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Infinity Engine

The week continues to just move right along. Apparently it's not going fast for everyone, as our video guy has said he thought it was Thursday about 2 days ago. But hopefully your week isn't dragging along like that. And hopefully you have a weekend full of gaming to look forward to. And, of course, when gaming, you want your table to look as good as possible. And that's what we're here to help with now.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Heroic Maps - The Silver Sword Pit-Fighting Club Now Available, Infinity-Engine Releases Dungeon Scenery Range, Arid Plain: Pwork Wargames Gaming Mat Now Available, and Maki Games Adds 3D Files To Modular Underground Project Kickstarter.

Is the week going by quickly for everyone or just me? Every day I wake up and go, "whoah, it's already (insert day here)." Well, that didn't happen on Monday. That sort of thing never happens on Monday. But it did happen this morning. Well, that just means the weekend will be here soon. Woot!

It also means, since it's Thursday, that it's time for a Terrain Corner segment.

Today we have: New Steampunk sci-fi Generator From Infinity-Engine, Warmachine F.A.T. Mat Pre-Orders are Live, New Wooden Stockade Sets Available From Tabletop-Art, TerraForms Terrain Kickstarter Update, New MDF Terrain Kits Available From Pwork Wargame, and Deep-Cut Studio releases mousepad terrain tiles.

The week rolls along, picking up speed as we head down from Wednesday's "hump day" through Thursday. It's been a busy one around here. Lots of stuff going on for the conventions coming up (some next week, some at the end of the month). Lots of prep work to be done between now and then. Hopefully with some gaming in there somewhere. I've got a hobby project I'm going to be working on this weekend. What do you guys have planned?

Today, of course, we have another Terrain Corner feature.

In this installment, we have: Terminus Segments Kickstarter Final Days, Manorhouse Workshop Update #16 – Let’s make the 3D Bases suffer a bit, Battlemap Layers passed 80% Funding with 15 Days to Go, Lands of Mars: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat now available, and Lots of new temple models from Infinity-Engine.

Is anyone else's week just racing by? It's already Thursday! I... should probably think about making plans for the weekend. Maybe get some gaming done. I've got some prototypes of games I need to look over for reviews. Gotta polish up some review articles as well. It's just all sorts of fun going on.

Anyway, as for right now, it's time to make your gaming tables look as good as possible with some new terrain.

Today's feature we have: Warsenal releases Thon Wave Two Terrain, Front Arc Launches Pre-painted Historical 15mm Wargaming Terrain Kickstarter, Infinity Engine Releases Molock Sphinx, and Final Days For Battle System Urban Apocalypse Terrain On Kickstarter

Despite the fact that I was in my Wednesday shirt all day yesterday, that we had a Midweek Snippets feature, and several other factors, all day and into the evening I thought to myself, "Well, tomorrow's Friday." Obviously, that is not the case. Friday does not come directly after Wednesday. And my time-jumping skills never fully developed correctly when I was a kid (I had this fever for a while and they just never really materialized the way they should've). As such, it's Thursday. Obviously.
I never could quite get a handle on Thursdays.

So that means we have a Terrain Corner to look at.

Today's articles include: Encounter Bricks Construction System Kickstarter Launches, Infinity-Engine explore R'Lyeh with new Mausoleum model, New items from Thomarillion, Fat Dragon launches snap-lock stackable dungeon terrain Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art Previews Oil Barrels, and Deep-Cut Studios Releases Space Hulk Gaming Mat.