Tuesday Snippets

We’ve got another set of shorter news stories for you this afternoon.

These stories include: Sally 4th launches range of Fantasy Football Terrain & Accessories, The Siege of Monstral from Irrational Number Line Games released, New 10mm Sci-Fi Buildings from Brigade Models, new Drop Sled and Cargo terrain from Finger & Toe, Mayhem in Paper releases Foot Knights of Camelot sets, Archiminima Structura Castle Terrain on Kickstarter, Some new Terrain releases from Escenografia Epsilon, Corvus Corax Miniatures previews new green, the launch of the Fightin’ Fungi Kickstarter, and an announcement about the Bushido Grand Masters.

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Irrational Number Line Games Suffers Brain Freeze

Irrational Number Line Games downed their Frosted Orange too fast and now they’ve got a bad case of Brain Freeze.

Brain Freeze


From the release:

Just in time for Halloween, it’s survival-supplies-collecting, candy-shuffleboarding, driving-around-in-an-ice-cream-truck, tearin-up-a-deck-of-cards, chucking-frozen-desserts-at-zombies mayhem! Print-n-play (well, print, cut-out, fold, glue, and then play) ice cream truck included!
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Irrationial Number Line Games Goes Cro-Magnon

Irrational Number Line Games gets pre-historical with their latest release. Hunter Gatherer is a new supplement for QILS and available to download now.

Hunter Gatherer


From the release:

Our new game, Hunter Gatherer is a prehistoric fantasy skirmish game designed for our (free!) QILS gaming system. It sets 2-4 tribes of 28mm cavemen against each other, dinosaurs, and the world itself in a pitched battle for survival.

Tribes will have to hunt and gather food as well as protect their stores from hungry velociraptors and possibly invading tribes. You will need to balance your tribe’s approach to all these activities and plan for contingencies beyond your control to come out on top. Bashing a few heads with a club, helps too.

The book includes:
•a full campaign system, consisting of two four-phase seasons
•layout for all the phases, including 2D print an play flats for terrain
•a-fold paper minis for cavemen, Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and mammoths
•petroglyph score sheets to track your progress and establish dominance for your tribe

Irrational Number Line Games searches for Buried Treasure

Irrational Number Line Games released Buried Treasure, their new game of finding the X that marks the spot.

Buried Treasure


From the release:

And only you can find it. Well, and maybe those other guys sitting across the table…

Buried Treasure is a 2-5 team fantastical pirate competition to find, excavate, and escape from a perilous desert island with wealth untold.

Even better, it is offered at Wargame Vault under the “pay what you want” system. That’s right. If you think its worth a couple bucks, pay a couple bucks. If you think it should be free, get it free. If you think it is worth $1000, seek professional help.

The game is written for and comes with complete stats for our free QILS game, and has guidelines to covert it to other systems. The end material has a ton of other options so you can get a lot of different play from the scenario, as well as port it to other genres like sci-fi, fantasy, post apoc, or film noir … anywhere where people are fighting over a secret treasure.

Get Infected from Irrational Number Line Games

Irrational Number Line Games didn’t wash their hands enough and is now getting everyone Infected.



From the release:

Infected is a collaborative-competitive adventure for up to six players to control the scientist survivors of a savage disease outbreak on an isolated Antarctic station. The adventure is collaborative because you will have to work together if anyone is to make it to the hangar bay and safety. It is competitive because there is no way everyone will make it out. There is also a victory objective to compete with the other survivors to be the “hero” of the event in the public’s eye, rather than just a survivor.

The major obstacle to getting out is disease-infected former colleagues with a newly acquired taste for blood. These monsters are controlled by a set of behavioural rules, so you can even play the game solo. By trying to maximize hero points and minimize how infected the survivors become, there is good replay solo value as you try to beat your best performance. And in team play, there are rules for eliminated players to take over the monsters … Yeah, thanks guys. I’ll show you my, “Let Dave go in first!” now …

The .pdf comes with the following:
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Irrational Number Line Games Releases Psycho Killer

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new one-shot adventure, Psycho Killer.
Qu’est-ce que c’est

Psycho Killer


From the release:

This module for our free QILS ruleset allows you to take the role of psycho killer or victims in a shlocky grade-b slasher flick. The .pdf contains:

* full stats for 10 victims & psycho, plus guidelines for transporting to another game system
* 20 victim paper minis (10 male, 10 female) and 6 psycho paper minis (3 male, 3 female, 3 “damage states” each)
* two main movie locations with over a dozen individual scenes for table top hacking and slashing
* over 20 pages of 2D and simple 3D paper terrain so you can populate all the locations and scenes right away
* a few surprises, options, and variants that provide tons of replay and one-off play value

Irrational Number Line Games is Stranding Aliens on Earth in Various Centuries

Irrational Number Line Games is pleased to release Troll/Chupacabra, their new Sci-Fi/Horror Double Feature scenarios.



From the post:

As if crashing on some backwater world isn’t bad enough, the plants don’t have any bonded iron in them. But the animals do. And if it’s a choice between hunting (barely) sentient beings or stranding me and my bioship here … well, no choice, really …

But this double feature gives you the choice of pitting the alien against a Medieval Scandinavian village or a small town of Mexicans in the 19th Century. And with the variants and extra rules at the end, more options beyond that (like Romanians, Colonial Egyptians, Ancient Desert People, or even Hillbillies).

The 62 page .pdf contains:

• Two main scenarios and four variants
• Twenty pages of print and play terrain pieces to cover all the Scenarios
• Stats for the aliens, villagers, and the hero in our free QILS system
• Guidelines to move the action to the tabletop rules of your choice

Irrational Number Line Games Lost Their Treasure…

Irrational Number Line Games has their The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr quest adventure tabletop minis game scenario up online for your gaming pleasure.

Lost Treasure


From the release:

The Lost Treasure of Tan Akihr is a basic quest adventure set as a tabletop wargame for three to seven players. The adventure is presented with stats for our Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish game, but is written so it is fairly easy to substitute in forces from just about any game you already happen to play.

The adventure itself is pretty stock in trade – trek out to the abandoned ruin wherein lies a fabled treasure, grab it, and get back. The way the adventure is set up, players will have to cooperate to survive, but ultimately are really in it for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean backstabbing (it doesn’t preclude it, either). In playtest, it was usually a better strategy to be the go-to guy whose personal objective was aligned with overall party success, rather the the guy who was obviously out for himself.

The .pdf includes:

Stats for heroes and bad guys
Three and seven encounter plot lines with eighteen variants each
Setups for each encounter including special rules and sample maps
Ten pages of 2D and some simple 3D terrain templates

All that prepped in the background so that the game still plays fast and furious.

Irrational Number Line Games Releases Haywire Robot Scenario

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new Haywire Robot scenario. Can you keep the space barge from crashing its load of toxic waste into the Earth. I’m sure the citizens would appreciate it if you could.


From them to you:

There is a problem with the robot crew of the SPSS Awesomer Gossamer. For some reason, they seem intent on crashing the ship, and its 70-teraton cargo of radioactive waste, into the Earth. Fortunately, Space Patrol is at hand to avert the catastrophe! Your mission is to take a small boarding party, sneak-lie-cheat-blast your way through, and shut them down before they turn Earth into a cinder.
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Irrational Number Line Games publishes Ancients-Sci Fi Mash-Up

Irrational Number Line Games has released Imperium Alieni, their sci-fi/historicals game of overthrowing our alien overlords in ancient times.
I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.


From the release:

The last survivors of an alien race have escaped their dying star system and come to Earth. Their advanced technology allowed them to easily establish dominance over the Roman Empire. But with parts wearing out, no infrastructure, and small numbers maintaining power is another thing altogether…

Imperium Alieni puts you in the place of the aliens trying to hold on to power, or the humans who are no longer so much in awe of their alien overlords. Seven scenarios lay out a campaign that begins with some isolated guerilla actions and end in the aftermath of a total revolt. There’s even a little surprise twist in the middle.

The .pdf contains:

Seven scenarios with set up, maps, and victory conditions
A campaign system to link the scenarios
Seven different possible locations for the scenario
Twenty pages of terrain templates to support the different locations
Full stats for our free QILS game, and guidlines for converting to other gaming systems

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Detective Action Adventure

Irrational Number Line Games has published a new game in their Penny Dreadfull series. This one’s Where, Oh Where is Yvonne le Terrible?


From the release:

The father of Ms. Dreadfull’s faithful apprentices, Andrew and Siddhartha, has been rescued! But unfortunately, Col Nancy’s kidnapper has flown the coop … so it’s up to Penny and the Nancy Boys to catch her. Fighting hoods and thugs, they must track Yvonne le Terrible down in that most inhospitable of locations … France!

This adventure provides stats, maps, and rules for running a campaign of high adventure encounters along the route from dear old London to the creepy and desolate Château Terrible. The .pdf contains:
* QILS stats for all the characters and miscreants
* Guidelines to migrate to a different game system
* Seven scenarios with setup, map, rules, and victory conditions
* 30 pages of terrain templates to cover all the scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games releases Perilous Planet

Irrational Number Line Games has released Perilous Planet, their new sci-fi adventure set.


From the release:

After completing a humanitarian relief delivery of frozen fish-sticks and linear algebra textbooks to the Sector Alfa Orphan-O-Mat, the Space Patrol crew is due for a nice, leisurely and safe warp home. Too bad that’s not what they’re going to get…

Perilous Planet is an adventure that crash lands your intrepid Space Patrol team with a crippled ship on to a hostile world. Will they find the materials they need to get off the forsaken rock? Can they repair the ship in time? What are we supposed to eat for lunch? These and other questions can only be answered by working your way through the various missions and tasks. The .pdf includes:

– A campaign adventure comprised of ten scenarios with options and terrain variants for lots of replay value
– Full QILS stats for Patroleers, local flora and fauna as well as guidelines to select forces from another gaming system, if you want
– 2D and (simple) 3D terrain templates to cover everything you need to print and play right away
– The leadership of Commander Hugh Jeego; the piloting expertise of Fleur de Pedal and Rex Allot; the quick blaster of Drew Furst; the … well, you get the idea

Irrational Number Line Games releases Royal Kanadian Mutant Police: Mission of Merci

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new Royal Kanadian Mutant Police mission. This one’s a Mission of Merci.


From the release:

The people of Floor-eh-duh are in trouble! A terrible contagion threatens their very existence! Plus, it could spread across the Associated Wastelands of America and in to Kanadia. Now that would be serious.

Mount up with the Royal Kanadian Mutant Police to deliver the serum and scientists the Floorides need. Or stand up your bands of criminals, mutants, rednecks, and savage beasts to try to keep them from reaching the Gates of Floordoor.

The 43 page .pdf contains:
* a brief outline of the post-Event world
* twelve dinner-table sized scenarios that playtested at about 3 hours each
* full stats for a team of RKMP and gear in QILS, our free skirmish rules
* 2D and some simple 3D terrain templates for the scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games Hosts Octopocalypse Now Contest

Irrational Number Line Games has a special contest going on where you can win some cultists for Octopi Wall Street.


From the contest:

Irrational Number Line Games is hosting a contest to win seven possessed cultists.

The Octopi Wall Street game comes with printable terrain and minis, and they are originally written for (and play tested under) QILS, don’t feel obliged to use any of that. We’d love to see the awesome minis you use, or know how well the scenarios worked using our guidelines to convert them to other systems. Play the whole campaign. Play a few one-offs. Whatever.

Once you’ve got all that sorted out and documented with pictures, send a .doc, .htm & .jpg, or .pdf of your AAR to OWS@inlgames.com and you’re entered. Make sure you include a good email address that we can use to get back to you if you win. We will take submissions until 31 JAN, 2014 and hope to have the results posted and the prize in the mail by the end of February.

Irrational Number Line Games releases Octopi Wall Street

Irrational Number Line Games has released their new Octopi Wall Street game and has it available to download now.


From the release:

The signs of the Octopocalypse are nigh. Only you and your intrepid band of agents can stop it … or … only you and your cult of dedicated disciples can bring it about!

Octopi Wall Street is a campaign of skirmish battles where two teams will fight for supernatural supremacy. Each scenario has tactical and strategic goals that drive positioning for the next game. The .pdf contains:

* Nine scenarios with maps, objectives, and scoring
* Full QILS stats for both sides
* Guidelines to convert the scenarios for other gaming systems
* 2D and simple 3D terrain and figure paper templates
* Variants for the scenarios, including for stand alone play

Irrational Number Line Games Releases SciFi Battle Scenario with Weather

Irrational Number Line Games has released a new scenario for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish called A Season in Hel.


From the release:

This supplement provides a short science-fiction campaign for control of a strategically critical spaceport, Hel.

There are three main battles, the optional ones (depending on choice, and how things go), and a one-off adventure/encounter set in the Hel milieu. Each of the main battles also provides a way to set up force outside the campaign environment.

The scenarios are written as a supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free rule set. We also provide guidelines for picking equivalent forces from other gaming systems, if you want.
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Irrational Number Line Games releases Monster of the Week Club game

Irrational Number Line Games has a new horror-themed game available to order. Go check out Monster of the Week Club.


From the release:

Irrational Number Line Games has released a “monster of the week” adventure just in time for your Halloween gaming needs!

The adventure pits a band of heroes against a nefarious mastermind. Over the course of several days, the heroes will uncover clues, gather artifacts, protect the lives of civilians … and their own! The mastermind’s team will wave after wave of minions at the heroes not just trying to knock them off, but also working to deceive them as to the mastermind’s identity and deny them the powers that will benefit them the most during the final confrontation!

The supplement contains stats for our free QILS game and guidelines for selecting forces for other gaming systems. There are seven total two-hour scenarios, which can play as one-offs, part of a week-long adventure, or in one of two multi-adventure campaigns.

We also provide a set of simple (no PhD in kirigami required!) terrain pieces (as set of 2D and a set of 3D) and paper miniatures for monsters, heroes, and civilians so you can print them out and start playing right away.

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Pulp Detective Scenario

Irrational Number Line Games has a new detective scenario out there for all you pulp RPG fans.


From the release:

For just $.99, you can pit hard-boiled detective Ace Goodknight against prim and proper sleuth Penny Dreadful in a race to retrieve the jade elephant from the clutches of the nefarious Yu Noh Hu and his henchpersons Lo Fat and Tan Kyu!

The supplement contains:
•a total of seven system independent skirmish scenarios
•2D and 3D paper terrain templates so you can print and play right away
•tailored stats for our free QILS system
•guidelines to substitute another system for QILS
•solo play options for the head-to-head scenarios
•samples of the worst dialogue and most hackneyed writing you have ever laid eyes on!

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Phenomenally Cosmic Power Superhero Scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games has released their supplement Phenomenally Cosmic Power so you can add some super hero combat fun to your minis games.

From the release:

Really, really powerful superhero characters are not just tough to beat, they’re also tough to game. Most systems have problems when bringing together significantly uneven forces. To help overcome this, we’ve published a dozen of our scenarios that manage those issues but still let you sling your spandex around.

The book includes:

* Twelve scenarios with variants enough to keep the threats coming again and again
* Twenty-Eight pages of simple terrain templates so you can just print and play
* Six hero archetypes, and over twenty premade heroes and Phenomenally Cosmic Entities
* Guidelines for recasting the scenarios in pulp, fantasy, scifi, and other genres where it’s good to fight an obscenely powered entity every once in a while

Irrational Number Line Games Publishes Path of Bones Mass Battle Martial Arts Game

Irrational Number Line Games has released their Path of Bones game for mass-battle martial arts.
… I gotta admit… that sounds pretty awesome…

From the release:

This furious mass combat game from Irrational Number Line Games uses dominoes – bones – instead of dice to bring hordes of unrelenting troops and adamantine heroes to your table!

Dozens of troop types.
Thousands of style combinations for heroes.

Nine replay configurable combat scenarios inside three milieu. Journey with the last survivors of the Xaiolin temple. Repel the Mongol invaders. Even fight the epic climax battle of the Forty Seven Ronin!

Twenty-five pages of simple to deploy terrain pieces mean your ready to print and play right away.

Irrational Number Line Games publishes Saga of the Death Cult

Irrational Number Line Games released their new Saga of the Death Cult online for your downloading and playing pleasure.

From the announcement:

Irrational Number Line Games has published a new scenario supplement on Wargame Vault.

This set of six scenarios lets you join the battle for the fabled Eye of Lysagora against empires, bandit-kings, necromancers, and treasure hunters.

The supplement comes complete with variants, playtest notes, and guidelines for converting to a system other than INLGames’ Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish.

Irrational Number Line Games Hosts Pulp Scenario Contest

Irrational Number Line Games is running a contest where you come up with scenarios and they potentially give you free stuff. Who doesn’t love that?

From the contest:

In conjunction with its new release, Zombiesaurus Rex vs. The Tricerinator, INLGames is hosting a contest to write backstory for the heroes. Up for grabs … three custom giant zombie dinosaur models.

Just write and submit a scenario describing the adventures of one of the five heroes in the game. We will select the best for publication and the top three writers will get a zombie dinosaur model.

Zombiesaurus Rex vs. Tricerinator new from Irrational Number Line Games

Irrational Number Line Games has a new game available and it’s… rather interesting-looking. Go check out Zombiesaurus Rex vs. Tricerinator.

From the release:

Zombiesaurus Rex vs. Tricerinator is a supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free rule set, that pits a plucky band of heroes and their minions against an island full of zombified dinosaurs. Their only hope is to convert an animatronic triceratops from the park into a zombidino terminator.

Irrational Number Line Games publishes Bronze Age Scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games has some Bronze Age scenarios up for their Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish system.

From the announcement:

It is the late Bronze Age. Empires are crumbling. Hordes are forming. Heroes are rising. And there is a cloud of dust on the horizon.

Heroes of Urartu is a supplement for Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish, our free rule set, staged on the Anatolian plateau in the late Bronze Age. Five ancients empires are presented for head to head battle and campaign play. You will field everything from civilians to the heroes that legends are based upon. There are also single hero scenarios that you can play head to head or as solo games. And just to fill things out, there are some optional fantasy forces – not D&D style magic wielding supermonsters, but rather gritty and savage beasts and men (and women) of ancient legend.

The booklet contains:

14 Tactical Scenarios (head to head, naval, solo) with tons of variants
Stats for over 50 unit types: civilians, commons, leaders, heroes, etc.
10 Pages of flats to get you started playing without buying new terrain
Campaign rules for a strategic game that overlays the tactical scenarios

Irrational Number Line Games publishes QILS supplement Troll Ball

Irrational Number Line Games has a new publication up on Wargame Vault: Troll Ball. Go have a look-see.

From the release:

INLGames has a new QILS supplement at WGV for fantasy characters playing sports. Sure, we’ve seen that before. But instead of teams of monsters in uniforms on a manicured pitch, this game is pick up ball. Well … pick up and throw down.

The supplement provides stats for trolls (and a few others) in INLGames free QILS system, three outdoor in the wildnerness set ups (with dozens of variants) with flat and 2.5D terrain templates for the obstacles and hazards.

From two to ten players can play as two to five teams kicking, lofting, punching and pushing (not into the quicksand!?!?!) their way to victory.

Irrational Number Line Games Releases Rumble in the Rubble

Irrational Number Line Games has their new beat-down, drag-out, slobberknocker game Rumble in the Rubble now available. You can get it over in the Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Rumble in the Rubble is a bare knuckles action hero slugfest for 28 mm miniatures. Using an innovative coin based mechanic, RitR lets you jump off a building slashing a chainsaw at your gaming buddies in cinematic style.

For $1.99, this 52 page book contains:

•seven pages of rules
•twelve scenarios and five plot lines for head to head, multiplayer, and tournament play
•22 pages terrain flats and easy-build 3D terrain peices
•3 pages of special ability, weapon, and surprise cards, formatted to print out on a regular laser printer business card page

Irrational Number Line Games posts up hobby article

Irrational Number Line Games tells us how to make some nice post-apocalyptic buses for our tabletop. Take a look.

From the article:

Irrational Number Line Games’ Idea of the Week provides some guidance for selecting a good die-cast bus and examples of simple conversions of the same for 28mm gaming. Everybody get on board!

Irrational Number Line Games posts up a new hobby article

Irrational Number Line Games helps teach you some conversion techniques for turning a regular model into a cyclops. Have a look-see.

From the article:

Irrational Number Line Games’ Idea of the Week is a quick tutorial on action figure to giant cyclops conversion. Quick and simple with a few pointers on picking a conversion amenable action figure from the discount bin.

Irrational Number Line Games posts new hobby article

Irrational Number Line Games has a new hobby article up for you that has a whole slew of helpful hints and tips.

From the update:

Irrational Number Line Games has braved the dangers of the desert to bring you an article chock-full of figure conversions, terrain instructions, and even a free scenario to put them together posted on Wargame Vault! Grab your kopi and get going!

Irrational Number Line Games posts terrain tutorial

Irrational Number Line Games has a tutorial on how to make some new terrain simply and cheaply.

From them:

The Idea of the Week from INLGames is a cheap and quick way to make some nice sci-fi structures. A (partial) icosahedron and a tetrahedron are shown, but the technique could be expanded for a lot more …

Irrational Number Line Game Publishes Demolition Derby: Centaur Edition

Irrational Number Line Games publishes Demolition Derby: Centaur Edition on Wargame Vault!

Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

DDCE is a beer ‘n’ pretzels game of areans of death, fast hooves, and deadly weapons. Each player gets a custom hybrid to gallop and slash their way to victory. Make sure you plan ahead, or momentum may get the better of you. Of course, that’s better than your opponents getting the better of you.

And why not? It does look like it will be rather fun to play.

Irrational Number Line Games Posts a Hobby Article

Irrational Number Line Games reviews Balsa Puzzles for use in 28mm gaming:

From their website:

Irrational Number Line Games’ Idea of the Week is for converting a couple of those balsa wood puzzles you find for cheap in the craft store into bone fide 28mm wargaming terrain. We tackle a pair of oriental boats and find how cool it can be and where the challenges are …

Irrational Number Line Games Sinks Atlantis

Irrational Number Line Games posts a hobby article on how to build a cheap and easy Atlantean type modular ruins:

From their post:

Irrational Number Lines Games posts a hobby article on how to build a cheap and easy Atlantean type modular ruin, and then how to submerge it (and your opponents!) in a fun game of last man standing (…er…drowning)!

Irrational Number Line Games Releases New Pulp Adventure

Irrational Number Line Games announces that Ace Goodknight is at it again! This time, some dame has him schlepping all over the globe to save her dad. Fortunately, they’re well-heeled. Eighty bucks:

From their announcement:

The adventure is set up to allow the different scenes to be arranged for any of the seven different geographic locations, and allows the Red Shadow player to plan for different types of bad guys at each location. Fortunately, as Ace goes along, he will have the opportunity to hire a number of different types of help, too.

The supplement has:

•seven scenarios that can be played in the story arc or one-off
•one geographic location for each continent (that’s seven, ya lunkhead!)
•some reasonable black & white and color templates for all needed terrain
•stats for minions of the Red Shadow and hirelings for Ace for our free QILS system
•one (1) damsel in distress
•possibly the worst pulp narrative you have even read to seam it all together!

Irrational Number Line Games, Luddites Coming to Williamsburg Muster

Irrational Number Line Games will be running an 1812 theme game a the Old Dominion Military Society’s Williamsburg Muster (3-5 FEB) using their free QILS ruleset:

From their website:

The game will pitch Luddites, hried agents provocateur, factory workers, the British Army, and … gasp … women(!) in a struggle to either destroy or protect the fledgling textile industry.