you the ability to customize your Orc forces just a little more with their Afrika Corps (or is that Afrika Corcs?… that doesn’t sound quite right) heads.

From the release:

Today, we have a treat for all of you Orc World War II fans. We are releasing our brand new Orc Afrika Korps Heads. They come in sets of 10.

Model designed by Igor Karpow.

Kromlech releases Orc Tank Crew

Kromlech has released their Orc Tank Crew for you. Go check it out.

From the release:

Hi all, Those of you, who keep an eye on our facebook fanpage, have already seen them and probably are also aware that I am completely in love with these guys. Therefore, I am very happy to announce, they are finally out! Hopefully, you also like them! Here is the link to our ebay store

Kromlech holding “Name that Demon” contest

Kromlech is at a loss for what to name their new demon model. So they’re asking for your help. Check it out and maybe you can be the one to give it a name. Warning: not safe for work, hence why there’s no picture of it here.

Hey all,
This big bad girl is going to be joining our range on Monday, 11th of June. We are very excited about it, however, we do not have a name for her. Here is, where you step in.
The rules are simple. Go to our facebook fanpage, like it (if you do not like it already) and propose a name for her in the comment section under the photograph. It does not have to be very serious. Just please, do not use names that are owned by other companies. The deadline for submiting your suggestions is 10th of June. Please, send only one suggestion each. On the 11th of June we will choose the coolest name and release the miniature under it.
The person, whose suggestion was chosen will receive the (currently) nameless Lady.

Greatcoat arms released from Kromlech

Kromlech previewed these arms a little bit ago. Well, now they’re available for you to order from their website.

From them to you:

Hey all,

This, judging from your feedback and the reactions to the preview last week, is the most wanted thing we have released so far. It took us _a_lot_ of tries. We went through several different versions to ensure that the proportions are right and they fit well to the existing Greatcoat bodies.

We do apologize you’ve had to wait for them so long. The time has come, though, and this is the day we release Orc Greatcoat Arms.


Kromlech has new Bedlam Fraternity heads

Kromlech has a new set of 5 Bedlam Fraternity heads to customize your models with. Don’t play with the exact same figs as your neighbor!

From them to you:

Hi all,

After four days of teasing, we are finally very happy to announce, the new Bedlam Fraternity Heads are released and up on our online store!


Pawel does a call out for concept artists does a call out for artists. Do you have what it takes?

From their post:

Hey all,

We are currently searching for concept artists who would be willing to work and design for us. If you think you’ve got what it takes, hit us up at Please attach some examples of your work (drawings of faces, figures, weapons or vehicles) or a link to your portfolio if you are badass enough to have one.



Kromlech has new Orc Pistols… plus a surprise!

Kromlech like Dakka as much as the next greenskin, so they’ve come out with some new Orc Pistol sprues for you to… umm… use.

From the update:

Hey all,

We have decided it was waaay too long since we have released some proper dakka, so today, we have something noisy, heavy and not all that accurate for you.

The sprue contains 8 pistols, a shoulder pad for some extra bling and…

…trtrtrtrtrtrtrtr (a drumroll)…

A spare grenade (I’m pretty sure you didn’t see that one coming!)!!!

Hope you like them!
All hail the spare grenade!

…And you thought I could get silly…

Kromlech announces winners of their “Most Wanted” contest

Kromlech gives us the winners of their “Most Wanted” competition.

Hi all,
As promissed two weeks ago, the time has come to announce the winners of the ‘Most Wanted From Kromlech’ competition. It was suprizingly easy to come up with the best of the best requests- we just printed all the emails and had Artur throw darts at them blindfolded. Simple, fair (?), and fast. Didn’t even have to read them!

On a more serious note, we would really like to thank you all for participating and writing to us. We were astionished by the amount of unique request, that we have received. We went through all of them several times and took a lot of time to discuss the pros and cons of each and everyone of them in the studio. We have finally agreed on three people, whose ideas we liked the most (one request per person, of course). They are:
Ed Fortune
Luke Chamberlain
Jaros?aw Ludera

Congrats to you, guys. Your ideas are going to be turned into resin, and your names immortalized in the hall of eternal glory, beneath the gloomy chambers of the Kromlech Palace. We will keep the winning requests to ourselves for now, but stay put! We promise to make a lot of fuss about it when the time comes.
Also, as promised two weeks ago, we have randomly picked three people, who will receive $10 vouchers at our online store. They are:

Matthew Lins
Jérôme Durou
Donnie Williams

Congrats to you too!
I will contact you with the details of receiving your prize.
Phew, that’s about it.
Once again, a big, BIG thank to you all and congratulations to the winners.

Kromlech previews Ork Weapons posts a preview of their new Ork Weapons kit.

From their preview:

I’ve got a tiny teaser of something coming really soon for you today. These are the long promised Orc German Weapons (finally, yaay!). Artur asked me to point your attention to the spare grenade, so here I go: Please notice THE SPARE GRENADE, which is absolutely awesome and rules on so many levels, I won’t even try to describe it. 😉 All hail the spare grenade!

‘Most Wanted from Kromlech’ event launches today

Kromlech wants you to write them an email titled ‘Most wanted from Kromlech’ and suggest a model/accessory/bit that you’d like us to make:

From their post:

Out of all emails that I receive in the next 14 days (until 20th of February), we will randomly pick three of you who will get $10 vouchers at our store. Most importantly though, we will pick three requests that we find the coolest, most innovative, most interesting and fun and we will actually produce them! The people who will have came up with these will each receive three copies of their wanted models as a reward and also will be credited as the idea-givers (eternal glory FTW!).
Continue reading releases new Heavy Assault Vehicle Dozer Blade releases their Heavy Assault Vehicle Dozer Blades.

From their site:

Hi Guys,
Though with a slight delay, for which we are sincerely sorry, we would like to proudly present our new Heavy Assault Vehicle Dozer Blades.
They will fit perfectly your heavy duty assault tanks leaving a space at the front for the assault ramp to open.

Kromlech announces Orc Desert Raider and Contest

Kromlech EU releases their Orc Desert Raider miniature and starts a contest.

From their announcement:

Hi all!
We would like to proudly announce the release of our new kit- the Orc Desert Raider!
The set includes the vehicle, two crew members and two weapon options- Machine Gun and Missile Rack.

In order to properly celebrate our largest release so far, we would like to give you an opportunity, to win the miniature itself.
The rules are very simple. All you need to do is like our facebook page and share the link to our facebook page on your wall between 20th and 31st of December.
From all the people, who met these conditions, on the 2nd of January, we will randomly pick one person who will receive Orc Desert Raider and three runner-ups who will be granted $10 vouchers in our online store.
Note that we may ask you to allow us to view your wall.



Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases

Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases:

From their announcement:

We would like to present you WIP pictures of our new miniature, the Orc Desert Raider! We are still working on the crew for it, but they are almost finished, so we will update you with more photos in the very near future.

We have also started our new facebook fanpage.
For more photos, visit it and like it here:

Kromlech releases Confederate Orc Troopers

Kromlech releases new heads for their Orcs.

From their website:

This time we depart from our usual WW2 theme.
Idea of orcs taking part in American Civil War was so cool we couldn’t resist ordering some new orc heads.
This is the story behind Confederate Orc Troopers heads you can see below.
If they sell well we’ll make other accesories from this period of history (large orc muskets anyone? ).
Heads sculpted by Filin. Painted by Edwin Smolinski.

Kromlech preview Zephyr Missile Launcher

Kromlech have posted a preview of their upcoming Zephyr Missile Launcher.

Zephyr Missile Launcher

From their announcement:

Today we have preview of small remote control missile launcher. You can mount it on vehicle or even on heavily armored sci-fi troopers.

It’s potent weapon housing two larger anti tank missiles and eight smaller fragmentation missiles. Zephyr consist of Missile Launcher body and small mount to attach it to desired model.

Launcher Body length 2,5cm, width about 1 cm, depth about 1,5cm (with missiles).
Desiged by Marcin “Majster” Szmyt.

Kromlech releases Samurai heads and backpacks

Kromlech have added a set of 28mm sci-fi themed Samurai heads and backpacks to their online store.


From their announcement:

If you ever wanted to convert some oriental looking futuristic soldiers we have today something special for you.
Japanese style combat helmets for heavy armored troopers and matching backpacks with very distinctive “samurai” banners.

New Orcs from Kromlech

Kromlech have posted a preview of some upcoming Greatcoat Orc figures.

Greatcoat Orc bodies

From their announcement:

After a month of silence we return with something special. Let me show you first pics of our upcoming orcs in greatcoats.

There are four different bodies in the first set. But it’s not a whole story. Rather soon we will release arms and heads matching greatcoated bodies and a lot of weaponry to accompany them.

Sculpted by Nozeminer.

Kromlech preview new turret

Kromlech have posted a preview of a new 28mm turret they will be releasing.

Heavy Turret with Tormentor Cannon

From their announcement:

This time we have something new for all fans of heavy machinery and tanks. Our first human vehicle accessory (but you can use it for orcs too ) – Panzer 38 Pattern Heavy Turret with Tormentor Cannon.

Also our previously previewed Orc Naked Torsos are now available to buy on Kromlech ebay store.

New Orc torsos from Kromlech

Kromlech have released new 28mm Orc torsos.

Orc Naked Torsos

From their announcement:

New orc stuff is on its way. This time we have new torsos for all greenskin lovers.

You can use them with our Orc Heads in Caps to build Orcish Afrika Korps veterans or maybe you prefer to convert some Wild Orcs?
Sculpted by Todd Nistler.

Speaking about wild orcs – we are waiting for new set of headswaps ideal for above torsos. Below you can see some great concepts by Dermot McCall.