Exclusive International Tabletop Day Items Available to Pre-Order

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year (heck, as I mentioned earlier, it’s one here today in the US). But there’s only one holiday that’s specifically all about gaming. And it’s not just one country’s holiday. It’s everyone’s! It’s International Tabletop Day. And it’s been growing with every year. This year, you can even get some exclusive items. Just ask your FLGS to put their name on the list to get the box of goodies.
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International TableTop Day Is Here!

International TableTop Day is here. It’s your duty to go get some gaming in! Be sure to check in with your local gaming shop (or “second home” as many of us call it) to see if they’re holding an event. Even if they’re not, why not go and play some games anyway?! Remember, Gaming isn’t just for singles. Get your significant others involved. Have kids? There’s plenty of games out there they can enjoy with you as well. Get the whole family together to play. Gaming is an ideal way to bring people together for some good, clean, wholesome fun (well, unless you’re playing something like Cards Against Humanity, then it’s “good, unclean, not very wholesome fun,” but it’s still good!).

Happy gaming, everyone!

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Looney Labs Brings International TableTop Day to DC

Looney Labs is getting set for International TableTop Day and they’re inviting you to come along as well. If you’re in the Washington DC area (or if you want to travel there) you can stop by at their free event (that’s right, no charge to come and hang out) and play games. Have someone that’s maybe not so into games? The Cherry Blossom Festival will be going on as well. So they can check that out while you go flip some cards and roll some dice.
The event’s happening on April 11th, so mark your calendars.

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Wil Wheaton Announces International TableTop Day 2015

Wil Wheaton, ambassador to all things nerdy, has announced International TableTop Day 2015 is coming. The event, celebrated anywhere you and your friends might want to get some gaming in, is meant to bring all of us together in the hobby we so love. Be on the lookout at your hobby shops and gaming clubs to see if they’ll be running any particular events that day. And be sure you clear your calendar for April 11 so you can participate.

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Final Days to enter International Tabletop Day contest

One Small Step Games is only taking entries until tomorrow for their International Tabletop Day contest. Check out entry requirements on Ares’ Magazine’s website.


From the contest:

The last day to enter One Small Step Games Tabletop Day Contest is Friday, March 28.

The three week contest, which began March 7, celebrates gaming and International Tabletop Day’s worldwide effort to promote gaming and connect fans and publishers.

When someone enters, they get to choose from a list of seven OSS Games. The first six are sets of Millennium Wars, a strategic-level, two-player simulation of possible current and near-future conflicts including Ukraine, Iraq, Kashmir, Air War, Korea and America. Entrants can also choose the notorious Politics as Usual, a wild, multiplayer card game that lets players run the campaigns of their favorite candidates in a bid for the White House.

Winners will be chosen on Saturday, March 29. One winner of a Millennium Wars title will receive the Millennium Wars: Six-Pack, all six games in one package. Up to 10 winners of a Politics as Usual game will also receive a Politics as Usual—Unusual Suspect Expansion set.

For every 50 entrants, OSS Games is giving away one game. People can enter the contest up to four times through options like posting about the contest on social media and referring others to the contest. Subscribers to Ares Magazine, OSS Games’ latest project which launched after its successful Kickstarter in January, get an additional chance to enter.

One Small Step Games contest to give away loads of free games

Ares Magazine and One Small Step Games is having a contest to give away free games.
Who doesn’t like free games?


From the contest:

One Small Step Games announced that they are giving away loads of free games in a contest that begins Friday, March 7.

“We wanted to show our support of gaming and International Tabletop Day,” says OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who praises Tabletop Day’s international effort to promote gaming and connect fans and publishers. “This seemed like a good way to do that.”
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Tabletop Gaming: Creating Worldwide Friendships

International Tabletop Day, organized by the fine people over at Geek & Sundry is coming up in just over a month. As part of the run-up to the event, they’ve asked me to be part of a group of bloggers who would share a bit about their experiences with gaming.

So in the first TGN Editorial, I’m going to talk a bit about my history with gaming and the great friendships it’s created all over the world over the years.
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