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Hey everyone.
Well, the first week of the year is coming to a close. It's been... an odd one. Monday I had off. Tuesday I had to take my car in for repairs (which got finished up on Thursday, since they had to order in a part). Wednesday and Thursday I had some stomach issues. Now it's Friday and everyone here in Atlanta is bracing for a "huge snowstorm" that's on its way. Hopefully it's not too bad and everyone out there stays safe.
But just as everyone is stocking up on bread and milk, let's stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories, as well as some terrain pieces from this week.

As such, we have: Flat Plastic Miniatures 2 Up On Kickstarter, New Sleeves Unlocked in Mage Company Kickstarter, New Metalized Discworld Death Bust From Micro Art Studio, New Magnetic Foil Sets Available From Tabletop-Art, Avatars of War Having Plastic Harpies Sale This Week, Brigade Models 6mm Habitation Dome Released, Heer46 launches Gebirgsjaeger Kickstarter, Molecules of Hatred: Wulfrim Irongrudge Available, and Acheson Releases More Dungeon Worlds Part 2 Figures.

Welcome back again to Friday. It's been a busy week here, catching up from all the things after the CMON Expo. But we're all back into a stable flight pattern, I hope. I know I am. And hopefully you've got some gaming lined up this weekend. I'm going to visit some friends across town and play some 2nd edition D&D. Yeah, we're going old-school for this one. Bring on the Thac0 tables.

Before that, though, we've got some bite-sized stories we want to share with you.

In this batch we have: Britanan All-Stars Team Deal from Tor Gaming, Final Week for Golem Arcana Pretty Girls Indiegogo, New Basing Sand from Kromlech, 32mm Crystal Clear, Magnetic & Standard Precision Laser cut bases and figure storage from Sally 4th, Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Released, Free PDF at The Ion Age: Planetary Militia in Patrol Angis, and Heer46 "Kharkov 1943" Indiegogo Campaign Reaches Funding Goal

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going well. My Saturday was spent with some good friends that I don't get to see nearly enough, talking about glorious moments from games past, listening to some humorous gaming radio-plays, getting into wacky hijinks, and just generally being odd (while mostly listening to hair metal, because why not?).

As for today, it's time to serve up some bite-sized stories to you.

In this batch we have:
Heer46 Indiegogo Kampagne 1943 Kharkov is online
Heroic Maps - Summoning Rooms Terrain Maps Released
Quantum Gothic: Large Power Generator Module V2K resin kit back on line
Manorhouse Workshop Update #31 – Modular Underground Project – compatible with Dwarven Forge items
Slaughterloo 200th Anniversary Special Coming 15th June 2015
Post Captain sailing soon from Old Dominion GameWorks
Age of Sail clear acrylic ship bases with etched wakes preview from Old Dominion GameWorks
Fury: Outburst Control is coming to Kickstarter June 10th
Acheson Creations Releases WW1 Alpine Trench Section #3
Gangfight Games Previews Werecatcher for Blackwater Gulch
Brigade Models Release Several New 15mm Packs

Wednesday is once again upon us, dear TGN readers. We've been having a busy week at the office. I'm working on a few review articles that're coming up, and yesterday we shot a new unboxing video.

But that's as may-be. We've also collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

This batch has: Okumarts Games releases Star Sailors for White Star, Two New Cowboys Added to Steam Horses Kickstarter Line Up, New Skirmish Sangin Scenario Free to Download, New Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, The Last Days for The Last Spike on Kickstarter, Heer46 Announces Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign, Space Goblin Campaigner free during June at The Ion Age, New Aegis Suit Satin Varnish from The Army Painter, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Age of Tyrants website launched, Golem Miniatures Launches Indiegogo Campaign, Pedion Modular Battlefields Kickstarter Going Into Stretch Goals, New Range rulers for WWII armies from Warchimera, New Orc Flying Ace from Kromlech, Manorhouse Workshop Update #29 – Modular Underground Project – First Pieces in Hard Plastic, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for futuristic football.

Heer46 gives you some new bits and bobs for your SdKfz 251s as well as some new German HQ minis over in their webshop.


From the release:

New supplie for the SdKfz 251 (Battelfront, PSC) you see the new Rahmenantenne and the UHU Infarotsystem .More supplie are for the Panther with an IR-System (Battelfront, PSC) and four new german officers. More info on my blog.

Heer46 is showing off progress on the molding for their Loewe 1:48 scale tank model they're looking to get funded over on Indiegogo.


From the update:

Casting preparations: The halves for the body and the towers are being prepared.

Heer46 launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Loewe 1:48-scale tank. Go check it out.


From the campaign:

The goal of the campaign is the production of the Panzerkampfwagen Löwe in 28mm/1:48 scale. The realization of this project necessitates several steps, beginning with the rendering of the files for the 3D-printing, leading to the production of the molds and concluding with the production of the final model-kit. Those steps are quite costly and for one person it´s not that easy to fund such a project. Also the funding-campaign allows us to gouge the demand.

Model Dads is back to their reviewing here in the new year as they take a look at some minis from Heer46.


From the review:

Model Dads kicks of the New Year and heads West to see what Heer 46 have in store for us in 2014

Heer46 is showing off their prototype mini for the Waffentrager Steyer with 88 Pak 43...
which I'm sure means a lot more to WWII enthusiasts than it does to me.


From the preview:

The new Prototyp for the Waffenträger Steyer in 1:100 (15mm) is ready.
More Infos on my blog

Heer46 is taking down names of those of you gamers out there who want their E-100 series tanks as soon as they're available.

From the announcement:

The E-100 Serie (15mm-1:100)
E-100 with Krupp turret
E-100 Ausführung B
E-100 Jagdpanzer Krokodil
are ready for pre-order.
More info on my blog.

Heer46 is showing off their first test preview of their T-34 Vierlinksflak with shield.

From the preview:

you like the PDF for the 653 Schwere Panzerjägerabt for flames of war.
You want play the T-34 with the Vierlingsflak but you have no model for this.
Than look at the first test print of the gun shield for the Vierlinksflak.
More info on my blog.

Heer46 wants to know what tanks you think they should be making next. Go let them know.

From the announcement:

now and then I get asked whether it would be possible for me to produce my tanks in 28mm, too.
But, in advance of such a project, I'll need your help. You need to answer just two questions.

Heer46 posted up a photo of the new master they've got in for the E-100 Jagdpanzer model they've been working on.

From the preview:

The master of the E-100 Jagdpanzer is ready.
In the next days the master from the E-100 Ausführung B and the master of the E-100 Krupp Turret comes.
When all three master a ready we start the production

Heer46 released their new 1:100 scale Jagdpanzer model kit.

From the release:


now the new E-75 Jagdpanzer 1:100 is ready.
The Jagdpanzer comes with two guns and one Infarotsystem.
Price per tank is 15€.
More info an my blog

Heer46 has their new E50 Jagdpanzer over on their website for you to check out... so check it out!

From the update:

After the E50 and the E75 you see the next tank from the E Serie. The E50 Jagdpanzer.

The chassis and the tracks are made in resin. The two guns and the IR System are made in metall.
One E50 Jagdpanzer cost 15€ at the start.

Heer46 has two new tanks available for your enjoyment on the battlefield, the E50 and E75.

From the update:

Now it's done!
The E50 and the E75 tanks are now ready for combat.
The E50 comes with one gun and the infarot-system (metall), the hull and the tracks are resin.
The E75 comes with two guns and the infarot-system (metall), the hull and tracks are resin.

Heer46 got the first castings in for their upcoming E50 and E75 tanks.

From the preview:

They come in August....
Here you see the first picture of my new two tanks in 1:100.
The E50 and the E 75 from the german panzerwaffe.
You can see more on my blog.

Heer46 is offering conversion kits for 15mm halftracks:

From their website:

Its time for the Allied boys to pimp up there M3 Halftrack with "Planen" The set comes with four planen and some stuff for the M3 Halftrack. You see on the picture a Battlefront M3 Halftrack and the four planen.

Edit: Scale corrected. Thanks DamianR.
Heer46 has posted their WIP for their Personnel Half-Track.

From their announcment:


now here is the first set from Heer46 for the Us. Army Half-track M3. This set with four "planen" and some other stuff for the carrier comes in middle of October .
More infos in the next weeks and on my blog.
Heer46 have released two new 15mm WWII German Panzertriebwagen vehicle kits. Kommando Panzertriebwagen From their announcement:
The next two Panzertriebwagen are done. First, a Kommando Panzertriebwagen and a Infantrie Panzertriebwagen. The price is € 14.90 per Panzertriebwagen with one track section. So you can now create your own armored train. Do you like them? Send your order to
Heer46 have released their 15mm Soviet Gunboat model. 15mm Soviet Gunboat From their announcement:
Our first ship is built (15mm). These are the type to BKA 125 with armored turrets. The length of the ship is about 27 cm. The price is € 29.90 per boat.
Heer46 will be producing a 15mm WWII Soviet gunboat. From their announcement:
Heer46 goes into the water. After armored turrets and trains it's time for something special. In cooperation with Andy of Imperial Modelbau I am very pleased today to present you our latest idea for the 15 mm range. Something great. We are already in the construction of the prototypes for two Russian gunboat of the type and BKA1125. The boats will have a length of about 25 cm and 27cm . There will be two versions. Soon to follow are the first pictures. Until then, AHOY
Heer46 are now taking pre-orders for their 15mm WWII Russian or German Panzertriebwagen kit. Panzertriebwagen From their announcement:
Now the Panzertriebwagen (15 mm) are ready for pre-order. The model`s are made with resin and white metal. The price for one train Russian or German is 19,90 € + post. For the trains are I will soon be releasing some resin railroads.