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Board to Death posted another of their video reviews. This time it's for Septikon: Uranium Wars.


From the review:

In Septikon we have tried to re-create a retro-futuristic atmosphere which was popular in games like Fallout and BioShock. The players take role of the owners and leaders of orbital mining battle stations, which are hunting for rich uranium deposits in an asteroid belt.

Since there is not enough uranium for everyone, the players have to fight with other space explorers for every asteroid. By using a rich armory of defensive and offensive measures and a loyal crew of their own clones, the player will have to survive a terrible battle and do everything to be first to put the other player out of action.

Hand Cannon Online posted up a review of the print-and-play version of Septikon Uranium Wars by Hobby World.
As it was their first time ever dealing with a print-and-play product, much of the article focuses on the experiences therein.


From the review:

Hand Cannon Online reviews the print and play version of the Septikon Uranium Wars board game that is currently on Kickstarter.

Hobby World made it to their funding goal for Septikon Uranium Wars over on Kickstarter. How many stretch goals do you think they'll break through in the next 16 days?


From the update:

Excellent news everyone!

Klondike Industries is excited to announce, that our mining battle station production has been funded! Because of you and your support, we did it and now are ready for new horizons!

And our first goal is the Space Heroes add-on!

ModernTablegamer takes a look at the new board game up on Kickstarter from Hobby World with a video overview of Septikon.

From the video:

Learn how to obliterate your opponent's mining station so you can have exclusive rights to all the uranium. Learn the rules to Septikon and see how this game plays. Septikon has been released in Russia and currently has a kickstarter campaign.

Hobby World launched their latest Kickstarter project. This one's Septikon Uranium Wars, the board game where you're in control of an orbiting mining station.

From the campaign:

Septikon is set in a retro-futuristic atmosphere, resembling the atmosphere of such popular games as Fallout and BioShock.

The two players each take the role of owner and leader of an orbital mining battle station. They are hunting for uranium deposits in an asteroid belt far away from civilization.

There is not enough uranium for everyone, so the players fight brutal battles with other explorers over every asteroid. By using diverse offensive and defensive measures and the a loyal crew of clones, a player has to try everything to put his opponent out of action first.

Hobby World has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund an English version of their tactical card game called Berserk. They've just made it over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 25 days.

From the campaign:

Berserk is a tactical card game of skill and strategy. Created and developed in Russia, Berserk was first published in 2003. Over the years it has been hugely successful in Russia and more than 20 expansions and over 4000 different cards were published. We enhanced the basic rules of the game, chose the best illustrations and mechanics, and now we are planning to launch it worldwide.

Why is the game called "Berserk", what does it mean? Berserk - is a fierce warrior who fights in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, feeling neither pain nor mortal wounds. We thought the name is a good fit for the game.