Thursday Terrain Corner

It’s not just any Thursday. It’s also the anniversary of my first post on TGN. 6 years ago, I told you about the new plastic Warp Wolf kit coming from Privateer Press. That was 26,284 posts ago. Oh, how times change. What will the future hold? It’s hard to say. But I do have shades.

I also have a couple stories to make sure your gaming table looks better than it did back in 2011.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Roman Buildings Bundles Available From Warlord Games, Heroic Maps – Storeys: Scrivener Street, New Fence Pieces Available From Acheson Creations, Gunfighter’s Ball Wild West Mat Stretch Goal Added To Kickstarter, and New Underhive game mat release from Deep-Cut Studio.

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Friday Snippets

I’ve almost run out of Thanksgiving leftovers. I still have some turkey and some sweet potato casserole, along with just a touch of one pumpkin pie left. BTW: the sweet potatoes still being around are a case of “Save the best for last.” Not to sound haughty, but trying some of it, with a bit of my homemade salted caramel literally had one guest weeping tears of joy. I have witnesses! We’re also snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories. Pretty quick one for you today.

On the platter we have: Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology Busting Through Stretch Goals, Greebo Previews Exclusive Christmas Miniature, and Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter Update.

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Knuckleduster Miniatures Launches Gunfighter’s Ball Miniatures Game Kickstarter

Yeehaw, pardner! Mount up, men! We’ll head ’em off at the pass! Come on out with your six-guns a-shootin’ and a-blazin’! Unhand that rancher’s daughter! Tear up that mortgage! Cattle… lariats? … Anyone for tennis? Anyway, Wild West cliche sayings aside, Knuckleduster Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new miniatures skirmish game, Gunfighter’s Ball.
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Knuckleduster Posts Free Gunfighter’s Ball Rules

We all know my love of “try before you buy.” Being an informed consumer is very important in this day and age. I also think it shows a company feels they’ve got a quality product. “Look, we’ll let you try it for free and we know you’ll come back for more.” That’s what Knuckleduster is doing with their Gunfighter’s Ball rules. They’ve posted up the starter rules for the game that they’ll be putting on Kickstarter next month, giving you a chance to check them out early.
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Gunfighter’s Ball Coming to Kickstarter This November

Knuckleduster has been working on Gunfighter’s Ball for a while now, and they’re just about ready to unleash it upon the crowdfunding world. The game takes place in the Wild West and gives players rules for creating their gangs of lawmen or desperados or various other gunfighters and have all manner of shootouts. The Kickstarter will have the rules for the game, as well as various game aids, terrain, and exclusive figures. It will launch on November 1st.
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New Releases Available From Knuckleduster Miniatures

The first time I was typing out that headline, I started typing, “Knew.” Caught myself just at the last minute.
Anyway, there’s some new releases over on the Knuckleduster Miniatures website. They’ve got new characters, a new six-pack, and even some terrain for your games.
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