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Kodama: The Tree Spirits

Not every game out there is great for 2 players. Some say they can be played there, but really can't. And others are honestly just for 3+ players. So what're you to do if it's just you and your buddy? Well, if you want to play Kodama, you can back Kodama Duo: Kindred Spirits from Indie Boards and Cards that's up on Kickstarter now. It's a 2-player version of the tree-growing game, that also brings the classic version up to 6 players if you want.
In case you hadn't noticed... It's Saturday! Woo!
Considering time differences and all, I hope a lot of you had a good time at Salute today.
Did any of you pick up some awesome stuff while there?
I, obviously, couldn't go (much as I wanted to). I did, however, pick up my limited-edition Flint figure for Guild Ball in their online store.

But that'll get here when it gets here. As for now, it's time for some reviews.

Today we have: Above and Below, Odin's Ravens, Glass Road App, High Command Rapid Engagement, Aradia Miniatures' Toad King, Android: Netrunner Card Game, Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, Expedition RPG, Kodama, VS 2PCG: The Defenders, And Then We Held Hands, Timeline Challenge, and Tumult Royale.

Trees are a very important part of the ecosystem. And in this day and age of conservation, they seem more important than ever. Personally, despite being from the midwest (where a tall bush is all you might have for several miles around), I love a good forest. The kodama love forests, too. They're the tree spirits and in Kodama: The Tree Spirtis game from Action Phase Games, it's your job to make them as happy as you can. The just launched on Kickstarter.