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Imperial Assault

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
I know a lot of people did.
Another American Football season is in the books. Time to look forward to next year. Also time to look ahead to next weekend and hopefully some more gaming. And if you're gaming, you want your gaming tables to look good. And that's what we're here to help with today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: New Anchorhead Cantina Playmat Available For Imperial Assault, New Snow Field Terrain Map From Heroic Maps, and Roads of War Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Droids are an everyday part of the Star Wars world. They're basically everywhere, filling in roles in all parts of life. As such, they should also be pretty common in the various games made about the universe. And it's not just the more well-known ones such as R2-D2 and C-3PO, either. With that, Fantasy Flight Games has a couple droid-centric figure packs coming out for Imperial Assault.
Fantasy Flight has some expansions available for some of their popular board games. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or more into an Earth-centered sci-fi world in the form of XCOM, there's some new releases that will change how you play the game.
One of the most notorious crime lords in the galaxy, Jabba the Hutt has a lot of power an influence over the actions of others. With his vast wealth and resources, he can afford to put out large bounties on anyone that crosses him. He can also afford to pay for the best bodyguards around. Other characters who live on the fringes of society will do what they can to impress Jabba in the hopes of joining in with his criminal organization, and hopefully stay on his good graces. That's the sort of stuff Jabba also does in Imperial Assault.
You know, I'm not really sure that a dewback really looks like all that great a way to get around a desert area. They aren't all that fast. They don't look that comfortable to ride (you think you get bow-legged riding a horse). And I bet they eat a lot. But, hey, who am I to question how the Empire chooses to have their troopers get around? And soon you'll have your own dewback-riding trooper for your games of Imperial Assault.
The ability to disrupt enemy actions via well-placed firepower is crucial in winning a conflict. The Rebel Alliance knows that they're outnumbered and running behind the Empire in terms of technology, but they make up for it in dedication and training. And Alliance Rangers are able to increase the odds of winning by taking out enemy officers or other linchpin parts of the enemy. Soon, you'll be able to add these force multiplier figures to your games of Imperial Assault.
When Luke Skywalker entered the domain of Jabba the Hutt on a rescue mission, it seemed that up to that point, everything had been going wrong. Han was still in carbonite. Leia had been captured, along with Chewie. The pair of droids were being used by the gang leader as his personal servants. But, in reality, it was all just different steps in the plan... perhaps a rather haphazard plan that relied on a lot of unlikely things to happen, but a plan nonetheless. And soon you'll be able to bring this Jedi to your tabletops in Imperial Assault.
Jabba the Hutt operated outside the realm of the law, be it the crushing restrictions of the Empire or the more open rule employed by the Rebellion. He was a gangster, after all. He did his own thing, surrounding himself with his own type in order to rule his criminal empire. So, in Jabba's Realm, the new expansion coming for Imperial Assault, there's plenty of Mercenary models. That's not to say there aren't Imperials as well, mind you.
Tattooine's just not all that great a planet, it would seem. At least, nobody that comes from there seems to be all that happy about it. It's not got the most glowing endorsements from its long-time residents. But there are some shining lights in the rough that is the various hives of scum and villainy. It's a look at those heroes that we get in today's preview from the upcoming Jabba's Realm expansion for Imperial Assault.
So, over the weekend, many companies had a lot of announcements about games and expansions they're coming out with. I was able to get photos of many of them. Here, now that Gen Con's over, it's time to post up the website updates for many of them. Fantasy Flight Games certainly had a lot to talk about. They've got a new expansion for the XCOM board game, a bunch of things coming out for Imperial Assault, as well as the next wave of ships for Star Wars Armada.
I swear this show is just screaming by this year. It's already the end of Day 3. Today will be the last day for Gen Con 2016. As usual for Gen Con Saturday, it was a whirlwind of activity. There was roaming the hall, taking photos most of the morning and early afternoon. Then there was the media event in the CMON booth. Expect a few more posts about games from that in the morning. My brain's just too fried to do much more than get you a recap of the photos I posted earlier today.
I hope your Monday is going along well. It's kind of a hot one here in Atlanta. Even inside the office it's not exactly comfortable. But it's ok. I'll make it through. Just gotta focus on one post at a time. And currently, that post is the Terrain Corner for today.

This time around we have: New Cult Village Buildings Range From Pigeon Guard Games, New ITC Terrain: Compact Urban Building, New Goals Unlocked And Added For Maze of the Dead Kickstarter, New Playmats Available For Imperial Assault, Eslo Terrain: July New Releases & 15th Year Anniversary Offer for a Longer Time, and Cyber City: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available.

In the Hero's Journey, you'll usually have the old sage who will impart wisdom on the young upstart and then, usually, they'll get killed off. There's no better example of that type of character than Obi-Wan Kenobi. The old Jedi who first pushed Luke Skywalker along the path to becoming a Jedi Knight (just like Luke's father). Soon he'll be coming to your games of Imperial Assault. Hopefully, (if you're the Rebel player) he'll last longer than just halfway through the game.
Oota goota TGN reader?
I try not to editorialize about the new releases and previews from companies, but man... I love this preview from Fantasy Flight, taking a look at the Greedo expansion coming out for Imperial Assault.
The Jedi Order had been around for quite a long time before the Emperor decided, "well, that's enough of that" and started working at getting rid of them all. Sure, he got a lot of them right away with Order 66, but remnants of the Jedi Order were all over (galaxies are pretty big places, after all). But he couldn't just be running off on his own to take care of it. There were more important things to do. So he took a fallen Jedi and turned him into his Grand Inquisitor. Now, that Grand Inquisitor is making his way to the tabletops of Imperial Assault.
It's two, two, two previews in one! Fantasy Flight gives us a look at a pair of Villain Packs for Imperial Assault with a preview of both Bossk and the ISB Infiltrators. These figure sets couldn't be much more different from one-another. On one hand, you've got a set of spies. On the other, you've got a Trandoshan with a big gun who isn't afraid to use it.
Gee. Another day, another Imperial Assault preview from Fantasy Flight Games. That's not a complaint, mind you. It just goes to show how much cool stuff they have planned for the game. This time around it's Agent Blaise, Imperial scout and master interrogator. If you need someone to get in there and figure out what your opponent is doing, you can't find a better figure than Blaise.
It would seem as though The Bespin Gambit isn't the only thing on the minds of Fantasy Flight Games when it comes to Imperial Assault. Today they're showing off a trio of new expansion packs, two of which bring rather iconic characters to your gaming table. They're the Obi-Wan Kenobi Ally Pack, the Grand Inquisitor Villain Pack, and the Greedo Villain Pack.
While both side of the Galactic Civil War were happy to hire people to help the cause (hey, that's how Han Solo got started in things), it's mostly associated with the Empire. Well, The Bespin Gambit expansion for Imperial Assault has several Mercenary figures available in it. So no matter what side your on, if you want a little boost to your army, you could use them.
With Star Ware you just about have to have Bespin. If you have Bespin you just have to have Lando. Well, Imperial Assault is headed to Bespin. So that means Imperial Assault is going to have a Lando. That's what we get a preview of today (they couldn't put all the Star Wars stuff back on the 4th).
The characters of the Star Wars universe are what drive the action forward. Sure, there's millions in the Rebel Alliance, for example, but it's the heroes like Luke, Han, and Leia that we focus on. Such is also the case in Imperial Assault. The new Bespin Gambit expansion also brings in new heroes to the forefront. We get a look at them into today's preview.
With the new Bespin Gambit box expansion coming for Imperial Assault, it's only right that there'd be some Ally and Villain packs coming out as well. Well, Fantasy Flight Games has announced four. One Rebel and three Villain packs will be making their way to you soon, along with the expansion.
The gas giant planet of Bespin is a major source of tabana gas. This gas is used in blasters, so you can see how it would be vital for any military to have a good and steady supply of it. As such, the galactic civil war certainly hasn't left the planet alone, as both Rebels and Imperials look to get their supplies filled. It's also where Fantasy Flight Games is placing their next Imperial Assault expansion.
Most of the smaller expansion packs for Imperial Assault have been there to use as "upgrades" for tokens that come in the larger sets. Well, this time around that's not the case. The Alliance Smuggler and Bantha Rider are all-new to the game. So you've got the chance to change up your game a bit more than you usually would with these new sets.
You know, even though they're seen in a desert environment in Star Wars, I bet that a bantha wouldn't do so bad in someplace like Hoth. Large creature, covered in hair. It might have trouble finding enough to eat, but I'm guessing it already has that issue on Tattooine. Well, soon you'll be able to add banthas to your Imperial Assault collections and you can put them anywhere that you might be battling at the time.

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