Grand Manoeuvre Releases Bella Contra Barbaros, Rome’s Wars with the Barbarians Rules

One of the biggest empires the Earth has known was that of the Romans. They turned the Mediterranean into their own, private lake and pushed far up into Europe with their conquests. There, they found all manner of tribes they simply called “barbarians.” For hundreds of years, the Romans and these barbarians had… disagreements over who was in charge of what bits of land, and so there were quite a few wars that were fought. Now, you can bring those wars to your tabletop with Bella Contra Barbaros, a new set of miniatures rules from Grand Manoeuvre.
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Midweek Snippets

We’re already to Wednesday. That’s what happens when you’ve got a day off at the start of the week.
This’ll be my last day here in the old office. We’re moving up the street a couple miles to a new building. Got a couple days at home, though, as they work to finish up some last details on the new place (like… internet) and get all the furniture and such in place. But in the meantime, let’s stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Ares Games Announces Divinity Derby Kickstarter, New 6mm American Civil War Paper Armies From Grand Manoeuvre, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Squarriors: The Card Game Coming To Kickstarter, Lead Adventure Miniatures Launches Dwarven Gold Fever, and Badass Riders Coming To Kickstarter.

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Midweek Snippets

As days go by… we get closer and closer to the weekend. We’re at the crest and about to start working our way back downward to those blessed days off (well, I’ll still be making some post on the weekend, but you already knew that). Since it is the middle of the week, that means it’s time for a sampler platter of bite-sized stories.

Today’s snippets include: Grand Manoeuvre to publish Nineteenth Century Rules, New Orc Melee Weapons From Kromlech, New Tech Order Heads from Puppets War, Gemhammer Deck of Many Things Up On Kickstarter, Pig Iron Productions closing its doors, and Klukva Miniatures Previews New Releases.

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Friday Snippets

Well, what a week we’ve had, eh?
Lotsa big stuff going on, not least of which is the apparent return of specialty games to GW. I look forward to where that will lead. In the meantime, you can expect a review of the most-recent specialty game from them, Betrayal at Calth, tomorrow. So be sure to check back for that.

In the meantime, though, we have a collection of bite-sized stories to bring you.

Today’s batch includes: Another World Miniatures Releases Maya Miniature, Grand Manoeuvre to publish Nineteenth Century Wargames rules in February, Final Hours for Kill Dr. Lucky On Kickstarter, Warmachine: Tactics Mercenary Warcaster Screenshot previews, Ratgard: Preview of the New Anti-aircraft missile, Kromlech New Release – Plaguelings, Warbears and Stagriders Funded: On to Awesome Stretch Goals, Braille RPG Dice from 64 Oz. Games on Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release New Aeronef Models, and Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 On Kickstarter.

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The Generals take to the field of Waterloo

Grand Manoeuvre knows an army isn’t nearly as effective if you don’t have good, top leadership. So they’ve added new general paper miniatures to their line. Now you can have Wellington and Napoleon, among others, actually on the battlefield with their armies.


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Grand Manoeuvre German troops are ready for Waterloo

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their Waterloo army packs with the release of their new paper German troops. Replay one of the most important battles in European history with these new army sets. They’ve got troops in several formations, as well as artillery (limbered and unlimbered), and flag sheets to help you keep track of everything.


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Grand Manoeuvre releases 6mm paper Dutch-Belgian army

Grand Manoeuvre expands their Napoleonic paper miniatures range with their new Dutch-Belgian army set.


From the release:

Grand Manoeuvre have just released the first in a mini-series of 6mm paper Waterloo army packs; a Dutch-Belgian army.

This is an opportunity to do Waterloo at very little expense as each army costs only £5!
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6mm Napoleonic Poles available now in Paper

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their 6mm Napoleonic line of paper minis with new Polish forces.


From the release:

Adding to its growing range of armies, Grand Manoeuvre has just released Napoleonic Grand Duchy of Warsaw troops in 6mm. The army has 23 unit files and one infantry flag file.
In the army pack you get a range of infantry units and skirmishers in different regimental facing colours, foot and horse artillery with limbers and 10 cavalry regiments.

The price for this army is the same as other army packs at Grand Manoeuvre – only £5.

Other armies include: French, French Imperial Guard, Russian, Prussian, Austrian, Austrian Landwehr and Insurrection, British, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Grand Manoeuvre Tests for Franco-Prussian War

Grand Manoeuvre posted up their playtest rules for the Franco-Prussion War version of their game. Go check ’em out.

Grand Manouvre


From the update:

The test of the rules for a Franco-Prussian war variant went very well today.

Here’s a short description of the main events in the test:
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6mm Napoleonic Paper Prussians Out Now

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their paper minis line with the release of 6mm Prussians.


From the release:

The Prussian Army Pack has 25 pdf files:
There are line infantry Musketeers & Fusilers in a range of different facing colours.
For Light troops there are Fusiliers, Jagers and Musketeers skirmishing and in formed reserves.
The Pack contains Landwehr with four different infantry facing colours.
Cavalry regiments include: 2x Dragoons, 4x Hussars and 1x Uhlans with 4x Landwehr Cavalry.
There are also deployed and limbered heavy and medium foot artillery and Howitzers and these can be used with four-, or six-horse gun teams.

The price £5 !

Presently, the other Napoleonic armies available from GM are: French, Austrians, Russians, British, Portuguese and Spanish.

Free download of Napoleonic solo rules examples

Grand Manoeuvre has posted up a new scenario for their solo rules. You can use these rules just for solo play, or you can use them to augment one-on-one gameplay as well.


From the release:

Just posted are the notes from the solo game set up for the battle of Raab and the rules that were used for the changes of situation in that battle for the French as the “non-player”, automated side.

The Solo Module is designed to slowly reveal an automated plan of battle for the non-player side. The rules determine the command decisions of enemy, non-player generals. They may also be used to automate the decisions of subordinate commanders in one to one game play; adding to uncertainty and unpredictability in “normal” games.

Mother Russia is here

Grand Maneouvre has new 6mm paper Russians that they’ve added to their collection. And now you can add them to your collection, too.


From the release:

The Russians have arrived…

I`ve just uploaded my new 6mm Paper Russian Napoleonic Army on our website.
It has line infantry; Musketeers, Jagers, Line Grenadiers and Guard Grenadier infantry.
For skirmishing light infantry the pack comes with Jagers and Musketeers skirmishing and in formed reserves too.
Cavalry units include: Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Hussars and Cossacks
As with the other armies, there are deployed and limbered foot and horse artillery with four-, or six-horse gun teams.

The other armies already there of course are… French, British, Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian-Hungarians.

Each army costs only £5 and being able to make any number of units from the downloads, these army packs will provide many wargamers (not just beginners) the opportunity to acquire and play with large armies on a very low budget.

1812-15 Prussians will follow in the coming month or two.

Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Solo Rules now available

Grand Manoeuvre has released their solo rules for play over on their website.


From the release:

I`ve been pleasantly surprised and delighted with the response to this publication – I did not expect quite so many sales, it would seem that for various reasons there are many soloists out there. Writing the rule set has been very absorbing and a little challenging perhaps, but I hope to think that I`ve got the design right and not too much of the non-players plans are given away in the early stages of a game.
Although ideal, the rules are not only limited for use with Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonics; already players have tried it with their own preferred rule sets and found that it works reasonably well.
And the initial responses from players who have read them through are positive and encouraging.

The rules are downloadable from in our webshop and cost £6 – I trust they provide good value for money as they include; a colour printed copy, a black & white printer cartridge-friendly copy, and two quick reference sheets for optional chance events rules.
There is after sales support with an email group, or you can use the forum ant GM website my yahoogroup, or the Grand Manoeuvre Facebook page.

With Best Regards…

Mike Collins.

Solo Play rules coming for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre will be coming out with solo rules for their game a little later this month. They’ve also got a Facebook page now.


From the announcement:

The Solo Module for Grand Manoeuvre will be published on the evening of the 18th of January (GMT).

This Solo Module for Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Wargames Miniatures Rules is intended to generate an unfolding, automated plan of battle for the non-player side.
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Portuguese Army is added to Paper Strength Units for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre has added new Portuguese units to their Paper Strength line over in their webshop.


From the release:

I`ve just added a Napoleonic Portuguese Army to my range of Paper Strength Units.

The product description is as follows:

The Portuguese Army Pack has 22 pdf files and it comprises of; Line Infantry, Line Light Infantry Companies skirmishing and in formed reserves, Cacadores skirmishing and in formed reserves, Cavalry and deployed and limbered artillery with four-, or six-horse gun teams and 6-, and 9-pounder guns.

New 6mm Spanish Paper Army available for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre has added new 6mm Spanish forces to their paper army offerings.


From the release:

A new 6mm Spanish paper army has added to Grand Manoeuvre`s range of Napolenic paper units.

These paper armies are designed with the Napoleonic beginner in mind who would like the opportunity to game the period but does not have the figures nor a great deal of disposable income to do this using cast metal or perhaps even plastic figures and so, with these units much larger armies are possible.

The Spanish army pack has 26 pdf files and it comprises of both pre- and post-1812 pattern infantry uniforms; Line Musketeers and Grenadiers with Cazadores and Musketeers skirmishing with formed reserves. The cavalry includes four regiments of heavy cavalry, four regiments of Dragoons, 2 Hussars and 2 Cazadores (Chasseurs), with heavy and medium foot artillery batteries and the options of 4- or 6-horse gun teams.

The paper Austrians have arrived for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre released the British and French paper miniatures before. Now they’ve got Germans and Austrians available.


From the release:

The new Paper Strength Units Austrian Army pack has twenty-six pdf files and it comprises of; German and Hungarian line musketeers and grenadiers, Jagers, Grenzers and Musketeers skirmishing (all with formed supports), medium and heavy foot artillery with cavalry batteries, and numerous cavalry types; Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Chevauleger, Hussars and Uhlans.

This basic Austrian army pack costs £5. GBP
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Grand Manoeuvre has new 6mm paper miniatures on their website

Grand Manoeuvre released some new paper miniatures for the French and British in 6mm scale.


From the release:

6mm Napoleonic French and British Army packs are now available.
Designed with the Napoleonic beginner in mind; “Paper Strength Units” will provide players with an opportunity to game on a large scale or with an “en masse” effect but at a very low cost – you may print and make as many units as you wish.
For example, the French Army pack consists of twenty-two pdf files of French “Line” army units and includes; light and line infantry, skirmishers, cavalry and artillery with horse and limbers and flags.
All you will need to make them is paper, small sharp scissors, PVA glue, a small brush and printer ink.
Once made and the glue is dried, the army unit blocks are surprisingly strong and can be very durable – I still have some in my garage that I made in April 2006!
The bottom line: it`s £5 for an army pack of 20-25 files and smaller packs and armies will cost proportionately less!