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Home Guard Radio

I hope your Monday didn't kick your butt too much.
My Tuesday is being a bit rough. But that's as may be. It's nothing life-threatening or that terrible, but just a bunch of small things adding up.
What I need is to just sit back and listen to some gaming podcasts.

Good thing there's a list of them right here.

Today we have: Game Classy 109: Riker Rolls His Charisma, Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 16: Tanya DePass, founder #INeedDiverseGames, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 46 Board With Life, and Home Guard Radio Episode 8 – Return of the DAK.

Home Guard Radio, a brand new podcast, has posted up their inaugural episode up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Welcome to the first episode of Home Guard Radio, join our hosts as they gather round the microphone in the bunker and discuss Warlord Games Bolt Action. Join the four Scottish gentlemen and Craig (apparently I am not a gentleman) as they talk about what they have been playing and building and the topic of the month.

Hosts: Craig (Ghostmaker) AndyM, AndyW, Ali and Steven

Part 1: Intelligence Corp – What we have been playing and Rules chat.
Part 2: Logistics Corp – Hobby News
Part 3: Subject of the Month – The road to Bolt Action, dipping a hairy toe into historical gaming.


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