Fantasy Football: Alastoran – Demons and Chaos Up On Kickstarter

While the American Football season might be a while away, you can get yourself a game of tabletop fantasy football just about any time. But you might be thinking you’d like a new team to hit the field. Have no fear, for Greebo Games is here with just that. Well, maybe fear a little. They are demons and whatnot. The team’s up on Kickstarter now.
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Friday Snippets

I’ve almost run out of Thanksgiving leftovers. I still have some turkey and some sweet potato casserole, along with just a touch of one pumpkin pie left. BTW: the sweet potatoes still being around are a case of “Save the best for last.” Not to sound haughty, but trying some of it, with a bit of my homemade salted caramel literally had one guest weeping tears of joy. I have witnesses! We’re also snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories. Pretty quick one for you today.

On the platter we have: Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology Busting Through Stretch Goals, Greebo Previews Exclusive Christmas Miniature, and Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter Update.

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Obsidian Dusk Dark Elves For Fantasy Football Up On Kickstarter

The American Football season is starting later this week. So I’m sure a lot of people are going to be starting up fantasy football leagues. That’s both types of fantasy football, mind you. If you’re the type to start a league for the tabletop game variety, you might want to check out Greebo Games’ latest Kickstarter for a team of Dark Elves.
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Friday Snippets

Well, it’s Friday again. Woo!
I hope your week went by as quickly as mine did. Being busy after a long weekend will do that. And this weekend looks to be really busy as well. Lots of projects just showed up at the door that I will be dealing with on Sunday as well as into next week. Considering what I’m working on, that’s very much not a complaint. But if I’m going to be doing all of that, I need to be well-fed. So I’m gonna nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories, and you should, too.

Today on the platter we have: New Promo Releases From NonsenseMiniatures, Ouroboros Miniatures Fey Kickstarter is live, Archmage Origins Coming To Kickstarter, Greebo Games Limited Edition Easter Minis Up On Kickstarter, New Chickens and Rooster Set Available From Tabletop-Art, New Preview for Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games, and New Release Available From Hitech Miniatures.

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Florence Knights Fantasy Football Team Up On Kickstarter

The American Football Season is over. It’s a long, long wait until it starts back up again.
… … But in the meantime, you can still play fantasy football games. And if you’re looking to pick up a new team for next season, you might want to check out the Florence Knights Kickstarter campaign by Greebo Games.
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Greebo Games Undead from Renaissance Kickstarter Up Now

Greebo Games does a lot to create new fantasy sports teams for you to augment your collections with. For 2015’s World Cup NAF, they created a limited-edition team that everyone got. The team was sort of an Undead Renaissance sort of thing. An Un-Renaissance, if you will. Well, it seems the idea was well-received, and now Greebo is up on Kickstarter, looking to expand the team.
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Friday Snippets

Friday. One of the most beloved of days. Just make it through today and the weekend is your reward. Hopefully you’ve got some gaming lined up. I’m going to be playing some D&D. I’ve got a bard named Lead, because he’s heavy metal, man! *devil horns*

Anyway, as is our custom, we’ve collected some bite-sized stories and offer them to you now.

In this batch, we’ve got: Final Days for Guild Ball Mats on Indiegogo, MidKnight Heroes Previews Kickstarter Stretch Goals, Maelstrom’s Edge Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Ramshackle Games Releases New 20mm bikes, New SciFi container crane from Terrakami Games, New Spray Varnish from The Army Painter, Some more editions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Sally 4th Releases Pulp Figures British Range, New 32mm Bases from Tabletop-Art, Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Terrain Update #23, New Memethings templates from Advanced Deployment, and Greebo Previews Upcoming Oriental Dwarf team.

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Greebo Games Releases Hand of Death Japanese Rats Fantasy Sports Team

Greebo ran a successful Indiegogo campaign for these fellas and now they’re available for general release. You can pick up their Hand of Death Japanese Rats fantasy sports team over in their webshop. You can buy them as a whole team or just as singles. I might pick up an Oni Ratogre, since that’s a pretty sweet looking figure.
They also have block dice and tokens for the team.

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Greebo previews Priest render

Greebo is showing off the 3d render for their new Priest miniature they’ve been working on.



From the post:

As promised Priest ready to be printed! We are spending time to this Hand of Death models, but only to let you have the best quality ever…and are them highest quality or not? However only Blade Master and Yosu left, ad now I’m working on Yosu, ready in the next 2 days. Than 3 days for Blade master, 4 days to cast them all and this mean ALL model will be ready for shipping, for all order! Thanks very very much for you patient guy, you are all amazing!

Final days for Greebo’s Hand of Death Indiegogo

Greebo is in their final day for their Hand of Death – Rats and Turtles miniatures over on Indiegogo. They’re more than 4x funded, so check out the extras included as well.


From the campaign:

we have some good news to all of you!

Firstly, we have added the perk for our Star Big Guy, Eishin, as we already reached the Stretch Goal for him! If you want to get him, just pledge Level 4 – Eishin!

Than, we have added 2 more Stretch Goal based on your suggestions, and these are:

11.000 € – one different Assassin miniature available for every Perk

12.000 € – one different Assassin miniature available for every Perk

This will hopefully bring our range of models to 4 different Assassins miniatures, and you can get all of them instead of 2 copies of the 2 models that we have right now! Awesome!! Keep suggesting us which Stretch Goal you want to be alive, and we will try to add those.

Hand of Death – Rats and Turtles miniatures set Indiegogo campaign

Greebo has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new set of Rats and Turtles fantasy sports minis.


From the campaign:

The project: this year Greebo Games is celebrating the ultimate technology, 3D sculpture! What’s better to show off our new techniques than create a whole new team? Everything produced by Greebo Games!

A well projected Japanese Rats Team ready for the pitch right after our known Waag Saabhi, the Nippo Goblin Team that we launched on our last campaign. We would like to give you all the necessary to play and have fun with this new team such as a specific pitch to play on, several markers, Star Players and coaching staff! Every character will be a discovery and a wonderful sight for your eyes. The attention to details made from our Senior Character Designer will show you exactly what will be our finished work, who will born only with YOUR HELP. But we won’t stop here! We have had a lot of requests for our Tartalar models for Tutatis, so now you have the chance to get them in a bigger size, perfect for Fantasy Football! Armed Turtles, Robots, Chimeras, everybody ready to go on a pitch. Is this all? NO! You fill find even some more miniatures, available ONLY during conventions and campaigns!

Just one more thing: do not forget to HAVE FUN following our new Hand of Death campaign!

Latest update about Rolljordan and Greebo

Greebo has given us this announcement about their schism with Rolljordan.


From the announcement:

The reason of this letter is to clarify a few aspects of the Rolljordan/Greebo scission.
Many voices and rumors, and untrue facts where posted on the various forums and blogs,
Mr. Kirylo often described as a fraudulent and dishonest person who was fired by Greebo
for his actions. I am here to put the facts in the correct order and to explain what it really happened.
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Australian Animals Fantasy Football Kickstarter going on now

Australian Animals is sort of a super-group of a Kickstarter, bringing together companies like Impact, Aussie Block Dice, and Greebo in one place for a very special episode of Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

I’m very proud to announce that due to the combined efforts of Impact, Greebo and Willy along with the organisers of Southern Shrike Bowl and Eucalyptus Bowl, we have just launched the Australian Animal Miniatures Kickstarter

Over the years we’ve made a large number of awesome Aussie animals as tournament support, and now we’ve got enough that people make full teams out of them. But due to their limited nature, many of them are really hard to get hold of and can be expensive when you do.

So, as a once off, we’ve all joined forces to make these miniatures available again via this Kickstarter with some awesome bundled rates. So if you’ve always wanted a Euc Bowl Koala figure (or four!) or perhaps have dreamed of fielding a full Aussie Menagerie, this may be your best and last chance!

Greebo adds Ninja Turtles and Villains to Nippo Goblin campaign

Greebo has added some pretty excited new concepts to their Nippo Goblin team over on IndieGoGo. How about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Villains!?

From the update:

We want make more! Nippo team can’t be very Nippo without rat and turtles! And we want to add them to the perks! In future we will do also more rats for the Nippo Underworld team.

Greebo posts up Ninja Goblin and Bonzo Goblin for their IndieGoGo campaign

Greebo has the artwork up for their second ninja goblin as well as the contributor-exclusive Bonzo Goblin for their IndieGoGo campaign.

From the update:

If we reach the goal and go over 400$ (so 4400 $ total) than we will add 2 Geisha Goblin to 135$ Perk, 1 Geisha to 30$, 22$, and 13$.

If we reach the goal and go over 700$ (so 4700$ total) than we will add 1 Ninja Goblin and 2 Geisha to 135$ Perk, 1 Geisha and Ninja to 30$ and 22$, 1 Geisha to 13$.

For contribution like 7$, 13$, you will have one normal Nippo Goblin extra and 1 exclusive and 1 normal Japan Dragon Statue Mark. (soon the Picture)

For 22 $ we will add one normal Nippo Goblin extra and 2 exclusive and 2 normal Japan Dragon Statue Mark

For 30$ and 135$ contributions we will add one Exlusive Nippo Goblin (soon the concept) and 2 exclusive and 2 normal Dragon Statue Mark

Greebo Miniatures starts up Nippon Goblin IndieGoGo campaign

Greebo has started up an IndieGoGo campaign to get a new fantasy football team funded: Nippon Goblins. I must say, I really want the dragon coach.

From the campaign:

Greebo’s miniatures is a well known manufacturer of miniatures, born for fantasy football and recently started creating and producing board games and different type of fantasy sports game.

We’re trying to continue the production of what we used to do, and so to reach a complete variety of teams for fantasy football, supported by great designers and remarkable sculptors. In particular there is a project that goes on very slowly for years, due to lack of funds entirely self-financed.

The project involves the Nippo Goblin, Nipponese greenskins with a series of themed secret weapons and traditional oriental demonic trolls who have been loudly requested for years from the audience.

Greebo has new releases for their fantasy sports game, plus new concept art

Greebo has some new frogmen and ratmen available for their fantasy sports line. Hike!

From the release:

Katak, the frogs from Thornwell
If you like little multicolored ancient frog, see them!
…Katak team. And we have still to paint Tadpols, Katong and 3 heores!

And what about Mawar, the rats in uniforms for fantasy football?
For big guys we need another week.

Greebo Miniatures updates Tutatis English rulebooks

Greebo Miniatures has been working on the English translation of their Tutatis rulebooks and they’ve got a new version available for download.

Finally all ENG manual for Tutatis was fixed. Some rules was rewrite to be more simple to understand. Go to the Downlaod page for manual.

Greebo Miniatures has new Reptilian Council figs

Greebo Miniatures has some new Reptilian Council figures available up on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

Let’s be honest; by the end of this volume, how many times have we found that a civilization is really old? But none of the civilizations of Trikearth are as old as Thornwell; a veritable jungle, populated by a diverse range of reptilian creatures. In a jungle you would always expect to find a wide variety of creatures, but there is always a dominant race, and in the case of Thronwell with its tropical rains, it fell to the reptiles.

Greebo Miniatures releasing Tutatis in English

Greebo Miniatures is releasing their Gaelic fantasy sports game in English over on their website. Go check it out (P.S. – It’s free!).

From the update:

Free rules in pdf format, all background and map.
Necro, Dwarfs, Orcs rooster are ready, we are translating Poffy and Puppet.
Soon new big team for Tutatis, Thornwell, council with Snake, Lizard, Turtle and Frog.
Also Rat in uniform are near to be finished, but they are for Fantasy Football.