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Konflikt '47

WWII continues on. All sides of the conflict are looking to overwhelm their opponents. On the German lines, they've been working with a new walker design that they're sure will help out. Then, with a look at emphasizing precision strikes, they've been training some elite sniper units with new, heavier rifles that can even take out enemy vehicles. Both these sets are available for Konflikt '47 from Warlord Games.
In the world of Konflikt '47, WWII continues to rage on. The Axis and the Allies both are looking for that one advantage that will finally bring the war to an end. So far, the game has focused on the European front, with German, Russian, American, and British forces. But the war is still going on in the Pacific, too. As such, there's the Japanese forces to reckon with. Get a look at what they'll be getting, along with some other pieces for the other forces, in this preview.
We've been seeing a lot of Soviet and German releases for Konflikt '47 recently. But that's not to say that the Americans have just been sitting around, doing nothing. The engineers have been hard at work on a pair of walkers of their own. We present to you, the Bruin and the Jackal.
Those Soviets and Germans are at it again, looking to put the biggest piece of armor possible out onto the battlefield. Their incessant arms race (well, it is a war, after all) continues to bring bigger and stronger machines to the conflict. In this case, it's the Zeus and the Mammoth, both available to pre-order for Konflikt '47 now.
It's time to bring in the big guns. During WWII, the Soviets and the Germans were in an arms race to bring the biggest tanks to the battlefield. Well, in the Weird War II setting of Konflikt '47, that continues on. The Germans have the Zeus Heavy Mechpanzer, while the Russians have the Mammoth Walker. Both are available to pre-order now from Warlord Games.
Trevor Noah has a new special out on Netflix. In it, he has this whole bit about Russian being the scariest accent out there. If you ever want to frighten someone away, just start talking in a thick Russian accent. So I could only assume that if you were to have a conversation with the Daughters of the Motherland, available now for Konflikt '47 from Warlord Games, it'd be a frightening experience. You might just prefer to talk to the Flammspinne Panzermech instead.
Ok, so maybe this next set of Konflikt '47 releases aren't quite as cool (personal opinion) as the last set of releases, they're still pretty cool. Warlord Games has a new batch of kits for the British, Soviets, and US forces.
Ursus Infantry.
There, that's really all I needed out of this release. But you might be interested in some of the other things that are also available. They include British Automated Infantry and Fallschirmjäger Falcon Infantry.
But really, it's all about the Ursus Infantry.
With the Konflikt '47 line, Warlord Games can take a lot of their current kits, add in just a couple of extra bits, and create entirely new units out of them. Or, you can just change around some small part and suddenly a unit that's still just like its Bolt Action counterpart now has that Weird War II feel that it needs. Well, there's a couple new cannon turrets as well as some new heads available over in the Warlord Games webshop for you.
One thing with any "Weird War II" game is that you can take a lot of already-made equipment, just change them up a bit and boom! New piece. Well, Warlord Games certainly has their fair share of World War II pieces laying about the house, so coming out with figures for Konflikt '47 can be as easy as just putting a new turret on an old tank. That's what we've got here with the Soviet T-34/ZP and the Cromwell with Tesla Cannon.
Warlord Games has a couple new units up for Konflikt '47. They're sort of two ends of the spectrum and show off the fundamental differences between a couple of the nations. You've got the British Armoured Infantry and the Siberian Terror and Soviet Heavy Infantry.
The Weird War II game, Konflikt '47, gives us a look at a world where the conflict didn't end when it did for us here in the real world. It also injects a bit of fancy in terms of technology and a bit of the occult. Though it's not October anymore, Warlord Games has some new zombie troops available for the game, plus some heavy German troopers and a new American walker.
Clockwork Goblin is the design team behind Konflikt '47. They've been busy goblins, indeed, working on all sorts of new things for the game. There's been some posted photos here and there, randomly, one at a time. Well, Warlord decided to collect them all in one, handy place for you (and me). Guys! They're getting werebears!
We've seen this one previewed a little bit now, with Warlord teasing us with photos of it in the last couple release announcements. But now you can order yourself an M5 A2 Coyote/Guardian Light Walker for your Konflikt '47 games.
Warlord Games knows that gamers can be a bit... impatient at times. Let's face it, everyone, we know you always want to have the newest and greatest and you want it right now. As such, even though their British and Soviet Heavy Infantry box sets aren't due out until December, they're taking orders for "preview packs" of them on their website. They've also posted up an updated schedule for releases over the next few months.
People love to think "what if" in regards to a lot of things, but to WWII, specifically. That includes many game designers. Konflikt '47 is one such result, giving us a war that continued on, as well as imbuing it with a lot of strange technological advances. There's three new releases for it over in the Warlord Games webshop.
Watch The History Channel for a couple days, an undoubtedly you'll see some sort of program about strange, occult things that the Nazis were researching during WWII. Or just go watch/read Hellboy. Basically the same thing, but only one has Ron Perlman. Anyway, in the alternate-history world of Konflikt '47, those occult searches yielded some good results, some of which you can see in the new releases available from Warlord Games.
Warlord Games has started taking orders for the first sets of Konflikt '47 releases. But what if you want to plan out your purchases for the next several months? If you get the rulebook and see a really cool unit you'd like to use, when will you be able to get it and put it on your table? The holidays are just a couple months away. It'd be good to know what will be available when they roll around. Thankfully, Warlord Games has posted up their release schedule for the next several months of Konflikt '47 releases.
I got some photos of Konflikt '47 while at Gen Con last weekend. Clockwork Goblin Miniatures has been looking to get the game really off the ground for a couple years. Now, thanks to Warlord Games, it's finally going to be able to happen. And some of the first kits are available now over in the Warlord Games webshop.
I swear this show is just screaming by this year. It's already the end of Day 3. Today will be the last day for Gen Con 2016. As usual for Gen Con Saturday, it was a whirlwind of activity. There was roaming the hall, taking photos most of the morning and early afternoon. Then there was the media event in the CMON booth. Expect a few more posts about games from that in the morning. My brain's just too fried to do much more than get you a recap of the photos I posted earlier today.
So, WWII didn't actually come to an end when we thought it did. It continues to rage on in the world of Konflikt '47. This alternate-reality game, originally created by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures is now available for pre-order from Warlord Games. You can get the rulebook as well as a pair of starter sets.
Warmachine and Hordes aren't the only games in town getting a new edition. Warlord Games has announced that Bolt Action, their game of WWII combat, is also getting a new edition. Though this one doesn't sound like such a big change as we can be expecting from Privateer Press for their games. The new rules for Bolt Action will not make the current army books, theater books, or models obsolete.
The fellows over at Warlord Games have been pretty busy this holiday season. They're giving us quite a treat with all the previews they've been posting. There's a new trio of them to take a look at today. It's a bit of everything, from Weird War II, to sci-fi, to pulp history.
Clockwork Goblin Miniatures has got the beta rules for their Konflict '47 minis rules up on their forums. Go get yourself a copy.

From the release:

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures are pleased to release a Beta test version of the rules for Konflikt '47, their 15mm scale game of Super Science and the Occult in the final days of WWII.

Contained in the documents available are the core mechanics of the game, plus a set of unit stats for US and German forces. Both of these are downloadable from the new CGM forums.

Grab a set today and get involved with shaping the future of 15m Weird War battles!

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures gives us a look at some new minis for Konflikt '47 as well as an update about the upcoming rules.

From the update:

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures are pleased to announce the arrival of their 15mm scale US Medium Grizzly Walker, the 15mm German Thor heavy walker and 15mm light Spinne walker. All three kits will be appearing in our web store in the next two weeks and will be shipping in February.

In addition, variant versions of all our US walkers are now in production for release in March! March and April will also see the release of our German zombies, already in 15mm, at 28mm scale and our US Jump Troopers at both 15 and 28mm scale.

Finally, we are finalising the first draft of the playtest rules for Konflikt '47, our 15mm scale Weird War battle system. We anticipate launching the beta test programme and associated testing forums in the next ten days!