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We're less than a week to the big show. That's Gen Con... so as to make sure I'm not confusing anyone there.
Of the many vendors that will be there, that includes Gale Force Nine. And they have quite a lot planned for the event. There's some new models. There's some new expansions to games. And there's some brand new games. It's a little something for everyone.
Saturday night's alright for gaming. Well, all of Saturday is alright for gaming, really. At the time this posts, there might or might not be a TPK happening. For my player's sake, hopefully they'll not just "charge at the enemy" as their go-to strategy. But... that's PCs for you.

But that's as may be. In the meantime, we've got a collection of review articles we've collected from the week.

This week's batch of reviews/previews includes: Homeland: The Game, Monstrous, Welcome to the Dungeon, Dimension, Ether Wars, Immortal, Sultan's Library, and Forbidden Stars.
Gale Force 9 has launched their website for the upcoming Homeland board game, based on the popular TV series. You can check out how to play the game, as well as order the game (which is due out later this month) from the GF9 store.


From the announcement: